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Comment Re:a real sleep disorder (Score 1) 384

Been in the same boat for half my adult life.

I agree with you on the sleep docs, CPAP is the cure all to them, and if you don't respond to it, they are lost. And good luck getting others to understand, unless you've experienced what we have, others don't get how truly debilitating sleep dep is.

Trying drug after drug does make one feel like a guinea pig. Not a single one that allows me to sleep through the night provides me with the feeling of being refreshed. Current theory is RLS, racing thoughts, bit of depression, combined with very very mild sleep apnea (which is a side effect of weight gain from lack of sleep) Starting another experimentation with gabapentin again, higher dosage this go around.

Submission + - Yet another Java zero-day exploit (pastebin.com)

kthreadd writes: Looks like there's yet another exploit for Java available on Pastebin. It affects the latest version of Java 7, whch is Java 7 update 10. An example exists that launches calc.exe on the victim's computer. Disable applets in your browser if you have Java installed.

Comment Re:get a real car (Score 2) 309

I love manual transmissions. Last thing I want to do when I buy a car that I'll be driving for years is to ask myself, man it's going to be hard to find someone to buy it when I'm done. I just think of myself doing some other manual transmission enthusiast a favor, years from now.

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