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Comment Re:Whine whine whine... (Score 1) 217

The only reason they own the music that other people write and produce is because that is what they demand in order for the musicians to be allowed into the system which controls the vast majority of music distribution and publishing. When we're talking about the greed of the music industry in general, the contract terms that they force musicians to agree to in order for them to be included in the system are damn well relevant.

I've secured the music industry contracts to analyze them for my own performance art and the way they do this is just devious. They get performers contractually committed to a recording schedule to secure an advance. They loan them the $250,000 to record their album that they have to pay pack for recording from their advance. They then send the musicians to one of their recording studios where the label determine the rate at which the musicians will be charged.

When the musicians are finished they don't own the original recordings, the label does. Musicians who are able to record themselves are able to "lease" recording to the label and secure a slightly higher royalty rate (from 10% to maybe %15). All musicians seem to be fucked this way.

When considered from a perspective that geeks would be more familiar with: imagine if you had to get a $250,000 dollar advance to write a game. You have to pay it back out of the profits. The label owns all the code you wrote, you don't have access to your source code and you're still on the hook if it flops. Like paying back all of your salary, with interest.

Yes, the "our way or the highway" way of thinking has been their business plan for decades. Only relatively recently have bands had a legitimate distribution network which doesn't require them to be part of the system. There's a new system that doesn't require musicians to sign over ownership of their own artwork and the establishment labels don't like it.

Do tell more!

If that happens then people won't see the labels as greedy, but when you have people working in that industry who own a lot of content while specifically taking pride in the fact that they can't produce the kinds of things which they have the rights to, it is most definitely greedy and it is most definitely relevant.

and more because musicians don't have the right to produce new music AND the label can exercise creative control over the band to influence the type of music they produce. Of course they still have the option to distribute "unheard" recordings when it suits them.

The biggest issue I see is that the musicians are signed as individuals as opposed to corporate entities, which means musicians are personally liable if the label decides to get nasty.

The sad thing is that musicians are outsiders to the music industry, surprising as it sounds, like consultants who've come from outside to help the company break new markets. Sure those contractors are nice guys and they might get invited to the christmas party, but they're not really part of the team.

Comment Re:The reasons I read /. for sure are changing (Score 1) 573

Thank you for the article.

Is it any wonder there are so many AC trolls and shills that are AGW deniers?

Absolutely, they've come here to disrupt the conversation. Slashdot came up on a white board, in some planning and strategy meeting, which was put on a list, then distributed to several n amount of paid shillers with a script, some of whom have gone to the trouble getting pseudonyms.

I usually browse at -1 but lately, it has been getting waaaaaaay too tedious to to find any original or sincere thought in there.

Comment Re:The reasons I read /. for sure are changing (Score 2) 573

Years ago, I came here for insightful and informative exchange of arguments on a topic.Not that long ago, it was for witty and cynical but still topic commentary.

I can't remember ever seeing the amount of politiking that has been happening on /. lately, perhaps this is some new phase. Slashdot was discussing climate change long before Al Gore came onto the scene because it was science. There is only so much you can read before you say you accept that something is happening beyond the immediacy of your own senses.

I think because the coal and oil industry have so much resources they can buy or make any study they want, it confuses those in denial about the science into thinking that all science is politicized, instead of an observation about our world.

I suspect the inevitability of climate change will radically alter the political landscape.

Comment Re:Here come the science deniers (Score 1) 560

I took my last dose yesterday and the emotional component kicked in, felt like a break up. I'm starting to feel the gnarling biting from within an the desire to lash out for no apparent reason then break down sobbing. It's pretty fucked, I'm starting to shake as I type this, missing keys.

Last Monday was the worst it's been so far and sunday seems to be the calm before the storm.

Comment Re:Too much to express here, but (Score 2) 468

Humans want to succeed and have a successful lineage, they want to build things, they want to tinker with things, they want to learn things, and they want to do so without oppression. This is an instinctual set of principles which led to Humans becoming the top of the Food chain.

That doesn't mean our social systems make us the 'most fit' to survive ourselves.

This is not limited to today, but a historical normal. No opportunity for self and family advancements leads to unrest and revolt. Just like all other Utopian dreams, the dream of the lazy human doing nothing while robots do all the work will not succeed.

Just because people *can* be lazy doesn't mean they *will* be lazy. Lazy is boring and lazy people don't exactly make it to the top of the food chain. I work 8 hours a day to be able to work on my ambitions which is the other half. If I didn't *have* to work I would spend my time working on my ambitions, but I would have the freedom for a little more time for surfing and exercise.

How will it work if you have 90% unemployment? Simple, it won't be that way for long. You will have massive unrest, and all of the horrors that would entail.

Have you considered what happens if that 90% of people had their basic food shelter and medical needs provided and could choose any education they qualified for? What if we usher in a post-scarcity society with AI and that allows people freedom to start solving the problems humanity faces? What if it is 90% education instead?

How do we know how many Einsteins have died of starvation in Africa or are sleeping under bridges in any of our cities?

I'm not going to rehash the Nobel Prize winning economist I mentioned in my first post. Read them, study them, and learn from them. "Capitalism and Freedom" is a must read for anyone who wishes to discuss economic theory.

Economic "Theory" is based on 19th century understanding of thermodynamics and whilst I will read the book (and thank you for the recommendation) I think it is the fresh paint job on a house of legal structures that are falling apart. All of these systems have delivered failure due to their inherent susception to corruption. The rich and the poor are free to sleep under bridges.

We are at the end of the Industrial Age and Captialism, Communism, Socialism (isms everywhere!), left and right politics are all, therefore, obsolete concepts. Hawking internal prejudices are based on the parameters of a thinker extrapolating the conditional thinking imposed by the Industrial Age. An age that suppresses the ideas that drive human advancement using patents so that market advantages can be maintain. Complete corruption of ideas that challenge capital, THAT is the crowning achievement of capitalism.

The very fact that we are talking about an AIs place in society is the very thing that ushers in this new reality. It's part of the culture shock that people are experiencing fatigue from the empty promises the 20th Century isms. It's the 21st Century and that societal change can either be imposed or controlled but it cannot be stopped.

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