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Comment Chilean Here (Score 1) 159

It is worth notice that Farcas (the politician that was lobbied by microsoft) was implicated in a bribery case, called "las becas Valech", or something like that, he contracted the person who was the former government university inspector that approved his private university (UNIACC). Microsoft sought and found the right one to push in this case, he even voted yes to the proposition of Mirosevic, then the day after he told something like "we snatched it from you buddy" (laughing).

Comment F.U.D. from Microsoft, with love. (Score 1) 579

"Microsoft announced last year that it was moving its German headquarters to Munich. This move is planned to take place in 2016. While Reiter was involved in the deal that precipitated the move and describes himself as a "Microsoft fan," he says the criticism of LiMux is unrelated." One polititian making convenient claims?... microsoft intervention?... hard to tell from where this is coming. (This looks like nokia's disaster)

Comment Brazilian kids and Elderly Americans? (Score 3, Insightful) 147

Sorry, i don't want to be pedantic on this but really upsets me when people say "Americans", it's wrong in so many ways that worries me a lot for the kind of education that US kids have. For example, it would be awful if you refer to a french and a portuguese in this way: "Portuguese kids and Elderly Europeans". As far as i know, Brazil is still an American country.

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