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Comment Re:Fake News? (Score 1) 391

Yes, and that alone made Stewart legitimately the most trusted name in news. He even took Ron Paul and Bernie Sanders seriously when MSM was treating them like, as Stewart put it, the "13th Floor In A Hotel."

I'm not going to knock Jon Stewart, he did an excellent job. But he was a comedian who was less of a joke than the rest of the news. That is what our problem is.

Comment Re:I don't think he understands trolling (Score 1) 391

I would agree that our gatekeepers have proven themselves untrustworthy, which makes it harder to know much of anything for sure. However, it is plausible that they might have innocently had overlap with their logo and changed it when they found out that they had a pedo symbol for their logo. It's similar to how a building was actually a swastika, but apparently nobody noticed. Hanlon's razor, after all.

Comment Re: Here come the science deniers (Score 1) 560

It's a bit more complex than that, depending on how the harm effects them. If, for example, a drug caused someone to be unable to work, but only has a negligible effect on life expectancy, they would be taking just as much out (maybe even more if they have more costs) while contributing less. But, your reasoning would say that we should let seniors do speedballs as much as they want.

Comment Re:Debunked? (Score 1) 254

And the ideal that BOTH of them could be involved with pedophiles is nuts, right? It's not as if they have spent significant amounts of time together, or that they both belong to the status of elites that can basically get away with murder (somewhat literally in the case of Ted Kennedy). Show me a billionaire or politician that ISN'T a pervert and you've got an actual news story.

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