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Wireless (Apple)

Submission + - French Officially Unlocked phone broken

kevinbr writes: French iphones can be actually SIM unlocked, but a stupid software bug causes the phone and SMS apps to crash when using a foreign SIM. Apple hard coded information, and when the phone compares hard coded data to a SIM with a country code not hard coded, the app exits.

French "unlocked" iPhones crippled in other countries
Posted 18 December 2007 @ 12pm in News

Apple are busy deleting posting referring to this issue, and their pack of friendly posters keep insisting the issue is because the phone is not really unlocked. Anyone who counters this false assertion gets deleted.

iPhones that are sold as "unlocked" through Orange of France (the iPhone's official provider there) are crippled on various wireless carriers outside of France, failing to make phone calls, send SMS messages and perform other critical functions.

Apple may rectify this issue with a future firmware/software update that allows officially unlocked phones to work in countries where the devices are currently crippled. However, the company has not responded to requests for comment or technical explanation of this issue.
Media (Apple)

Submission + - Unlocked iPhone price revealed in France

kevinbr writes: Orange is offering iPhone at 549 to customers who do not wish to benefit from one of the four "Orange for iPhone" plans and at 649, without a plan. The cost of unlocking the handset is 100 euros during the six months following the acquisition of the iPhone, regardless of the package chosen.

Submission + - Napster: Music Subsciptions are over-rated.

kevinbr writes: Napster has concluded that PC-based music subscriptions aren't a growth business.....because it's retreating from its core business: Selling all-you-can-eat music subscriptions. Maybe the RIAA can sue someone to save this model.

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