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Comment Re:Dumb (Score 1) 145

If you had say 50% of all air travel headed towards liquidation, the US Government would have been stepping in, when AMR was almost failed and United WAS failed, there were TONS of other flights by other people and there was little doubt that Southwest or the like would have just stepped in and taken over. If Boeing were going into liquidation tomorrow, again the Gov't would have no choice but to step in.

Comment Re:A Raid? Really? (Score 1) 135

Politics works a bit difference in Spain and France and they LOVE to "raid" businesses, especially foreign businesses. Currently the EU has set a bunch of rules in place that make all of what these companies do VERY legal and some government officials hate it (these officials would rather Spain be Spain, and not just a "part of the EU."

Comment Re:16:9 & Windows (Score 1) 209

2304x1440 is the native resolution of the direct competitor MB 12". If the screen and build quality are anything like the previous Asus Zenbook, then all you have to do is play with it for a few minutes, then play with an MB12 and you'll likely not bother with the Zenbook. These laptops are either toys for people who the price is meaningless or they are people who travel a lot (like every week or 2x a week travellers) who actually DO value the lightness of them.

Comment Re:God damn it, just PICK A FUCKING LANGUAGE ALREA (Score 1) 172

Actually ... this is exactly how you use compiled. You compile C to an intermediate language (possible just a special type of ASM, but an intermediate language all the same.) You compile Java to Java Bytecode. So yes you can in fact compile C to Javascript. In the very long term, we could build a better safer intermediate language and compile everything to that.

Comment Re:The elephants in the room (Score 1) 244

A large amount of large companies either have plans in place to migrate to Gmail/O365, are IN mid-migration, or have already migrated to them. It might be that in your sector they are behind in doing this, but Microsoft sweetened the pot a few years ago and Gmail is really cheap to begin with. For the typical F100 company, there's not even a way they can compete with likely "free" from Microsoft and $50/user from Google. Companies are paying in upwards of $125/user for internal Exchange.

Comment Re:There are STILL people @ IBM? (Score 1) 331

Doug Shelton the head of corporate PR claims those numbers are off by a factor of 10+ and at the same time they opened up 15k new positions. They have 435,000 employees right now in total. Mind you a really significant number of those people are IBM Global Services which will constantly have people quitting and joining due to contracts.

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