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Comment Re: Fairy Tales (Score 1) 205

Very good point you make. I'll also add that if one reads the Bible (King James Version please!) you find that God himself tells several lies.

And recall didn't their God wipe out civilization with a flood because allegedly mankind was so evil that God had to do so? But then had to send himself as human to pay for those 'sins'. It's all holy horse shit and nothing more.

Comment Back then (Score 1) 181

It was about 1982 or 1983 - a good friend convinced me to get a modem. There was one BBS in the area at the time called NYBBLINK. Well a month or two after I got the modem NYBBLINK was disconnected.

So I cajoled my friend into writing a BBS platform on the TRS-80 Model III - thus was born Syslink. Syslink in turn spawned PowerNet and PowerCore which morphed into Intelecom Data Systems (IDS) owned by another friend.

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