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Submission + - Norwegian TV airs world's longest show, CC's it (

ketilwaa writes: "Norwegian public broadcaster airs world's longest TV programme, the voyage of the Hurtigruten cruise ship going north between Bergen and Kirkenes. For geeks like me, the FAQ contains information that makes this even more exciting: the footage from the front view camera is CC-licensed, and GPS data will be freely avaliable. So far, the stream has been accessed from 90% of the world's countries, making this more than a local story..."

Submission + - Wine 1.0 is out (

ketilwaa writes: "After so many years in development and 5 release candidates, Wine finally hit version 1.0. Even though no revolution is expected, it's still cool to have it finally hit that big one point zero"

Submission + - Beryl/Compiz naming poll (

ketilwaa writes: "Beryl/Compiz agreed on a merge some time ago. There is still a lot of tension on this subject, as one can see from the mailing list. [] There is currently a poll going on, deciding the name for the new project: [ &t=559] Browsing the forums reveal that some users (including the person who submit to /.) are not really happy with the state of affairs. Is the lack of official response hurting the merge? Is it hurting OSS altogether? How did other projects handle such problems?"

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