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Comment Re:Not a problem (Score 3, Insightful) 161

Not sure how thats not a problem. Its always how this starts. grab a part of it. then fuck up everything over time.

You will not know if torrent, your game, your mail, or http traffic needs to be throttled. They will decide on that and make the numbers say anything they want to get a financial advantage. That's what they do.

Comment Re:Another Corporate rape of the commons (Score 1) 142

for their benefit

And for YOUR benefit, if you have enough discipline to run your own business that happens to use the same type of technology. I suppose you consider the wireless connectivity you use every day to be a "rape of the commons" every time you connect to a web site that runs advertising in order to pay for their operations? Rape! Rape rape rape! Eeeeevil businesses doing things like ... delivery antibiotics to your hospital. Rape rape rape!


Comment Re:Oligopoly (Score 1) 366

Not sure how - as long as uber drivers get more money than taxi drivers there will be drivers - and since that's the case...
In my area people use Lyft as much as Uber, and would use any other service of similar quality so its not like if there was a monopoly either.
Heck we' use taxis if they didn't suck balls and costed 3x the price (yet drivers still get less money.. oh go figure!)

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