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Comment Re:Wikileaks is a toxic organisation. (Score 1) 334

Maybe I don't understand English but what I read is that they do NOT support the DDOS. They realized people were doing it because of them and is asking them to stop.

I think you're blinded by your hatred toward a political candidate. Wikileaks is not a perfect organization but also does not have access to all the secrets of everyone. It just happen to have more about Hillary, probably because more people have something against her or her party and thus Wikileaks get more data (because, let me spell that for you: more people hack Hillary's party stuff. Plain simple.)
Basic demand & availability laws.

Comment Re:Supplier contracts. (Score 2) 44

given antennagate and all the shit before then, i dont doubt for one second that apple tested how exactly these modem perform and decided they are satisfactory.

if there is a public outcry though apple will blame intel of course (they'd be stupid not to - and being ethical is not trendy these days)

Comment Re:Got a drawer full of ARM devices and SOCs (Score 1) 150

Yeah I think that's what Linus means though.
Also why I'm using a NUC as well. Eventually gave up no the countless garbage ARM boards with proprietary boot loaders and incompatible things of all kinds. The NUC let me focus on what matters, basically, the ARM boards all get in the way.
If x86 would get as cheap as ARM, I suspect there would be no more ARM.

Comment Re:Toys (Score 1) 192

its 250gr not 500gr.
but yes theres high enough rez drones at 250gr

i dont think its a privacy concern though.. a 600mm+ camera is a much better tool for spying on others most of the time. its silent and zooms further than the eye can see, its also more stable and stuff.

i think its just about control and insurance, and a reason to make money

Comment Misunderstood (Score 5, Insightful) 113

There seems to be a lot of confusion and in traditional Mozilla fashion all this is poorly communicated.
First, Flash no longer gets updated for NPAPI (Netscape API) which is the way it talks to Firefox. Only PPAPI (Pepper API) gets updates, which is what Chrome uses.
Mortar adds support PPAPI and deprecates/removes NPAPI.
It does not mean you need flash or that it adds stuff you "don't want". It just means it still works for the people who need it - that's it.

By that means it also means any other PPAPI plugin works, so the PDF reader too. It doesn't mean PDF.js (Firefox' own reader) goes away. It just means you can also use PPAPI stuff. If Chrome's PDF reader ends up being better than PDF.js over time, then they can switch over to it as default.

It's not using Chrome's rendering, layering, etc. engine. It's not using Chrome's UI. It's not browsing the web with Chrome, at all.

Comment Unpopular opinion (Score 1) 132

I use Edge every now and then, and beside the extension/addon support that is still a bit in its infancy, it's a *great* browser.
This is my "real life" experience, and keep in mind that I'm biased towards Firefox as my browser of choice - but I like to try to keep an open mind and test things out.

1) It feels faster than Chrome or Firefox, as in its responsive.
2) It uses as little energy as them or less, as in my laptop run out of battery later (be it because edge is partially loaded all the time or not, I don't know)
3) Everything that's modern works. This is not Explorer.
4) I hate the bing integration, but you can turn that off.
5) Dev tools don't seem as nice as Firefox or Chrome.

At the end of the day I still use Firefox, though I run Edge every now and then when I need smth quick ;-) (and I use Chrome for Chrome apps mainly)

So yeah, Edge is, in fact, a great browser IMO - and if it wasn't Microsoft behind it I guess me and others would migrate to it. Shows that both performance and reputation go a long way, in particular, performance matters more than it seems.

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