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Comment SBS (Score 2) 224

ok, so you've just turned on virtualization on your SBS server. you just broke it. Microsoft supports SBS installed as a GUEST but not as a HOST for virtualization. this is all over the microsoft knowledge base and the SBS Blog ( you'd best read up on SBS Best Practices before you make your server any worse.

Submission + - Different approach to NASA space program proposed in Romney white paper ( 1

MarkWhittington writes: "The Mitt Romney campaign has released a white paper describing the space policy that a prospective Romney administration would pursue. While there is a conspicuous lack of specifics in the policy paper, a read between the lines suggests a somewhat different approach to conducting a space program than is currently being undertaken by the Obama administration."

Submission + - Hydrogen Fuel Cells for Smartphone Charging Coming in 2013 (

hypnosec writes: The search for a hydrogen based cell phone charger is over as ROHM, Aquafairy and Kyoto University have developed a hydrogen based fuel cell that is capable of charging a phone in about 2 hours. Electricity in the compact and portable fuel cell is generated by producing hydrogen through a chemical reaction that involves calcium hydride sheets and water. The fuel cell generates approximately 4.5 liters of hydrogen from the calcium hydride sheet that is less than 3cc in volume thus providing 5Whr of electricity. ROHM said that the new fuel cell operate in ambient temperatures making it suitable for day to day use with smartphones, tablets, other portable devices.

Comment Re:subscriptions - shooting themselves in foot (Score 5, Interesting) 167

I think you viewed my comment with too wide a brush. let me try to explain. i used to be a newspaper carrier back in jr/sr high school (5.5 years). my customers asked me for newspaper subscriptions like "i want sunday only" and "i want wed and sun only". this was fairly common. when i'd call the newspaper and tell them the amount of papers to deliver each day, they didn't care how many per day, and complied with no issue. the end result: customer happy, me (carrier) happy. i made good money for the short amount of time i worked each day to do that job. so with that knowledge and that now we are 25+ years in the future, i don't see why i can't have the subscription option i want. as a customer, if you want my business, you need to 1) listen and 2) deliver what the customer wants, or they move on and you don't have them as a customer. you get enough of that and you go out of business. the whole point to this, is that the newspaper wants me to subscribe based on THEIR schedule and for me to pay for 3 newspapers a week, when i WANT only 1. Here Mr Newspaper, take my money. No, we want 3x the money and you get 2 more items you don't want. no thanks. no wonder newspapers are dying. Kevin

Comment subscriptions - shooting themselves in foot (Score 5, Interesting) 167

my local paper i only want on sunday. in attempting to subscribe for sunday only, they say "no, you have to take it friday/saturday/sunday". i say "sunday only, or i don't subscribe". they wouldn't budge. guess what i decided :) on the occasion i want a sunday paper, i go to the local gas station which is not far from my place and pick up a paper. i won't be shedding any tears when they fold (ha!)

Submission + - RIM to abandon Blackberry OS and standardize on Windows Phone (

kevinroyalty writes: Preston Gralla: RIM may abandon BlackBerry OS and standardize on Windows Phone
RIM is in such bad financial shape that it has considered abandoning its BlackBerry operating system and having new devices run Windows Phone instead. So reports Reuters. If true, it could be a big win for Microsoft.


Submission + - HP Kills ARM-based Windows Tablet, Likely Thanks To Microsoft Surface ( 1

MojoKid writes: "That didn't take long. HP has publicly confirmed that it has cancelled plans to bring a Windows RT (aka Windows on ARM) tablet to market in time for the Windows 8 debut. The company has decided to focus on its x86 customer base instead. HP spokesperson Marlene Somsak has said that "The decision was influenced by input from our customers. The robust and established ecosystem of x86 applications provides the best customer experience at this time and in the immediate future." Sources at HP have confirmed that Microsoft's Surface unveil last week was a huge factor in this decision. HP isn't willing to go head to head with Microsoft when it comes to launching new, unproven products. Abandoning x86 is impossible, but dropping Windows ARM is a way for the computer manufacturer to signal its supreme displeasure without unduly risking market share. It also increases the burden on Surface itself. If other OEMs follow suit, MS could find itself as the only vendor selling ARM-based W8 tablets."

Submission + - Spray-on batteries turn ordinary household objects into objects with batteries (

boneglorious writes: As reported in Slate ( a team from Rice University report in the most recent issue of Nature ( that they have formulated the components of rechargable batteries into a liquid with which they then coated objects in such a way as to duplicate the layered dipole structure of a battery.

This technique was applied to a number of substrates, including glazed ceramic tile and an ordinary beer mug. The battery was then connected to a charging source. I take some issue with the Slate headline because the beer mug did not actually "become a power source" in that the battery itself was then connected to a solar cell for charging. However, my main concern is that the graduate students have not yet begun selling the obvious product, rechargable reheating coffee mugs, on thinkgeek where I can purchase one yet. Unfortunately for my daily displeasure at discovering my caffeine source has grown cold, this is currently a rather expensive process due to the safety risks of the caustic chemicals involved, and to the sensitivity of the constituents to oxygen and moisture.

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