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Comment Re:from the should-have-read-the-EULA-first dept? (Score 1) 558

What you say is true - but has utterly nothing to do with what I said. The software for the MK98 FCS and the firmware inside the missile is under US control. I.E. precisely what Mr. Blair is complaing about for the JSF.
The difference is, that it doesn't matter for Trident. We have no industrial base in ballistic missile development, and the system is effectively an off the shelf product. The reason that it is important with JSF is that we do have an existing aerospace industry who are involved in the development of the product, and who also develop munitions that the US do not use. Should we decide to procure a new weapon and need to make modifications to the JSF in order to utilise it, it makes sense not to have to defer to another nation's contractors who could charge what they want, without our being able to properly verify their work.

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