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Comment Phishing scams (Score 1) 123

At a former employer I had my financial people well trained. If an email looked even mildly suspicious they'd call we in the I.T. /InfoSec group before doing anything. And I railed on the web developers that having an about page that listed everyone by full name with photo and title was a really BAD idea.

Comment In my state (Score 1) 347

They're going like gang busters to try to each every kid how to code. I've suggested they focus on number systems like base 2, base 8, base 16. If they can handle that then you start with Boolean logic. Then open source software - python for example. It's a simple but very powerful language.

That Boolean thing is clutch though - once you understand that you're pretty much good to go. And of course some critical thinking is in order too.

Comment Re:Is this news going to bring them more business (Score 2) 164

In my case no kiddie porn but some rather hot information on my system. It will NEVER see Geek Squad. I've been around computers long enough to encrypt and to know how to image drives etc.

And I've always distrusted Geek Squad - I've seen their handiwork and made a tidy sum cleaning up their messes.

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