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Comment I find it interesting (Score 1) 113

That there's all this debate about cell phone 'radiation'. It's non ionizing btw and it's RF energy - nothing more.

Let's face it we've all been exposed to high power RF signals for the better part of a century. So say it's the cell phones is a little bit narrow in thinking if RF does indeed cause certain cancers.

And need I remind you a lot of medical equipment absolutely RELIES on RF - like the MRI for instance.

Comment I would have a hard time but (Score 3, Interesting) 177

I'd have to say the invention of the transistor was the most transformative thing to happen to society. Prior we had vacuum tubes sure but they were power hungry devices that made portable electronics impossible.

The transistor changed everything. It also allowed the device on which I'm posting to come about. A device admittedly a bit dated already but still enough to allow me to multi-task, listening to music, watching video, etc. And to continue the line of thoughts - the computer has invaded every aspect of life itself. All because of the invention of the transistor.

Comment Re:Sales Tax, Use Tax, and the Internet (Score 1) 347

You make a good point. I work in Massachusetts, live Rhode Island and have relatives in North Carolina and Texas. So there have been times where I've been in my office, logged on to Amazon and made a purchase to be shipped to NC or TX. I get charged the RI sales tax. Wait - how does that work?

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