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Submission + - Did a program pass the Turing test?

mforbes writes: The following is a transcript of a conversation I just had with a well-known bank in the US (name omitted, although including it wouldn't harm said bank in this instance):

Chat InformationWelcome to an online chat session at <Some Bank>. Please hold while we connect you to the next available <Some Bank> Online Banking Specialist. Your chat may be monitored and recorded for quality purposes. Your current wait time is approximately 0 minutes. You are currently 3 in queue. Thank you for your patience.
Chat InformationThank you for choosing <Some Bank>. You are now being connected to a <Some Bank> Online Banking Specialist.
Parker: Hello, my name is Parker, thank you for choosing <Some Bank>'s Text Chat!
Parker: I'll be delighted to assist you with your Personal accounts today. May I have your complete name to begin?
You: Hi Parker. I'm <My Name>.
Parker: Hi <My Name>! How are you doing?
You: I'm terribly curious-- Is this a live person with whom I'm chatting, or is this a bot? It's not really important, I'm just curious :)
You: I'm fine, thank you. I just need to know how to request a wire transfer.
Parker: I am Parker, Of course real!!!
You: Oh sure, but a bot trying to pass a Turing test would say that too, wouldn't it ;)
You: Seriously though, thanks :)
Parker: We are not that advanced yet :-)
You: yeah, neither am i, for that matter...
Parker: I completely understand you and would assist you with it right away!
Parker: To establish an outgoing wire transfer, please visit one of our local banking centers to perform the wire in person or establish repetitive wire service.
You: I'm impressed that you know what a Turing test is, though :)
You: ah, so this isn't something i can just do over the phone?
Parker: Unfortunately, we are unable to provide wire transfer service by e-mail, Online Banking, the Bank of America Web site, telephone or via Live Chat.
Parker: Would you like me to provide you with the details of performing the wire transfer?
You: I understand. I'm actually a little glad to hear that, for security reasons.
You: There's no real need if I need to visit a bank in person.
You: Thank you, though!
Parker: You are most welcome!
Parker: Is there anything else that I can assist you with? I will always be happy to assist you further.
You: Not for this afternoon, you've pretty much answered my question.
Parker: Have a great day ahead. I am sure it is going to be bright day for you and I hope it gets brighter for you everyday.
Last text message received Parker: Thank you for being a wonderful customer and giving me an opportunity to assist you. I hope I again get a chance to assist you in future :-) !

My question: was this a really good bot that succeeded in fooling me into believing it was human, or was this a human that left me wondering whether or not it was a bot?

I can't wait to see the comments that arise from this one... (and no comments about the word 'arise', please...)

(For the curious: the total chat time was about 3 or 4 minutes, and the longer lines, such as Parker's sign-off, took only a couple of seconds. If Parker is human, those responses were likely to have been macros.)


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