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Submission + - Norwegian TV airs world's longest show, CC's it (nrk.no)

ketilwaa writes: "Norwegian public broadcaster airs world's longest TV programme, the voyage of the Hurtigruten cruise ship going north between Bergen and Kirkenes. For geeks like me, the FAQ http://nrkbeta.no/2011/06/21/hurtigruten-faq-eng/ contains information that makes this even more exciting: the footage from the front view camera is CC-licensed, and GPS data will be freely avaliable. So far, the stream has been accessed from 90% of the world's countries, making this more than a local story..."

Mexico Decriminalizes Small-Scale Drug Possession 640

Professor_Quail notes an AP story that begins, "Mexico enacted a controversial law Thursday decriminalizing possession of small amounts of marijuana, cocaine, heroin and other drugs while encouraging free government treatment for drug dependency. The law sets out maximum 'personal use' amounts for drugs, also including LSD and methamphetamine. People detained with those quantities will no longer face criminal prosecution when the law goes into effect Friday." An official in the attorney general's office said, "This is not legalization, this is regulating the issue and giving citizens greater legal certainty... for a practice that was already in place." In 2006, the US criticized a similar bill that had no provisions for mandatory treatment, and the then-president sent it back to Congress for reconsideration.

Comment Related: Miserware (Score 1) 258

This reminds me of a piece of proprietary software called Miserware. The original license said you needed permission to publish data reported by Miserware. After some rumblings, they issued this e-mail:

Dear MicroMiser beta participant,

Thank you for your involvement in the MicroMiser beta! The response so far has been tremendous and well beyond our expectations. The information we are getting when you run the mw-feedback script is really helping us improve our products and documentation.

The license you agreed to when registering for the beta said you needed permission from MiserWare to publish data reported by our software. We would like to lift this requirement to some extent by allowing you to share performance and power numbers reported by MicroMiser. More precisely our lawyers told us to say it like this:

"You are hereby authorized to disclose information regarding the performance of the MicroMiser software, provided that such information is provided to you in a MicroMiser software report."

This includes any information (including energy savings information) provided by MicroMiser in any of its log files and/or information reported in tools such as the mw-feedback script which reports system specific information to MiserWare thereby aiding future development and earning you points in the incentive program.

Several folks have asked about benchmarking against other power management software. With regard to benchmarking, we want to clarify the intent of the license. Our intent was not to preclude benchmarking altogether, but to ensure the measurement methodology is fair to all parties. More precisely, our lawyers told us to paste both permissions together:

"You are hereby authorized to disclose information regarding the performance of the MicroMiser software, (i) provided that such information is provided to you in a MicroMiser software report, or (ii) provided that such information is obtained using techniques approved in writing by MiserWare."

There is no need for you to sign another license agreement as these clarifications simply give you additional permissions under the original license.

These clarifications are the result of your feedback. Please continue to send your comments to feedback@miserware.com . We promise to keep listening.



Good thing they have lawyers, huh? Needless to say, I thought about it for a millisecond, and realized I could live without this particular piece of software.

Comment Re:With friends like these, who needs enemies? (Score 1) 1008

I think you're missing the point. Check up on what free software commentators have been spending their last 3-4 weeks on. Not only are the devs behing F-spot, Beagle, Gnome Do and Tomboy getting side tracked, a big chunk of the FLOSS community are too, getting absorbed in this endless discussion. If you think that topics not directly related to their projects are not eating into the 24 hrs that every day of a distro developer consists of, think again.

Comment With friends like these, who needs enemies? (Score 2, Insightful) 1008

Interesting, compared to this which has been his comment earlier. Nice to see RMS give the Mono haters more fuel to their flame wars, so that developers can get tangled up in endless discussions about this in stead of actually hacking away. Again, this is one of the reasons GNU/Linux is not gaining more than it does. All MS needs to do in order to keep hackers busy not making great software (and cloning already great C# apps instead), is issue some kind of new vague statement on the nature of .NET. Then, we all lose. Like we've been doing since day 1. Nice. Thanks. With friends like these, who needs enemies?
GNU is Not Unix

Richard Stallman Says No To Mono 1008

twitter writes "There's been a lot of fuss about mono lately. After SCO and MS suing over FAT patents, you would think avoiding anything MS would be a matter of common sense. RMS now steps into the fray to warn against a serious mistake: 'Debian's decision to include Mono in the default installation, for the sake of Tomboy which is an application written in C#, leads the community in a risky direction. It is dangerous to depend on C#, so we need to discourage its use. .... This is not to say that implementing C# is a bad thing. ... [writing and using applications in mono] is taking a gratuitous risk.'" Update: 06/27 20:22 GMT by T : Read on below for one Mono-eschewing attempt at getting the (excellent) Tomboy's functionality, via a similar program called Gnote. Update: 06/27 21:07 GMT by T: On the other side of the coin, reader im_thatoneguy writes "Jo Shields, a Mono Developer, has published an article on 'Why Mono Doesn't Suck,' why it is not a threat to FOSS, why it is desirable to developers and why it should be included in Ubuntu by default."

Comment Re:When taking a stand... (Score 1) 503

I sure hope you base your decision on more than that. Otherwise I'd be anti every type of programming language, because of the bugs I've seen in various applications. I personally think F-spot sucks bigtime, so I don't use it. I think other applications like Gnome Do and Tomboy are great. So, your gripe with F-spot is not necessarily due to Mono, but could very well be due to poor use of it.

Comment Re:Incredible horrifying bloat (Score 1) 503

I made a slight mistake in my spelling, so I can understand some of the confusion. Gnote calls them "add-ins". My Norwegian translation of Tomboy calls them "Tillegg", which is the same word used to describe Firefox addons/extension. They're not extensions like you're used to in Firefox, but features you can turn off or on, that comes with the app.

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