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Comment I Must Be Holding It Wrong (Score 2) 74

It also means that you need to either update your system to the Linux 4.7.10 kernel release or move to a more recent kernel branch, such as Linux 4.8.

"*Need*"? I'm quite happy to use my distro's 4.1.34 kernel and let them worry about updating it. Just got a round of security and other fixes for it on Friday, in fact.

Comment Re:About time. (Score 1) 627

The concern is valid, but in developed countries where exposure to wild polio is extremely unlikely, the currently preferred vaccine is an inactivated form that cannot itself cause polio.

In regions where it is endemic, the live oral vaccine is used. It has the advantages of being very cheap and since no injection is needed it is probably safer to use in places where sterile conditions are unlikely. In those areas, it is still safer than risking wild polio. The fact that recipients actually shed weakened polio for days may be an advantage rather than a risk.

But yeah, for the sake of discussion, smallpox is a less complex example than polio.

Comment Re:It gives me pleasure to introuce you to the fut (Score -1, Troll) 148

The apologists will, as always, talk only about the benefits and how it will help against the "bad guys"

Why should someone apologize for telling the truth? If it was your job to deal with an armed, violent person, and you were handed a tool that allows you to do that with less of a chance of you being killed while doing your job, are you really saying you wouldn't use that tool? Let me guess, you think it's unfair for the police to wear body armor, right? Yeah. Right.

Took less than 2 hours for the AC to be shown to be correct.

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