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Comment Re:Some context (Score 1) 114

I can see the 24hr News interview now:

But isn't it true Doctor, that if you were to be completely submerged in this Fukishima Sea Water for a period of no more than 5 minutes it would almost certainly prove fatal? It seems dangerous to continue to allow people to swim and boat in it when accidental submersion turns fatal so quickly.

Comment Re:US Constitution Art 1 Section 6 - Compensation (Score 1) 941

at clause is designed to prevent situations like what recently happened in the Ukraine, where leaders of opposition factions in the government are arrested

Oh, then I guess it's a good thing that the TSA doesn't fall under the executive branch. Oh wait, it does? Well sure, but it's not like the Executive branch is led by a person of the opposite party of Rand Paul. Oh, it is? Well, that's certainly awkward, but I mean he's just another opposition party senator and it's not like he or one of his relatives are trying to directly run against the sitting president in an upcoming elect-....What's that? He's Ron Paul's son?! SHIT.

Comment Re:More detail (Score 1) 441

Very interesting, thank you for pointing this out. I'll admit I had not before read into the origins of the Christmas tree and simply believed what I had heard about it coupled with what I knew about the protestants in England outlawing it for a time because they believed it to be of pagan origin which cemented it in my mind as fact. While I think the evidence still points to the chosen timing for Christmas being to compete with the pagan festival I thank you for pointing out that I was wrong about the tree being adopted because of this.

Comment Re:More detail (Score 5, Interesting) 441

More accurately Christmas is a Christian holiday originally timed to coincide and compete with a Pagan holiday which it pushed out though many of the pagan traditions ended up being incorporated by converted followers. There are lots of things Christian about Christmas such as the story, celebrating the birth of Jesus (even tho they don't believe it happened that time of year) ect, but many of the traditions such as the trees and candles are co-opted from Saturnalia.

Comment Re:Funny Stuff (Score 1) 631

There's plenty of people work a 6-2 or 7-3 in places where traffic is unruly at conventional rush hour times. There's no reason not to let your employees do this if they're office workers that just need to get 8 hours of work in.

Comment Re:Weakened nation (Score 1) 299

Don't the uranium cores get recycled into nuclear fuel and thus become profitable/useful? Would assume it would get sold to some nuclear facility and thus no longer need upkeep by the government itself. Even if they theoretically boxed it storage of a uranium core should be a far less costly matter than maintaining a functional nuclear warhead.

Comment Re:Weakened nation (Score 2) 299

How does this help our nation? Oops I said the N-word, my apologies to the offended parties.

By recycling it into something useful (weapons into plowshares and all that) instead of it sitting around costing money through expensive guarding, monitoring and maintenance not to mention Russia under the treaty dismantling nuclear warheads that were meant for killing us. Oh, and 0% chance of it accidentally going off once it's dismantled versus the extremely small percentage chance beforehand.

Comment Re:I'm actually suprised it's that many (Score 1) 572

All else being equal, a nation that spends 10% of it's resourced building machines of war will have a lower standard of living then a nation that's able to spend that 10% on things like education, infrastructure, or even private commercial ventures / R&D. Hence war being destructive to the economy in the sense that you're sinking resources into production that doesn't return value to you in the form of making your life better. Sort of like there's money to be made in boarding up houses after a fire but setting a bunch of fires doesn't help stimulate the economy.

Realistically, however; Things are a lot more complex as always and there are other factors involved like the nation that did spend 10% using their machines of war to take what the nation that didn't made or value returned in the ability to exert your will on other nations ect ect. But it's always a net loss for humanity as a whole....until the aliens come

Comment Re:"Licensed and Rolled Out" (Score 1) 147

There's this concept call "thinking" that has been catching on. You ought to try it sometime. Contrary to your moronic statement, governments do not spend money on things "for the greater good of humanity". They spend money on things that are good for their nation. How much money do you think that the countries affected by malaria have to spend on developing a vaccine for malaria?

If only there were some sort of organized union of nations that each paid towards operating costs in order to work on world issues of security, health and economic development.

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