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Comment Re:Not too bad.. (Score 1) 226

It would also be excellent PR for apple to provide this to the community. I could easily see them giving this away. It would be entirely in accordance with their brand that markets itself on: innovation, thinking different, being green.

I do that they would expect to get more iphone sales by adding this feature, but by developing this feature better and before everyone else, their brand looks great.


Submission + - More battery problems for Sony

nevillethedevil writes: Looks like more problems for Sony batteries. According to pcmag, Acer are the ones who are doing a recall on their laptops. .From the article:
"Just as Sony seemed to be putting its battery recall behind it, Acer announced on Wednesday it would be recalling close to 27,000 of its Sony-made lithium-ion laptop batteries"

Submission + - First Successful Demonstration of CO2 Capture

Anonymous Coward writes: "Global Research Technologies, LLC (GRT), a technology research and development company, and Klaus Lackner from Columbia University have achieved the successful demonstration of a bold new technology to capture carbon from the air. The "air extraction" prototype has successfully demonstrated that indeed carbon dioxide (CO2) can be captured from the atmosphere. This is GRT's first step toward a commercially viable air capture device."

Submission + - Mass Interview With Mark Shuttleworth

muszek writes: "Ubuntu Open Week is a series of IRC meetings of people behind the distribution and the community. Mark Shuttleworth answered various questions on Tuesday and Wednesday. The interview covers many issues, including: GPL v3, proprietary software, Microsoft's $3 project, Launchpad, non-free stuff in Ubuntu, April 19th siege of, Canonical vs. Ubuntu Foundation, becoming F/OSS contributor. Full logs are available on Ubuntu wiki. Ubuntu News has a digest with the most interesting pieces."

Feed Gadgetbox: Savoring the Briefcase BBQ (

Ensconced once again in the more temperate weather of New England, I bring you this week's installment of Gadgetbox, featuring a way to keep tabs on your possessions, a closer look at the world around you, and grilling on the go.

Feed Another Day, Another Lawsuit Against Google For Indexing Content Someone Doesn't (

It seems you can't go a day without hearing about yet another lawsuit against Google for something that's not actually Google's issue. Avatar28 writes in to let us know that Google and the site "Rip Off Report" are both being sued by a building contractor. It turns out that the contractor is upset about some consumer complaints that were posted to the Rip Off Report site, even though he appears to admit that the incident in question resulted in a lawsuit about construction done by the contractor. However, now the problem is that the Rip Off Report story has a lot of Google juice and shows up right below a link to the contractor's own site in a Google search. The contractor claims that this has caused problems for his business (perhaps understandably) and therefore sent letters demanding Rip Off Report take down the story and that Google stop indexing it. Both sites ignored the requests and so now he's suing. Of course, just because you don't like what someone has said about you online, it doesn't mean you get to sue. As the link above notes, both sites are most likely protected by section 230 of the CDA that protects sites from liability concerning the actions of their users. Once again, in suing and getting the press to write about this story, it's likely that these other reports will start to get more attention as well -- meaning that the story is even less likely to fade away. Perhaps a better solution would have been to proactively counter the claims that were made with some evidence so that the Rip Off Report isn't an issue.

Submission + - ancient rainforest.

firesquirt writes: From an article at Life Science _forest.html Scientists exploring a mine have uncovered a natural Sistine chapel showing not religious paintings, but incredibly well preserved images of sprawling tree trunks and fallen leaves that once breathed life into an ancient rainforest. Replete with a diverse mix of extinct plants, the 300-million-year-old fossilized forest is revealing clues about the ecology of Earth's first rainforests . The discovery and details of the forest are published in the May issue of the journal Geology.

Submission + - Gates loses soccer game, touts immigration reform

coondoggie writes: "Microsoft chairman Bill Gates gave it his best shot but lost a video soccer match to star Mexican soccer player Rafael Marquez 2-1 on a penalty kick. The two played the game in front of hundreds of Microsoft Mexico employees shown on 3 large screen TVs. Gates was in Mexico to commemorate Microsoft Mexico's 20th anniversary. He also spoke at a conference saying the United States should reform its immigration laws and give more flexibility to higher-skilled foreign workers. 0"

Windows Vista, More Than Just a Pretty Face 381

Nash writes "Ars Technica takes a look under the hood of Vista, discussing the need for a new API and comparing the graphics engine in Vista to that of Mac OS X. 'With Windows Vista it will be possible to implement Exposé properly-with live window updates and low system overhead. That said, it doesn't thus far look like Microsoft will be doing anything so useful as Exposé. Though the blurred glass effect is rather attractive, it's not exactly useful. Other visual effects include miniature window previews when the mouse cursor is hovered over taskbar buttons and an upgraded alt-tab device, and Flip3D.'"

Submission + - Sites That Aim to Be Hip End Up the Opposite

WSJdpatton writes: "In his Portals column, WSJ's Lee Gomes says the savviest Web users doesn't always have a good record in predicting what the real world will take to, as some recent Web history suggests.
"One of the latest success stories among tech-oriented Web users is Digg, a news site that brags how readers, not editors, pick the stories. ... Tech bloggers typically genuflect before Digg, regarding it as a founder of a new kind of democratic journalism. As with any democracy, Diggers get what they deserve. Recent top stories have included a CNN report about a girl who found the severed head of her missing pet dog on her front porch, an interactive graphic featuring three women in halter tops at a car wash, and a posting about unusual urinals."

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