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Comment Re:Economics? (Score 1) 317

Nuclear power has a capacity factor of about 0.9. So a 1 GW plant will generate on average 900 MW throughout the year after taking into account downtime for maintenance and refueling.

But *NOT* taking into account:

  • The cost of spent fuel storage
  • The cost of infrastructure to move spent fuel to it
  • The cost of DU storage
  • The cost of demolishing the reactor
  • The variability of ore grades and the extraction costs
  • The cost of cleaning up mine tailings from mine sites
  • The ongoing costs for accident clean-ups from Fukushima and Chernobyl

How can CF factor these things into it, especially when a lot of these costs occur decades *after* the end of the service life of the reactor?

Isn't it *exactly* the same as the coal industry getting benefit by externalizing the cost of the carbon, only the nuclear industry does it with radionuclides and pushes the cost and consequences far far into the future. Do you include the cost of carbon remediation into a coal plants capacity factor?

It seems to me capacity factor is a measure designed to obscure the socialization of those costs at the expense of methods of generation that don't have those costs.

Comment Workspaces. Workspaces. Workspaces. (Score 1) 258

Invented on Linux's crappy UI and still the most awsome and useful UI paradigm invented since the UI. The only problem with it is it has been dumbed down since 2009 for no reason I can tell other than to make it easier for Windows, then finally Mac users to use.

I know people who start using Linux see the default Linux UI experience as not much. But it used to be a lot more configurable. I liked customizing my own UI experience because I wasn't building a comptuer for everyone else, I was building it for me. So, I was building it to impress myself. When my friends saw it it blew them away.

I prefer the power paradigm of Linux. That's what I like about Linux, it forces you to get better. I want every single scrap of CPU cycle I can get out of my machine.

lean. powerful.configurable.

Comment The zone (Score 4, Insightful) 98

Remember getting in the zone when coding and then that moron would come up to you then talk about their car, lawn or how their daughter was attending a private school and other mundane information I don't want to know.

They're the people that think multitasking is something more than a bullshit buzzword to be thrown around as a criticism of people who are able to concentrate on the task at hand. I doubt they would feel the same way if they were told to cross a busy road and only look at their phone while they did.

Comment Re:The Fukushima clean-up? (Score 2) 55

Let's hope they release that stuff publicly ASAP. I want to know what Tepco has been lying about lately.

That the ground around unit four spent fuel pool has subsided 30 inches since the accident with 400 or so spent fuel rods still in there.

Allegations are that unit 4 was being upgraded when the quake struck and that fuel was being stored illegally in the spent fuel pool at the time of the quake. Money that should have been spent on seawall and generator upgrades.

Japanese civil engineers have said they're at a loss to explain the damage to the concrete supports for the spent fuel pool in unit four as the quake did not have enough ground acceleration to damage them.

Accounts are emerging that when part of the crane fell in the pool, some of the illegal fuel rods struck one another causing a neutron pulse and it is that which damaged the concrete supports.

Meanwhile The fall guy president admits there is a cover up of a meltdown to cover-up the illegal activity that was happening in unit four in the first place. Look at that silly monkey!

We have this brain dead blanket on all news and information about Fukushima there is little chance we are going to get much real information while they continue to let that pig of a plant belch radioisotopes into the pacific ocean. I wish they would at least close in the sea walls around the plant to at least *try* to stop or filter the ground water that reaches the ocean. Plutonium Chloride is very soluble.

Here is my ---> theory about what is going on in Japan: The shutdown of their reactor fleet has nothing to do with protestors or anything other that what is happening in Unit 4 spent fuel pool. I suspect that the government now knows just how badly Tepco fucked up, but they're in a bind. If they let Tepco hang, everyone will know why and they won't be able to control the situation.

The situation at Unit 4 is so dire they have been toiling day and night since the accident to remove all the fuel rods from the damaged pool. It has stopped because they need to do maintenance on the crane. The count is down from 1100 spent rods, to 400 rods so far, which is awesome work, but remains a threat. I reason it is because of the following potential scenarios:

Best Case: All the fuel rods are removed and Fukushima is no worse than it already is, an INES level 7 accident whose radioactive steam effluents will continue to blow via the jet stream over the US.

Worse Case: There is some failure which initiates a plutonium file in the remaining rods with hundreds of millions of curies blowing over the continental US mainland and into the pacific ocean.

Worst Case: *IF* the Japanese continued to operate their reactors, the worse case above initiates a much larger neutron pulse that initiates meltdowns in all of the nuclear plants on the japanese eastern seaboard, leaving most of the Japanese population unable to respond to the multiple meltdowns. I know, it seems far fetched, but it seems more reasonable that the Japanese government would respond to pressure from that scenario to shut down the economic benefit they get from nuclear power, as opposed to pressure from any hippy hick NIMBY anty-nukker protestor.

Excuse me dp, I have to address the fanboi reading, yes you fanboi, re-read the worst case scenario again, notice the big *IF*, no read it again. Now before you respond, you don't know enough fact to make up a fictional scenario that elaborate, so it's either possible or you don't know what you are talking about enough to respond with anything other than an emotive diatribe. *IF*.

Apologies dp, it's just a theory though. We will know if the Japanese reactors are started up again *after* the last of the fuel rods are removed from unit 4.

Comment Re:Captive Audience (Score 1) 44

So your healthy active lifestyle led to you injuring yourself and so not being active and healthy?

Not exactly. Three scumbags on a train were looking for trouble. One trapped me between the seats and headbutted me. When I was defending myself subduing the guy who started it to the ground, one grabbed me by the shoulders and the other kicked me in the head. Remarkably I remained conscious, successfully defended myself and, was still on my feet when they ended up running.

I'm not saying I'm a hero, just that I survived - albeit with some pretty serious injuries.

Maybe it wasn't such a healthy lifestyle after all.

All the years of excellent sleep and clear mindedness I get from training is not something you can understand unless you are a part of it. I don't think I would be typing this to you now if I didn't have that healthy lifestyle.

Comment Captive Audience (Score 3, Interesting) 44

I've been recovering from some injuries, including surgery to my neck, so I have been stuck on a couch in front of netflix under orders from the doctors to do nothing and be bored while I heal. Since May, I've had 1 month initial, then another 2 1/2 months recovery time, not allowed to drive (painkillers), essentially prisoner in my own house.

Apart from being a completely unhealthy thing to do and contrary to my normal life style, I hadn't watched TV regularly for almost 2 years so I was kinda grateful I had nf to spare my sanity. I used the time to catch up on lots of stuff. Six weeks seems to be about when it got stale and then took about 2 weeks of absence before I could watch it again.

Like anything I found you have to leave it and do something else for a while. It's definitely possible to get bored with it. I considered popcorn time, but I just can't watch that much TV.

Frankly, I can't wait to be able to go for a run, cycle, swim or any physical activity as soon as I can.

Comment Re:IBM not a good predictor of general doom. (Score 1) 272

IBM is not a good example as IBM has been imploding for years, with layoffs every year. See Robert X Cringely for details.

Ibm's Banal Management (see what I did there) has seen the turret turning towards them for years, they just never thought it would point at them. IBM will Watsonize the shit out of management while they cry of the 'value' they bring to the company.

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