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Comment Re:And that's half the story (Score 1) 178

Possibly to head to the closest runway available ....... Note the Fex Ex Dubai crash, the smoke was so bad the pilots could not see the instruments, and in the end, the fire burned the oxygen lines. The pilot left the cockpit to seek an oxygen bottle but never returned, presumably overwhelmed by fumes. The co-piot crashed alone in the cockpit. Fire indicates getting down to the nearest runway ......

Comment Re:I think people do not understand how deep it is (Score 4, Interesting) 192

Gemalto generate a master SIM key with batches of cards shipped to each Mobile Operator. I work on a project for mobile payments, mediated with a STK loaded on each card. A HSM is loaded with all the master keys. If you have the master key, you can decrypt all the communications with the STK app on the SIM card. If the Master key leaks, all payment operations/transactions are fucked.

Comment Re:Government Intervention (Score 1) 495

You cannot be serious. I live between UK and France. I work every day in france in my local cafe with Wifi. Everywhere I go there is free wifi. I live over a greek restaurant in the uk - free WiFi. Most cafe's in UK and france have free wifi. UK airports - Free WiFi, Franch Airports - free wifi, Swiss Airports - Free WiFi etc etc.

European MacDonalds, free wifi, European Starbucks - free Wifi etc etc.

Your statement is bullshit.

Comment Re:Insurance (Score 1) 216

The Uber policy is a scam. There is another case where the passengers were injured, but again they are in court trying to force Uber to pay as the drivers private insurance declined coverage.

"The collision occurred at approximately 8:00 p.m. as the Liu family was heading home and was lawfully crossing, with a green light, when they were struck by a right turning vehicle. Sofia was taken to San Francisco General Hospital where she died. Her mother was hospitalized for an extensive period with life threatening injuries requiring delicate, extensive, surgery. Anthony, who suffered serious injuries was released to his grieving father Ang.

Uber acknowledged that Muzzaraf was a "Uber partner" but stated that he was not providing transportation services for Uber at the time of the collision. Uber has also stated that its oft touted $1,000,000.00 in insurance coverage for its drivers is not available to pay for the medical expenses, funeral bills, or the other damages suffered by the Liu family because there was not a passenger in the vehicle at the time of the collision. In addition to losing Sofia, her mother Huan, and her brother Anthony, were seriously injured requiring extensive hospitalization.

The Dolan Law Firm has filed suit in San Francisco Superior Court against Uber, its business partners, and Muzzaraf claiming that Uber is responsible for Muzarraf's conduct, and the Liu's losses, based on the fact that Muzzaraf was logged on to the Uber app.

At the time of the collision and was, therefore, working for Uber whether or not he had a passenger in the car.

Comment Re:Financial stability, trustworthy commerce... (Score 1) 40

Obviously the author of the article never heard of Mobile Payment systems like MPESA, which are already very successful in other countries, and do not require a bank account, or a smart card, just a SIM card and an ID document.

Smart cards on their own can't succeed, the key is reusing the vast african system of agents associated with mobile operators. Smart cards need infrastructure t accept payments. An MPESA merchant only needs a mobile phone with SMS or USSD capability.

So I see this as just more banking hype, banks hate MPESA..........

Comment Re:Vague article (Score 4, Insightful) 319

So when you can't monitor the obvious threats you already know about the solution is to add more and more to the pile ? Really? Why not ask for more manpower to monitor the known threats? Or are they busy monitoring politicians and journalists ? Who the fuck knows how they are burning manpower but the Paris incident shows that they can't do threat assessments nor properly monitor who they know about.

If they knew these guys were a threat, then they can get a warrant already an scoop up everything. Phone locations etc. No one objects to monitoring via a legal process known threats. But with current powers available, they did not. So adding more and more powers leading to more and more data is in my opinion not a solution.

Potentially the whole world flies under the radar.

Comment Re:More productive on the bus to/from work (Score 1) 420

I split time between France and the UK. We have hot desks so when in the UK there are never desks. Hence I rarely go to the office but work from my apartment and walk to the office a couple of times a week fork meetings. In France, I work at home or my local cafe where I get the real work done, as in a cafe there is a little noise but no one talks to me, and I get automatic coffee refills. Everyone now knows that a certain table is my office. I have Skype, Lync, a phone and email. I deal with China, Albania, Kenya, Germany, Ghana, romania and DRC. So it is impossible to have real meetings mostly. Over Christmas I have been at home for a month now.

I really don't understand why people are tied to offices anymore. The work gets done, or it is obvious when people are docking off. I do my 6:00 AM conf calls in bed with my laptop ....... on my lap. I am often on conf calls 7 hours a day, impossible to do them in the office with the noise, and if everyone else is on calls it is too distracting. Worse when people are in the offices andn join calls, there is always too much noise when they are not muted.

Comment Re: Restrictions (Score 1) 96

Fact is, phones or not people talk on airplanes. But current American culture being fearful and intolerant and all about "me" will result in yet more disputes. Want to sleep in a public place? Earplugs or noise cancelling head phones. And no one needs to shout at 85 dB to be heard with a person in the next seat or for a phone conversation.

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