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Submission + - Quick Tutorial: Deleting Your Data Using Google's "My Activity" (

Lauren Weinstein writes: Since posting "The Google Page That Google Haters Don’t Want You to Know About" last week, I’ve received a bunch of messages from readers asking for help using Google’s “My Activity” page to control, inspect, and/or delete their data on Google. The My Activity portal is quite comprehensive and can be used in many different ways, but to get you started I’ll briefly outline how to use My Activity to delete activity data.

Submission + - A Terrible Decision by the Internet Archive May Lead to Widespread Blocking (

Lauren Weinstein writes: We can stipulate at the outset that the venerable Internet Archive and its associated systems like Wayback Machine have done a lot of good for many years — for example by providing chronological archives of websites who have chosen to participate in their efforts. But now, it appears that the Internet Archive has joined the dark side of the Internet, by announcing that they will no longer honor the access control requests of any websites.

Submission + - Prosecute Burger King for their Illegal Google Home Attacks in Their Ads ( 1

Lauren Weinstein writes: For example, the federal CFAA (Computer Fraud and Abuse Act) broadly prohibits anyone from accessing a computer without authorization. There’s no doubt that Google Home and its associated Google-based systems are computers, and I know that I didn’t give Burger King permission to access and use my Google Home. Nor did millions of other users. And it’s obvious that Google didn’t give that permission either. Yet the morons at Burger King and their affiliated advertising asses — in their search for social “buzz” regarding their nauseating fast food products — felt no compunction about literally hijacking the Google Home systems of potentially millions of people, interrupting other activities, and ideally (that is, ideally from their sick standpoint) interfering with people’s home environments on a massive scale.

Submission + - You Can Make the New Google+ Work Better — If You're Borg! (

Lauren Weinstein writes: After a bunch more time wasted on digging into this, I now seem to have a methodology that will (for now at least maybe) reliably permit users to see all G+ notifications on the desktop notifications panel, in a manner that permits interacting with them that is much less hassle than the standalone notifications page permits.

There’s just one catch. You pretty much have to be Borg-like in your precision to make this work. You can just call me “One of One” for the remainder of this post.

Keeping in mind that this is a “How-to” guide, not a “What the hell is going on?” guide, let’s begin your assimilation.

Submission + - SPAM: Collecting Examples of YouTube Hate Speech Videos and Channels

Lauren Weinstein writes: I am collecting examples of hate speech videos on YouTube, and of YouTube channels that contain hate speech. Please use the form at:

[spam URL stripped]

to report examples of specific YouTube hate speech videos and/or the specific YouTube channels that have uploaded those videos. For YouTube channels that are predominantly filled with hate speech videos, the channel URL alone will suffice (rather than individual video URLs) and is of particular interest.

For the purposes of this study, “hate speech” is defined to be materials that a reasonable observer would feel is in violation of Google’s YouTube Community Standards Terms of Use here:

[spam URL stripped]...

For now, please only report materials that are in English, and that can be accessed publicly. All inputs on this form may be released publicly after verification as part of this project, with the exception of your (optional) name and email address, which will be kept private and will not released or used for any purposes beyond this study.

Thank you for participating in this study to better understand the nature and scope of hate speech on YouTube.

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Submission + - SPAM: My Radio Discussion of the GOP's Horrendous Internet Privacy Invasion Law

Lauren Weinstein writes: Near the top of the show last night I chatted with George for a few minutes about the horribly privacy-invasive new GOP legislation that permits ISPs to sell customers’ private information (including web browsing history and much more) without prior consent. This morning I’ve been receiving requests for copies of that interview, so (with the permission of the show for posting short excerpts) it’s provided below.
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Submission + - SPAM: Google+ and the Notifications Meltdown

Lauren Weinstein writes: I’ve been getting emails recently from correspondents complaining that I have not responded to their comments/postings on Google+. I’ve just figured out why.

The new (Google unified) Google+ desktop notification panel is losing G+ notifications left and right. For a while I thought that all of the extra notifications I was seeing when I checked on mobile occasionally were dupes — but it turns out that most of them are notifications that were never presented to me on desktop, in vast numbers.

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Submission + - SPAM: How YouTube's User Interface Helps Perpetuate Hate Speech

Lauren Weinstein writes: Specifically, can user interface design unintentionally help to spread and perpetuate hate speech? The answer may be an extremely disconcerting affirmative.

A key reason why I suspect that this is indeed the case, is the large numbers of YouTube users who have told me that they didn’t even realize that they had the ability to report hate speech to YouTube/Google. And when I’ve suggested that they do so, they often reply that they don’t see any obvious way to make such a report.

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Submission + - SPAM: What Google Needs to Do About YouTube Hate Speech

Lauren Weinstein writes: Google has announced some changes and apparently more are in the pipeline, so far relating mostly to making it easier for advertisers to avoid having their ads appear with those sorts of content.

But let’s be very clear about this. Most of that content, much of which is on long-established YouTube channels sometimes with vast numbers of views, shouldn’t be permitted to monetize at all. And in many cases, shouldn’t be permitted on YouTube at all ...

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Submission + - SPAM: How Google's YouTube Spreads Hate

Lauren Weinstein writes: Before the rise of video and social media platforms on the Internet, we all knew that vile racists and antisemites existed, but without effective means to organize they tended to be restricted to their caves in Idaho or their Klan clubhouses in the Deep South. With only mimeograph and copy machines available to perpetuate their postal-distributed raving-infested newsletters, their influence was mercifully limited.

The Internet changed all that, by creating wholly new communications channels that permitted these depraved personalities to coordinate and disseminate in ways that are orders of magnitude more effective, and so vastly increasing the dangers that they represent to decent human beings.

Books could be written about the entire scope of this contamination, but this post is about YouTube’s role, so let’s return to that now.

In recent weeks the global media spotlight has repeatedly shined on Google’s direct financial involvement with established hate speech channels on YouTube.

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Submission + - SPAM: Google and Older Users

Lauren Weinstein writes: Alphabet/Google needs at least one employee dedicated to vetting their products on a continuing basis for usability by older users — an important and rapidly growing demographic of users who are increasingly dependent on Google services in their daily lives ...
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Submission + - SPAM: "Google Experiences" Submission Page Now Available

Lauren Weinstein writes: Recently in "Please Tell Me Your Google Experiences For 'Google 2017' Report," I solicited experiences with Google — positive, negative, neutral, or whatever — for my upcoming “Google 2017” white paper report.

The response level has been very high and has led me to create a shared, public Google Doc to help organize such submissions.

Please visit the Google Experiences Suggestions Page to access that document, through which you may submit suggested text and/or other information. You do not need to be logged into a Google account to do this.

Thanks again very much for your participation in this effort!

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Submission + - SPAM: Simple Solutions to "Smart TVs" as CIA Spies

Lauren Weinstein writes: I’m being bombarded with queries about Samsung “Smart TVs” being used as bugs by the CIA, as discussed in the new WikiLeaks data dump.

I’m not in a position to write up anything lengthy about this right now, but there is a simple solution to the entire “smart TV as bug” category of concerns — don’t buy those TVs, and if you have one, don’t connect it to the Internet directly.

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Submission + - SPAM: Google's New "YouTube TV" Is a Gift to Donald Trump

Lauren Weinstein writes: As if it wasn’t bad enough that so many high-ranking Google search results were hijacked by criminals monetizing false news stories toward getting Donald Trump elected, it appears that (for the moment at least), Google’s new “YouTube TV” offering is a gift package for serial lying sociopath Donald Trump and his vile supporters.
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