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Comment Re:Get it right the first time (Score 1) 256

"It makes a whole lot more sense to put the effort into getting the right code onto the disc before it ships."

I concur with your statement, and wish more SW development organizations adopted. In reality managers don't think that's a priority. Getting the code (sw, app, driver etc) out the door and into customers hands is more of a priory. Working in a fortune 100 company, administering build machines I see this attitude everyday. Does not matter if there is dead code, or its a little off. Its all about getting the product out so company can make more $$$.

Comment Re:Question (Score 3, Informative) 336

Obama made a lot of promises during his run for president.There is no law that states he can't lie, but he he did. He got votes, elected president as people assumed there would be 'change' for them, instead there was change for the elitists, banks and wall street. (bad grammer but dont care)

This should not be new for anyone.. He's not the first President to lie to Americans to gets votes for his personal agenda. Bush did it too, but he also rigged the election which was later proven, yet no one is punished.

America needs to wake up! Big banks still rule, wall street has not changed. The Obama administration lies to us and takes away our constitutional rights everyday.

Comment Bots Controlling Market (Score 0) 709

What everyone has failed to mention (maybe someone did but I did not see the post) is that there are BOTS that are doing thousands of transactions LOWERING the value of bitcoin. These bot owners are lowering the value for there mission or some one else. Either way, the bot owners are FUKING with the bitcoin market. Exchanges have failed to stop this, and their excuses is free market. There are WAYS to fix this, but its up to the exchanges who are not doing a single thing.

Some of the bots have been in the news, while others have not. There has been people that have been tracking and trying to combat these bots, but nothing will change unless the exchanges DO SOMETHING.

I would not be surprised if there were more.

Comment Re:Co-op is awesome (Score 0) 78

Bioware Montreal is a dedicated team working on the multiplayer aspect of ME3.

Bioware has stated multiple times within the past few days that single player is MOST important and by adding multiplayer it WILL NOT take away from the single-player experience.

I see it as ANOTHER AWESOME choice for players to have. You can do the entire single player campaign by yourself beat the game etc. BUT if you want help or want to play with friends then they can co-op with you etc. The multiplayer actions you take WILL reflect the single player campaign but that only makes sense that it would.

Check out this video for some answers and explanations: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vWaANoSZSzE

Comment Re:Erm... (Score 0) 520

Good point, related experience is better. For me I started in customer service doing phone tech support and various other things that were customer service driven. My customer service skills have helped me in various IT related issues where I had to get the IT stuff done, but also being customer orientated. I would do something similar if you have no customer service skills, or no IT experience. Tech support sux, but you got to start somewhere.

Now, I'm sys admin for a fortune 100 company... :-| Pays the bills, but you get the idea. :)

Comment Re:honeypot (Score 0) 106

What a silly site! I lol'ed. You sir are correct! dude = bullshitter

Anyone can get it, but here:

Domain Name: rankmyhack.com
Registered at http://www.dynadot.com/

UnderHost Networks Ltd
UnderHost Networks Ltd
1744 Laverendrye Road
Trois-Rivieres, Quebec G8Z 2E2

Administrative Contact:
UnderHost Networks Ltd
UnderHost Networks Ltd
1744 Laverendrye Road
Trois-Rivieres, Quebec G8Z 2E2
+1 8004657440

Technical Contact:
UnderHost Networks Ltd
UnderHost Networks Ltd
1744 Laverendrye Road
Trois-Rivieres, Quebec G8Z 2E2
+1 8004657440

Record expires on 2012/07/18 UTC
Record created on 2011/07/18 UTC

Domain servers in listed order:

Comment Re:And... (Score 0) 220


co-workers don't appreciate me anyways, so what's another day?

If I appear 'not busy' then I must be goofing off. Only when I'm running around fixing servers is when I'm truly working? pfff.

It's when sys admins are goofing off is when everything is running smooth! Luckly that's how my weeks go! :)

Comment Re:Thank god (Score 0, Informative) 403

Great topic, I concur! I've got one dedicated mining rig with two 6870's. I'm getting more than 300Mhash a card, but that's tweaks I can't talk about. :)

Fair warning, If you decide to join a pool be CAREFUL what pool you join. Some have fee's and you're forced to donate. Some of these pools are also skimming off the top.. I.E saying you submitted 5000 shares, when you really submitted 10000 shares.... I'm currently mining @ bitcoinpool dot com, so far no issues. Pool ops stay on top of things and are alot more verbose when it comes to stats while the other pools are unwilling to share as much data.

Comment Re:Just look two stories down (Score 1) 422

Sounds like you're high on something else.

It's your opinion that Win7 is damn good and superior than XP. We do not agree..

I agree on a lot of points that Goldberg Pants made.

Win7, came from Vista. Look how bad Vista is..

MS may have added some features to Win7 that XP does not haveâ¦..but are these features REALLY needed/wanted?

For example, home groups, and how MS destroyed networking and its functionality. Home groups are a POS. They add a layer of complexity that's NOT needed. Instead of just plugging in, you now have to deal with homegroups until you disable those services. It's a huge PITA!

Another note, why in the hell did MS rename common things to something else? Why did they move shit around when everyone knows where it is, and how to get to it. It's like walking in your house, and seeing your bathroom where your kitchen use to be. MS really fuked up this aspect imho.

I could keep ranting, but its time to go home, and I'd rather leave the office now than later.

Oh, the topic.. I break out my original Gameboy, or my N64 once in awhile. :)

Comment Re:Internet Cafes (Score 0) 226

Really, looking at child porn from a net cafe? What is law enforcement going to do about these wack jobs that use anon interwebs in the privacy of there home?

I really have to question law enforcement and there actions if they always give the "child pr0n" argument. It's a horrible thing, but come up with a better reason why you want to obstruct our privacy.

Comment Re:Change you can believe in. (Score 0) 213

Republicans, democrats, Libertarians.. As far as Im concerned and I don't care what party they rep but they have ALL failed as being representatives for THE PEOPLE of America. We are all humans in the end. Greed, and power is all they care about these days. It's sad, but true. Exposing the govt, and having visibility is the only way the people will regain control. I could rant all day long, but I wont as most of us realize how bad things really are. Pipe dream? I sure as hell hope not...

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