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Comment Re:Twitter and profit... (Score 1) 37

its not about ads its about amount of users. if you have a zillion users you make a zillion more moneys.

more people like to use facebook than twitter. does it mean facebook is better? hell no.
facebook has near 2 billion users.

if you spam twitter with ads like facebook does, twitter will just, actually, die. the main reason people still use twitter is that it, in fact, does not sucks too much, does not spam too much, and so on. the main reason people are on facebook is that it made it easy to share pics and stories with friends and family. facebook has this market by the balls right now.

Comment Just sounds like censorship (Score 1) 119


By that rationale the Chinese "Great Firewall" is also China taking responsibility into what content their people can consume or not consume. If anyone thinks Facebook filters will be objective and accurate, they should pay more attention to history classes.

(Now then again I don't understand why people get their news from Facebook at all, but that's a different topic)

Comment Re:Some helpful context: (Score 2) 406

Often times these drones are tested that way. They don't carry anything classified but are operated in risk areas.
If they get detected or captured, then the Navy knows the limits of the equipment - yet won't lose data or face in the process.

If at the same time you get can useful data for scientists, that's cool.

Comment Re:"Hate speech" is protected by the 1st Amendment (Score 2) 1058

To be honest, its more and more of an issue in today's world.
Your ISP can cut your internet to stop your from exercising free speech.
Your host can cut your web server.
Your twitter can be banned
Your facebook can be banned
Your google searches can be empty (as in, it never returns results for you/your site/etc)
Major media outlets are commonly owned and can decide to not publish your story

For all practical purposes, your free speech can be suppressed today - it was much more difficult 30 years ago, some due to technology, some due to the way media is organized.

I sort of wonder if at some point we'll have to make it so that you have the right of free speech on de-facto public platforms, or if an additional govt platform would be required, so ensure that your message can be hosted somewhere, no matter how offensive - and would require a lawsuit to find out if its actually hate speech (maybe that'll force people to grow a pair and accept other's opinion may not be always the same as theirs = OH GOD ITS A SEXIST JOKE! KILL HIM WITH FIRE! STONE HIM!)

Comment Re:Might be controversial but its not bad at all (Score 1) 403

Ok, let me know how I get my displayport to connect to my laptop via USB-C (lightbridge/thunderbolt) reliably, then we talk ;-)
I did mention that I use Linux as my primary desktop - but I do use all others actively and Windows is definitely easier from this POV. For example, DP+USB-C just works.
Everything pretty much just works. Your "3 apps and it crashes" is an obvious lie. A Windows fan would tell you the exact opposite (Linux?? 3 apps and it crashes and welcome to obscure command line copy paste to fix it! My windows can run 1000 processes np). (which is just as much bullshit, sorry)

Comment Wont work for long - or already doesn't (Score 1) 147

This is a similar technique that brought the US down a while back, on different frequencies (jaming GPS, ~1.5ghz).
Unfortunately, this does not work when the drone does not require such information (be it GPS or remote signal). Newer drones, both military and consumer grade use vision sensors and can even recognize preloaded maps by looking at the ground.

Now, maybe ISIS does not yet have easy access to this tech (though anyone in the silicon valley does, or any decently good engineer really), and read-to-fly consumer drones such as the phantom 4 (1000usd+-) already has vision sensor for flight, avoidance and tracking (but not mapping and path detection - yet.. though you can jailbreak them, its running android - and add your code)

If you think about it though, vision is just another set of frequency and there are ways to jam them that are still efficient. I'm guessing in the future there will be a combination of "anti drone" guns:

1) radar detect and destroy (missile, gatlin gun, high powered laser, all these work and high powered laser might be best). Today's radars recognize them no problem when they get in range to "drop a bomb". They would have to be as fast as missiles or faster to be a threat, even with stealth technology (though none has stealth). This is however expensive.

2) Low power laser. a 1w laser pointed at the camera sensor will damage the sensor, rendering it inoperable fairly quickly.

3) high power light beam. Same but does not damage the sensor. this includes high power IR beam for night operations.

and of course: nets, shotguns, etc. or a combination of GPS, remote control jamming + other things.

ps: theres a better, reliable way to achieve all this, its called a mortar. Cheap, accurate, and only a very expensive system can destroy the payload in flight (ie solution 1), and its not even 100% reliable. Or you know, just suicidal humans (which they have used several times now.... I bet its cheaper and easier for them than buying a phantom4 anyway).

Anyhow, an interesting topic, and I do hope it doesn't come to any of this.

Comment Might be controversial but its not bad at all (Score 3, Interesting) 403

I always think about Spender from GrSecurity when I read this. He uses windows to develop for Linux because it makes him more productive.

As a long time every day user and programmer (Linux, FreeBSD since year 1, MacOS for 28 years, Windows for 20 years), of all major platforms I'm using Linux desktop primarily (and most of my colleagues use OSX) but.. I cannot disagree with Spender. I'd be more productive on Windows for my Linux code (than on either OSX or Linux). I just choose the Linux desktop for other reasons ("I like it" "ideology" "its slowly getting there").

Still, today, Win10 is still the faster, more productive environment for Linux code.. oh and its always extremely good for Windows code too - as long as you don't use old APIs, which really, you shouldn't anymore.

Basically, the Windows platform is very much underrated. No nonsense, super compatible, very fast. They just have a terrible, terrible reputation.

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