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Comment Re:Karl Marx was right. (sigh) (Score 1) 1570

> I have no idea how come religion (specifically, christianism)

Calvinism, in a word.

If you're rich, it's because God has seen fit to bestow His favors upon you.
If you're poor, it's because God has withheld His favors.

Once again:

Because of this, you can never have enough, and in particular, you can never have a big enough gap between you and then next rung on the ladder. Competitiveness is literally for Father's Love.

Anything that inhibits the pursuit of happiness (i.e. property) oppresses the ability for God to bestow grace, and thus is sacrilege. Also, it's only okay to provide charity to people who are truly in miserable straights, because you are insulting others if you assume they need your help. And while you're providing charity you should probably mention that all their hardship would go away if they'd just be more the way God wants 'em to be.

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