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Submission + - VA is 1st State to mandate internet safety lessons ( 2

kaufmanmoore writes: "The Commonwealth of Virginia has become the first state in the nation to require that students in all grade levels receive a form of internet safety lessons. The story is scant on details about the lessons, but describes one recently at a high school where the presenter showed a social-networking profile of a convicted sex offender posing as a 15 year-old girl. We have seen the **AA try to get their internet lessons taught in school, is this type of lesson necessary with more children going online?"
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VA is 1st State to mandate internet safety lessons

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  • at the VA DOE [].
  • I'm a sophomore in high school in Maryland. My school has had people give speeches on Internet safety multiple times. Typically these lessons serve more to teach inaccuracies about the internet (as the people who teach them tend to know nothing about the internet) and scare people away from the internet based on those falsehoods, then actually teach people how to be safe on the internet. Obviously my experiences are not a guarantee of what will happen in Virginia, but as I said, I have been through these th

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