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Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 59

"The practice of soaking the rich for exorbitantly-priced luxury goods/services in order to fund technological progress is one of my favorite features of capitalism. -pavon"

That will make a great quote. I like the favorite feature part a lot.

The Internet

Submission + - Internet Explorer sees steep dip in India ( 1

kanda writes: An article from Indian daily Economic Times, citing a study by the Irish metrics firm StatCounter, says the percentage of PCs running IE in India dropped from close to 70% in 2008 to about 51% now. The drop is despite an absence of any regulation by a trade commission, unlike that mandated by European Union on Microsoft. The article cites "slow connectivity" as a possible explanation, i.e. Firefox started providing a noticeably faster browsing experience than IE with "slow connectivity" and this triggered the steady decline.

Submission + - Children caught kissing face jail (

SL Baur writes: "It wasn't very long ago in history that ages 14 and younger were considered adults enough to marry instead of "children".

GERMANY is poised to bring in a draconian law tomorrow that will effectively outlaw kissing and cuddling between children under 17 in public places.

While experts acknowledge that the bill has good intentions, they fear it will deprive teens of a sexual rite of passage, through flirting and experimentation.
Full story is here:"


Submission + - Home Surveillence How To

vb writes: "So, I'm in the process of buying a house. I'll close on 7 January and have my very own first house. I'm interested in installing some sort of home security/surveillance system, but don't know a whole lot about what's out there. I'm interested in a few things: 1. Perimeter detection — motion, that sort of thing. 2. Video surveillance with day&night cameras and DVR capability 3. Glass breakage detection 4. Ability to see at least the video from work or some other external location. So, all you fellow geeks and do-it-yourselfers, lend me your knowledge"

Submission + - Mathematics, Mathematica and Certainty (

itsybitsy writes: Mathematics likes to think of itself as a very certainty-based business. If you've "proved something mathematically", then it's supposed to just be true. No ifs or buts. Complete certainty.

But in practice that's not quite how it works — at least the way mathematics has traditionally been done. Because in reality a mathematical proof of the kind people publish in papers is something much more social. It's a vehicle for convincing other humans — one's fellow mathematicians — that something is true.


Submission + - AACS challenges to DIGG.COM backfire

msblack writes: Stories in the Los Angeles Times and New York Times talk about demanding DMCA take down letters sent to operators of DIGG.COM. Both articles were fairly clear on DIGG users' backlash to their initial stance against posts containing the 16-byte hex code. The LA Times article had an interesting reference to a DIGG post:

One Digg member, Grant Robertson, said the incident reminded him of a quote from "NewsRadio," the 1990s TV show: "You can't take something off the Internet. That's like trying to take pee out of a swimming pool."

Submission + - Thermal IR imaging suggest half of Mars has ice

Ixlr8 writes: "BBC news is running a story that suggests up to half of Mars may have ice. From the article:

Up until now, scientists had been able to search for water deposits using a spectrometer fixed to the orbiting Mars Odyssey spacecraft. However, only readings that are accurate to within several hundred kilometres can be obtained.
By comparing seasonal changes in thermal infrared patterns, detected by the same Odyssey spacecraft, (scientists)[ed] can make readings accurate to within just hundreds of metres."

Submission + - China - Technology Super Power by 2050

newsblaze writes: "China's economic boom is accompanied by developments in the field of strategic technologies such as satellite, missile and nuclear energy making it a possible tech super power by 2050. Already their economy is measured in trillions rather than billions. Can they ramp up their education system sufficiently? What could stop them?"

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