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Comment Why not just adjust slowly via NTP? (Score 1) 291

I appreciate that its necessary to adjust the clocks to celestial bodies as appropriate. But why do it all at once, and suffer from the aftereffects.

When a leap second WOULD have been declared, have the NTP stratum-1 servers bias things a bit until the -1 and astro-time match, and let the world catch up over the next few hours/days (one tiny increment at a time).

No software glitches. Tiny differences between systems, but we always have those anyway.

Astronomer's and other's that really care, use -0 time adjusted directly ... or adjust their local clocks for a bit.

Comment Ensure offline works (Score 2) 508

" I assign papers that must be typed, I have papers turned in online, and I plan to freely refer to texts, videos, and other resources that are available online."

Typed could be done with a typewriter. The onus is on YOU to scan if you need electrons. While it certainly is harder, having to think before typing can provide the student with some benefits as well!

Provide pointers to offline texts that should suffice (books, libraries, etc. still exist).

Videos and other resources can be viewed, when they have access at school, library, or tablet (Amazon is rumored to have a $50 one in the wings).

Since you aren't teaching at an elite private school, make sure that you aren't depriving your students of the chance to learn!

Comment Nasal rinsing ... use some care (Score 4, Informative) 151

Using a Neti pot, NealMed or homebrew .... it seems still sensible to either:

1) Boil water, and hold at temp for several minutes (a "hot pot" e.g. typically holds the water at a boil for 4min) or
2) UV sterialize as an example

While one can use distilled water, often it sits around potentially growing something (but probably nothing brain eating) so making it fresh has advantages.

Yes, these pests are rare; but the results dire enough one should take reasonable care before putting water up one's nose these days.

Comment Re:Yes (Score 1) 698

Well ... yes... it does say arms. But it says it in context "A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed"

so the arms it speaks of are those that would be employed by "a well regulated militia". Other than military police, what militia related activity would involve stunning an opponent?

But the posters who have commented on the insanity of permitting deadly weapons (viz. weapons whose normal operation is to kill) and forbidding non-lethal (when used as intended, have low risk of killing) made a very sound point.

Comment Re:Grants to Researchers vs Institutions (Score 1) 120

Aye, this does seem to the crux of the dispute. Many researchers have always acted as if the PI is the owner ... but that's not what the grant language typically actually says.

So I conjecture that is what the Court(s) will have to decide "is the grant language (and germane government policy documents) to be read as written, or reinterpreted as has been the custom?"

Once upon a time, Courts gave a lot of weight to the language as written. Sometimes they still do. Other times, they seem willing to pretty much turn the language on its head. IANAL and its unclear to me just when they decide to set aside the language as written and when not to.

Given the $$ in play (both directly and for downstream royalties) I'm sure neither Institution is going to give up easily. The implications for other researchers will be far reaching ... so I will be surprised if a bunch of amicus briefs aren't filed.

Comment Depends on the SSD (Score 5, Interesting) 327

See for an example of a properly designed SSD.

kext signing is a GoodThing for security. Making the system less secure so that lazy implementors are protected isn't a good trade off.

Apple *should* have provided a better upgrade experience so that users wouldn't be surprised, or end up with unbootable systems. Users that don't want to have kext protection CAN turn it off see

To me this is akin to Apple's desupport of WPS ages ago. It took everyone else a while to figure out that WPS was a major security hole (indeed, its still there for most consumers).

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