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The Courts

Submission + - Slashback: Judge in sentencing blames violent game

kaufmanmoore writes: In January we discussed Daniel Petric being found guilty of murdering his mother and shooting his father over their taking away Halo 3 from him. The judge sentenced Petric today to 23 to life instead of the prosecution's plea of life without parole. Judge Burge of Lorain County Ohio continued his criticism of violent video games saying, "I feel confident that if there were no such thing as violent video games, I wouldn't know Daniel Petric," Burge said. In practicing judicial activism Burge said he was hoping to impact the future concerning prevention of crimes relating to video game violence. During the trial portion of this case, Burge said the youth's addiction to the game altered his brain in the same way an addiction to drugs did. The closing remarks by both lawyers, Daniel's father and the the judge are available on Youtube . Source: here

Submission + - Report: Jobs considering Liver Transplant

kaufmanmoore writes: Bloomberg is reporting that Apple's Steve Jobs might be considering a liver transplant as a result of complications from his surgery in 2004. The type of tumor that Jobs had commonly spreads from the Pancreas to the Liver. A doctor quoted in the article says that people with Jobs' diagnosis tend to live 20 years past their original cancer diagnosis and respond well to the surgery. In an interview conducted today Jobs is quoted as saying "Why don't you guys leave me alone — why is this important?"

Submission + - UK Secretary wants website ratings, censorship

kaufmanmoore writes: The UK culture secretary calls for a website rating system similar to the one used for movies and downright censorship in an interview with the Telegraph. He also calls for censorship of the internet saying "There is content that should just not be available to be viewed." Other proposals he mentions in his wide-ranging calls for internet regulation are "family-friendly" services from ISPs and requiring sites that host content with a proposal to force takedown notices to be enforced within a specific time interval. Mr. Burnham wants to extend his proposals across the pond and seeks meetings with the Obama administration.

Submission + - VA is 1st State to mandate internet safety lessons (wdbj7.com) 2

kaufmanmoore writes: "The Commonwealth of Virginia has become the first state in the nation to require that students in all grade levels receive a form of internet safety lessons. The story is scant on details about the lessons, but describes one recently at a high school where the presenter showed a social-networking profile of a convicted sex offender posing as a 15 year-old girl. We have seen the **AA try to get their internet lessons taught in school, is this type of lesson necessary with more children going online?"

Submission + - Couple Sues Google for Posting House Pix (google.com)

kaufmanmoore writes: A Pennsylvania couple is suing Google, saying a "Street View" picture taken of their house violates their privacy and lowers their property value. Google has offered to remove the image, but the couple's lawyer says that will not undo the damage done. Coincidentally, Allegany County has a similar picture of the same house on a real estate website.

Submission + - NJ Law Bans Some Sex Offenders from Internet Use

kaufmanmoore writes: A new law signed into law Thursday bans sex offenders who used to internet to lure their victims and those under lifetime supervision bans them from using the internet for non work related use. The offenders would be required to discuss their computer access to their parole officers and violations could result in fines and jail time. New Jersey joins Florida and Nevada as the only states to restrict internet use among convicted sex offenders. More details available here.

Submission + - Broadcasters launch ads opposing wireless internet

kaufmanmoore writes: According to an AP report, The National Association of Broadcasters is launching ads to target lawmakers over a push by a consortium of technology giants including Google, Intel, HP and MSFT who want to use unused and unlicensed TV spectrum for wireless broadband. Broadcasters are airing concerns about the devices creating interference with broadcast television and in a statement NAB chairman Alan Frank takes a swipe at technology companies saying, "While our friends at Intel, Google and Microsoft may find system errors, computer glitches and dropped calls tolerable, broadcasters do not."

Submission + - Microsoft forces shutdown of Autopatcher

kaufmanmoore writes: Posts on Neowin and Autopatcher's site announce Microsoft has forced the closure of the Autopatcher download section. Details are scarce as to the exact reason for the take down after over 4 years of availability, but an official from Microsoft legal says that it has nothing to do with Windows Genuine Advantage. Goodbye to another useful tool that helped sysadmins apply Microsoft's numerous patches.

Submission + - Yahoo, MSN sign new Chinese gov't blogging pact (breitbart.com)

kaufmanmoore writes: AFP is reporting that Yahoo China and MSN have signed the new "self-discipline" pledge introduced this week and covered previously on slashdot. There are no more details at this point as to whether MSN or Yahoo will require detailed registration of personal information as encouraged by the Chinese government.
The Media

Submission + - Bootleg Sniffing dogs placed in hiding

kaufmanmoore writes: The two dogs from Malaysia, Lucky and Flo, mentioned earlier on slashdot have been put in hiding after the pirates have fought back. According to the AP story, the bootleggers have been putting chemicals on their discs to confuse the dogs and have put a bounty out on the heads of the dogs. The full story is available here.

Submission + - Apple: Vista may corrupt Ipod

kaufmanmoore writes: According to Apple an upgrade to Vista may prevent users from listening to songs purchased from Itunes and at worst cause an Ipod to become corrupt. If Ipod users try to eject their Ipod using the "Safely Remove Hardware" icon in the tray, it may corrupt the Ipod, instead Apple recommends using "Eject Ipod" from the Itunes software. The workaround for the Itunes issue is to right-click on the iTunes.exe program, select Properties, click on the Compatibility tab, and check "Run This Program As An Administrator." Apple says an update to Itunes will be available within a few weeks. full article
The Media

Submission + - Senate bill bans Net & satellite radio recordi

kaufmanmoore writes: The new congress is the same as the old congress as Sens. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.), Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), Joseph Biden (D-Del.) and Lamar Alexander (R-Tenn.) reintroduced a bill that would require internet radio, music offered via digital cable, XM and Sirius to pay "fair market value" to use music libraries under members of the RIAA. FTA: "The proposal says that all audio services — Webcasters included — would be obligated to implement "reasonably available and economically reasonable" copy-protection technology aimed at preventing "music theft" and restricting automatic recording." The act also restricts "manual" recording saying that it should only be done "in a manner that is not an infringement of copyright." The full article is available from Cnet
The Internet

Submission + - UN offical says org. not taking over internet

kaufmanmoore writes: Hamadoun Toure, the new head of the UN's International Telecommunications Union says that he does not plan to take over governance of the internet and leave it up to groups like ICANN. In his statement he says that the ITU will instead focus on bridging the digital divide, internet security and standardize broadband communications. When asked about Chinese censorship Toure said that issue is beyond the mandate of the ITU. The full article is here

Submission + - Celebrity Paparazzi sue blogger over photos

kaufmanmoore writes: X17, the paparazzi group famous for photos like Katie Holmes pregnant and Britney Spears sans underwear are suing blogger Perez Hilton for copyright infringement for his use of their photos on his blog to the tune of $7.6million. Perez Hilton maintains that he is entitled to fair use of newsworthy images and is using them to comment on them and for satiric purposes. The paparazzi claim that Hilton is freeloading off their images and reducing their ability to sell them as exclusives to gossip magazines. Full story here

Submission + - Companies eye cell phones to track traffic jams

kaufmanmoore writes: Companies and governments are looking to alternatives to expensive radars and road sensors to track traffic jams. Two companies are looking at using data from wireless carriers to mark how fast phones are moving and overlaying that with maps to calculate traffic conditions. AirStage has already partnered with Sprint-Nextel and the Georgia DOT to cover Atlanta's notorious traffic. There are obvious privacy concerns over the usage of the data of your cell phone's location and the accuracy of this data. Full Story

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