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Comment Reminds me of the time (Score 1) 198

I worked for a certain state agency. They used QMAIL and if you don't know all mail is stored as a flat file. So on occasion we'rd have to manually edit that mail file to snip out something that would cause POP and IMAP clients to freak out. One day our Admin Director is having email troubles so I go back to my desk and she tags along. She was aghast that I could read her email. I explained there was way too much integrity among IT staff and we'd never disclose what we saw.

Comment They've been a problem (Score 1) 106

On cars for decades. They're variously known as parking brakes, emergency brakes, etc. It's a metal cable that runs from the pedal/lever for the brake and triggers the rear calipers, drums etc. The thing is the cable runs UNDER the car so it's exposed to all the crap on the roads and rots out over time.

Comment One of the biggest problems (Score 1) 227

That I have with advertising is that it misses the mark entirely. I don't want to see feminine hygiene ads, car ads, etc. Don't care.

And it goes for brick and mortar types too, BJ's Club - I scan the card every time I shop there but the emails I get are for people who live in suburbia. I live in a city and have no use for most of what they try to hawk. But you'd think, they know my purchasing history right? How hard could it be to target ads based on that?

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