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Comment Re:The basest, vilest (Score 1) 718

Oh look, the double-digit IQ Trump supporters have moderation points! And they apparently figured out how to use them! Tough shit, idiots, your boy Trump is a fucking CRIMINAL, and his traitorous comment has drawn fire from both the Dems AND the GOP, as well as everyone else, it's ALL OVER the media now. Trump is DONE. HE NEEDS TO BE REMOVED. NOW.

Comment Re:That's the last straw: TRUMP IS A TRAITOR (Score 1) 718

Oh look, yet another fool who forgets: WE HAVE MORE THAN TWO POLITICAL PARTIES IN THIS COUNTRY.

Read my lips: I am not voting for EITHER TRUMP OR CLINTON, I AM VOTING FOR A 3RD-PARTY CANDIDATE. I recommend YOU do the same, and tell your friends to, also.

Comment Re: The basest, vilest (Score 1) 718

2016: Still falling for the "we're a TWO party system" meme

No, you jackass, I am not voting for either one of them because so far as I am concerned NEITHER ONE is qualified for one reason or another! I'll vote for a 3rd-party candidate. That way my hands are clean. I'll not vote for the 'least bad of the two' again. I'd rather throw my vote away on someone who has no chance so at least I can say "I didn't vote for {whoever}, don't blame me!" with a clear conscience and a straight face. I suggest you all do the same!

Comment Re:The basest, vilest (Score -1, Troll) 718

You are most certainly NOT A TROLL. You are 100% correct, I 100% agree with you, and the GOP needs to REMOVE Donald Trump, IMMEDIATELY, as Candidate for POTUS. He has just demonstrated that not only is he not suited to be President, he cannot be TRUSTED either. HE HAS TO GO.

Comment That's the last straw: TRUMP IS A TRAITOR (Score 0) 718

The GOP needs to remove Trump as candidate for POTUS; he just demonstrated that he's in no way, shape, or form suitable to be POTUS, he in fact is a TRAITOR to this country, inviting foreign powers to cyber-attack us -- or at the very, very least, inviting foreign CRIMINALS to cyber-attack a major U.S. political party. This is not the mindset or behavior of someone who is qualified or suited to be President of the United States, or of any other country! Even the most rabid, least intelligent Trump supporters have to come to a Full Stop on this one, he is inviting Russians to come screw with our political system!

What's next, Trump? You going to say you'll mandate learning to speak, read, and write Mandarin in public schools?

Comment Re:Who is spying on me? (Score 1) 85

I mean, what do the Chinese care about me, other than as a potential customer?

As another node in their government-funded-and-operated botnet, so when they're ready to start World War III, they can use U.S.-based botnet nodes to attack internet-connected U.S. infrastructure, like the power grid, other utilities, U.S. military assets, etc. as well as using them as proxies to hack into U.S. military and government systems to steal information. But you personally? Nothing. The Chinese government, demonstrably, documentably doesn't really care that much about individual human lives. You're just another resource to be potentially exploited.

Comment Re:Nope. This involves active sharing and consent. (Score 1) 113

And i've no idea where you got the idea that the spirit of the law is important; that's what laws are for.

Are you trolling? You must be, or you're hopelessly pedantic and literal. If all there was, was just the strict interpretation of the law, then the entire country would be one huge prison. Judges and juries exist in part to interpret the law and make appropriate judgements, not just mechanically apply potentially flawed, certainly imprecise text authored by potentially flawed, certainly imprecise biological brains.

Comment Re:Grain of salt (Score 1) 167

How about a common sense regulation saying that anyone operating a drone over a certain weight has to be available on a particilar CB radio channel?

If some people with their drone-toys were responsible adults in the first place then none of this would be happening now, but no, you have to have some people act like entitled, irresponsible, spoiled brat children who have to have their way, and fly their toys into places and situations where they clearly don't belong, but they DGAF so now we HAVE to have the government step in and regulate something that, like model aircraft, wouldn't have had to be if only they would have acted like responsible adults in the first place. You don't like the current situation? Too bad, it's way too late to do anything about it now. Be glad they allow you to have your drone-toys at all instead of outlawing then outright.

Comment Re:Nope. This involves active sharing and consent. (Score 1) 113

Just have everyone who decides to share their password with him sign an agreement or waiver of some kind that spells out what it's being shared for, what he can and can't do with it (like change it and not tell them what it's changed to), the duration of his access to their Twitter account, and that they understand that at the end of the term of the agreement, it's their responsibility to change the password to something else. Any judge or jury should understand the difference (and importance) of the 'spirit of the law', and the 'letter of the law', and how the former is what applies here.

Comment Re:Encryption (Score 1) 317

Here's a better idea: Travelling outside the country? Get a pre-paid 'burner' phone, and leave your regular phone at home. They take it from you for a while then return it? Tell 'em "I don't want it back, you can keep it now" and walk away. They don't touch it? Keep it for the next trip. Either way your data and privacy are safe.

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