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Comment Re:HP printers (Score 1) 42

The standard Brother that's commonly recommended today comes with a "normal" capacity cartridge and it definitely printed about 1000 pages before it was used up. We bought an XL, which lasted about 2k and we're now on our second XL. I am not having a single issue, this printer replaced my LaserWriter 8500 that I had since 2000.

Comment Re:Corrected Title (Score 1, Insightful) 168

My understanding from some programmers I know at Amazon is that they started to have some massive brigading actions by some alt-right communities who would put 100s of negative entries against books and movies that they disagreed with, and that massive (manual) effort is what started the discussion on that.

Comment Re:And the shift to Databases away from Oracle (Score 2) 198

Depending on the size of the database and the actual crunching involved, you can quickly get to impossible on SQL Server since databases are still not distributed. There are also lots of exotic features on Oracle that require third party tools or extensive development to be done in SQL Server. Also jokes aside, it's very possible to have a SQL Server implementation that's still more $$$ than Oracle or DB2. It's also just much much more fragile than Oracle or DB2.

Comment Re:What hardware is used for workstations at apple (Score 1) 339

Having been on campus many times and knowing a bunch of hardware people, it's my understanding outside of specific testing, the hardware team, a few special installs, and some servers, nobody has anything other than regular machines. The special installs are no different than the kind of special installs that integrated have already done - like making an iMac 27 into a flush-mounted wall device with a touch screen.

Comment Re: Applying tort to patents (Score 2) 455

They will file to dismiss and it will likely be dismissed. It will cost Apple 1 hour of time for one of their lawyers and maybe 1 hour of time for one of their paralegals that screens all the cases. They'll also have to hire someone to file the dismissal, but there's some services you can hire that you just pay on a monthly basis that removes the actual expense of the filing and all that jazz from Apple's direct checkbook. Given that both the their lawyer and their paralegal will be under salary for Apple, they will likely pay nothing to handle the case. If they get a shitty judge then it might be less fun for them $$$-wise, but seeing past Apple actions, they will not offer any settlement at all.

Comment Re: employee improvement plan (Score 1) 392

I'm not saying that there aren't some large companies that somehow do that, but the various large companies I've worked at EIPs are not used to fire someone, nor used to avoid unemployment costs, actually every single place I've been was the same, first follow the state laws for severance, second, offer them additional severance to agree not to claim unemployment, third if they don't take that, fine they file, we don't fight the unemployment. Bigger companies are MUCH more worried about being sued, because the cost of an employment law lawsuit is high, like 50% of a person's income easily. In fact when people DO lawyer up because they're a minority, we generally would settle starting at 3 mos income. Big companies do not actually care about paying unemployment UNLESS they are firing lots of people, then they worry about it.

Comment Re: And yet (Score 3, Insightful) 412

Preventing the distribution of information that Hillary Clinton made speeches where she said in private the same things as she said in public? Or you mean the fact that the data surely came from Russian State Paid Actors who handed the data to WikiLeaks? I'm guessing that Ecuador is finally realizing they didn't get some great bastion of freedom in Assange, just a pompous asshole who's more trouble than he's worth. I suspect his welcome is about to be over.

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