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Comment Re:As a lesson learned, actually. (Score 1) 599

I was not comparing the quality of the differences, just commenting on how easy it is to train people to "like" something different. I agree that we are talking about two different ends of the spectrum when comparing faster frame-rate and higher compression.

I also agree that "like" is very subjective, and some people like crap (from my subjective viewpoint that is).

Comment Hypercard has lots of bastard kids, no one cares (Score 5, Informative) 392

HyperNext, HyperStudio, LiveCode, and SuperCard are all available and based on the Hypercard model, which is at least mentioned in passing in the article (but not the post, above). When I RTFA, I noted the author states: "All of (the programs based on the Hypercard model) are failures for the same reason: they insist on being more capable, more complexity-laden than HyperCard". Wow, adding more features and making programs more capable makes them a failure? Uh, no. In fact, Hyperstudio is really just an updated clone of Hypercard with lots of color and multimedia features added. The fact is that the Hypercard model had its place as an education tool, but was not that useful for most applications. The article, and the person who posted it here are not really talking about Hypercard, their rant is more a platform to spread conspiracy theories and Apple bashing, which is fine, enjoy yourself, but call it what it is.

Comment Re:Demographics (Score 2, Interesting) 143

I am more and more convinced that the type of people who are on Facebook, let alone those who actually will use messages, are not the types to know or be savvy enough for torrents and similar activities

if you want to communicate with your relatives and certain friends, you end up with a Facebook and/or Twitter account, regardless of how "savvy" you are.

Comment Re:What is an IT department? (Score 1) 243

Our hardware failure rate is so low it is really not a factor. I have G4, G5, and Intel based machines all coexisting on one network, and as machines get replaced, the old Macs becomes a hand-me-down to a public access lab or "no budget" department because the damn Mac's just will not die. Cloning software such as Superduper, and system migration tools built into OS X make migration and imaging very easy. Web services all done in Drupal and hosted externally. We don't do CAD, but we are doing inhouse video and audio, no problem. We do groups and permissions on our Appleshare server, also no problem.

Comment What is an IT department? (Score 1, Interesting) 243

What IT department? We are a 90% Mac based non-profit (12 million/yr, 100 employees), I am assistant director, and do IT work as a sideline due to personal experience. Everything works, servers, anti virus and backup centrally controlled, all servers and workstations mirrored, back up on and off site via Crashplan, volume licensing covers compliance. Users are pretty much self sufficient on Macs. End of story.

Comment Re:Heresy!!!111!!1!!!!one!! (Score 1) 101

This wasn't a troll, and neither is this. I'm actually curious. How many mods are not Judeo-Christian?

If 80% of the US is of Christian faith, with the majority of the remaining 20% of the Jewish faith, you would think that post deserves at least a mod +1 Funny...

According to the 2008 demographics collected by one of the most conservative private Christian colleges around (Trinity), almost 25% of the US is NOT Christian, with over 15% of this group in my personal segment, "Agnostic or Atheist", (those of Jewish faith are about 1.2% of total). Your 80/20 percentages are not only misleading, they are also just plain wrong.

source: (

Comment no choice in Calif for gov funded agencies (Score 2, Informative) 468

Encryption and a whole host of other requirements are now the law in California for any non-profit, local gov or other agency using state funds and that has any personal data anywhere on their systems. This could be something as innocent as the address block in a letter you typed to one person, does not have to mean the "database."

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