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Submission + - Apple tells Lodsys to shove it (

An anonymous reader writes: In what is undoubtedly a huge relief to iOS developers, Apple today issued an official response to Lodsys CEO Mark Small explaining in extreme detail that Apple’s license to Lodsys’ patents extends out to developers. Crafted by Apple’s General Counsel Bruce Sewell, the letter is quite aggressive in its tone and will hopefully scare off any other patent trolls looking to make a quick buck by targeting small developers without the resources to adequately defend themselves from what are often overly broad, if not downright inapplicable, patents.

Submission + - Daylight saving patch in Java doesn't work

mpp writes: According to the sun website, any Java servers that have been patched for DST need to be patched again, as the current solution doesn't work. g/ The SunSolve page: y=1-26-102836-1 All that work you did patching your servers? Never mind! Do it all again, but in the next 48 hours...
Portables (Apple)

Submission + - Why Apple's 'consumer' Macs are enterprise-worthy

jcatcw writes: Seth Weintraub provides a number of reasons to think that all of Apple's machines are ready to move into the enterprise, depending on the job at hand. 'There is no comparison between Apple's "consumer" machines and the consumer lines of its competitors. ... The company's simple and elegant product line, which is also highly customizable, will be Apple's entree to the business market — if IT decision-makers can get over their prejudice against equipment that's traditionally been aimed at consumers.'
United States

Submission + - Libby Convicted of Lying in CIA Leak Case

JM78 writes: National Public Radio: I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby, the former chief of staff to Vice President Dick Cheney, was convicted Tuesday on three counts of perjury and a fourth count of obstruction of justice in the investigation of the leak of a CIA agent's name. A federal jury in Washington, D.C., acquitted Libby on an additional count of lying to the FBI. Read Full Story

Just a fall guy or should he really have taken all the blame?

Submission + - RFID Passports Cloned Without Opening the Package

Jeremy writes: "Using some simple deduction, a security consultant discovered how to clone a passport as it's being mailed to its recipient, without ever opening the package. These are the kinds of things that people need to understand are possible now that our governments are trying to use wireless technology (inherantly insecure) for security."

Submission + - Leopard could attract Windows switchers

MacAddict writes: Prudential Equity has raised its rating and target price on Apple stock. Analysts there now see Apple as an 'overweight' stock, raising the target price 20 per cent, from $100 to $105. Prudential cites expectations of higher Mac sales, better margins and new product launches — including a widescreen, flash-based video iPod in the second half of the year — as catalysts for better performance from Apple. The 27 March announcement of Adobe CS3 is likely to generate a spike in sales of Apple's professional Macs, Prudential said. "Given that Microsoft's Vista has not been very well received by the consumer, a successful Leopard launch could drive more consumers to shift form Windows-based PCs to Macs," said the analysts, according to MacNN. Prudential's analysis emerges as Banc of America analyst Keith Bachman speculates that the release of Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard will add $200 million to Apple revenue this year, observing that the Mac OS X user base now sits at 22 million users. newsid=17406
The Almighty Buck

Submission + - Best Place to Sell Used Computer Equipment?

pkcs11 writes: "I have been trying to sell a PC I recently bought from Dell. I was a mac user prior and thought a pimped-out PC might be just as useful as a mac....needless to say I was wrong. The problem is, I listed it on Craigslist but only got 419 Scammer responses. I listed it on eBay but found more 419 Scammers and no serious bidders.
Is there a site that specializes in re-selling (or auctioning) PCs where good results are the norm?

Submission + - New Details on Xerox Inkless Printer

Iddo Genuth writes: "Xerox is developing a new printing technology which does not require ink of any kind. The new technology includes reusable paper which can be printed and erased dozens of times and has the potential to revolutionize printing. New details on this upcoming technology, which was first reported on September 2006, are now revealed."

Submission + - Fuel tanks made of corncob waste

Roland Piquepaille writes: "After yesterday's story about wild grass used to produce clean fuel, let's look today at how corncob waste can be used to created carbon briquettes with complex nanopores capable of storing natural gas. These methane storage systems may encourage mass-market natural gas cars. In fact, these "briquettes are the first technology to meet the 180 to 1 storage to volume target set by the U.S. Department of Energy in 2000." They can lead to flat and compact tanks and have already been installed in a pickup truck used regularly by the Kansas City Office of Environmental Quality. And as the whole natural gas infrastructure exists already, this new technology could be soon adopted by car manufacturers. Read more for additional details and an illustration showing the whole process, from the corncob to the pick up truck."

Submission + - Preparing for a wave of offshoring-related layoffs

PetManimal writes: "The Brookings Institution has released a PDF report that paints a grim picture of the affect of offshoring on metropolitan economies in the United States. The report says at least 17 percent of computer programming, software engineering, and data entry jobs are likely to be offshored in certain metropolitan areas, especially in the Northeast and West. Another estimate of the impact of offshoring on IT found that 49 out of 50 states have cities that will be impacted by offshoring (Wyoming was the only state not affected). One of the people interviewed for the second article gave some advice on detecting layoffs, and avoiding them:

A layoff can come for many reasons, such as a merger or spin-off or economic changes. Most workers will detect some warning signs, such as seeing a manager's office doors closed more often and having formerly positive feedback on job performance suddenly turn negative, [independent IBM consultant Jamie] Giovanetto said. Memos outlining new cost-saving initiatives or "stupid cost-cutting" measures, such as reducing office supplies, are another tip-off, he said. He recommends reading a company's Securities and Exchange Commission filings, as well as networking with customers and competitors who may have insights. Avoiding a layoff requires you to give the best you can on the job, but even little things can make a difference, Giovanetto said. Working at becoming a subject-matter expert and keeping a clean, organized and professional-looking work space may lead to better assignments. "It's just an appearance thing, but it does pay benefits," he said.

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