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Comment Re:Liability (Score 0) 440

Yes, but to do this, you have to actually go to court which is an insurmountable obstacle in many cases and fails to provide timely relief in others.

Yep the plaintiff will go to a judge they choose to have free trips to the carribean and golf games you know ... in the name of education in East Texas.

Good luck with that. That is how patent trolls win. THey bought out a town in east Texas and only their judges they are friends with when you file a lawsuit to defend yourself.

Comment Re: Liability (Score 2) 440


If you buy property is yours you should be able to do whatever you want with it.

Regarding the restrictive "contract" the farmer has to sign, that should be illegal.

One possible way around might be if the farmer's wife buys tractor, then farmer's wife sells tractor to farmer. Farmer is not then bound to the contract someone else signed for property he bought from his wife on the second hand market.

I'm British and very economically left wing (no not liberal in any sense of the word) but private property belongs to you not the shitty corporation that made it. Corporations have too much power thanks to liberal economics.

No you bought a copy. You only bought the right to use the tracker. THe real tracker is one inside John Deere. :-)

THis is how Microsoft make their EULA with DOS/Windows. Basically you do not really buy Windows. You buy a right to use it and the goodness of MS to include a copy but not really the real WIndows etc.

Lawyers fascinate me

Comment Re:Does Anybody Care? (Score 1) 74

I struggle a bit to understand why this isn't a bigger issue. I mean, I understand why employers would want to own anything employees create -- free labor, ability to quash disruptive technology, and all that -- but when so many political noises are made about innovation, and you have company policies that clearly disincentivize it on the part of individuals, I wonder why some politician hasn't attempted to differentiate themselves by even mentioning the stifling effect on innovation such policies impose.

As an engineer, I'd think that more similarly inclined people would want to have at least an opportunity to pursue non-work related projects on their own time, but I guess I'm in the minority. Actually, I suppose that pretty much addresses my own question; after all, if essentially nobody is complaining, then there's no reason to call into question exploitative, innovation-quashing practices.

Anyway, good on GitHub for doing this.

It sounds crazy and barbaric, but look at it this way? Ethics wise how would you feel if you paid someone out of your own money and also paid for his equipment and time and he used your money to compete against you?

This is not about stealing ideas. It is about someone elses equipment for your own gain. To me that is unethical. I had a job once where I was paid by the hour for tech work. I went into the MDF to apply for jobs and do some interviews when time was free. Lo and behold got scoldered by a coworker who questioned my integrity since the company was essentially paying me to screw them over. I never thought about it that way?

He was right. Nothing is wrong for self benefit but I agree with the employer on this one. If you are being paid by the hour or even salary then you have no rights for anything on the company dime. After all they paid for it so their interests come first otherwise it would not be called compensation.

Comment Re:Its rather exaggerated (Score 1) 61

Matt I respect your work on both Freebsd and Dragonfly but have you ever seen latency spikes from lots of small writes? My home PC has 2 raid 0 Samsung pros. Latency spikes go well over 1000 when running several Hyper-V or VMware workstation sessions easily. I am sure a server grade solution would be a little bit better.

From what I have read is low latencies is the key and writes. Xpoint doesn't use blocks and does have endurance issues. 550,000 iops and lower latency is no joke on a SQL database or virtualization application server where that is always the bottleneck. Yes for home it's stupid but having a less than 100 MS latency means data can now be read

Comment Re:SSD as cache (Score 1) 61

Go run a server? For a corporate file shared drive using this as a tier in server 2012 R2 or later will put the frequently accessed files on this greatly improving performance over accessing the slower mechanical disks in the raid. SQL databases can use this for stored procedures and frequently accessed data too as a cache from the slower SAN and latency

Comment Re:The end? (Score 1) 200

Unionize they go AI. If programmers unionize it encourages more outsourcing overseas and using software to write code with less people.

You can't beat the free market. If Uber is ruined over this Lyft will start to become the more preferred brand as it will cost less. If the prices are too low then drivers will drop out and do other part time jobs then the wages will go back up again perfect equilibrium. If they are low now it is because someoe is willing to do the job for cheaper as word got out on the amount of money you could make. Tough life happens. Remember how much we used to get paid back in the 1990s? Sigh ... we won't ever get paid that high again regardless of 2x the cost of living! Too many people know tech now and we just needed to readjust.

Comment Re:Jumping ship before the bottom falls out. (Score 4, Informative) 200

Mathematically you are incorrect.

Milton Friedman published a proof on this with price settings theory. Capitalism benefits everyone. It is a 2 way street a buyer and seller.

Economies serve those who want to make money and those who want to buy products and services. Labor it is those who want to earn money and those who need a service provided.

If you do not like this then go to North Korea or Cuba and see how they live compared to your country. As the money moves through the market faster the higher the wages of those who want to work and those who sell things both benefit. Everybody is greedy man. Of course businesses want to maximize their value. Of course YOU want to maximize your value and work less. Consumers want cheaper products and more of them. The balance is achieved based on scarcity.

Comment Re:Failure is always an option (Score 2, Insightful) 200

It's very simple - if you are asking people to work unpaid overtime - you're an asshole. If there is too much work for the current people to do in 8 hours a day - then you're obligated to your share-holders to hire more workers, NOT to overwork the current staff.
Your supposed to meet demand WITHOUT being a dickwad.

Unions are one of the key ways we try to ensure a company that needs 16 hours of work done a day hires TWO people instead of just one (which actually CREATES jobs by preventing over-work of the existing staff). Frankly if your company needs to operate 24/7 and you have less than 3 people per role then you're an asshole who deserves to be out of business (in order to open up the market for a non-asshole company).

Tough. When work doubles for a 3 month period I regularly work 60 to 75 hours a week every year. That is normal and not fair to the shareholders or to the new hires to hire them train them and fire them again? I worked at an amusement park when I was younger. Guess what? Summer nights 16 hour days. I worked at Staples later. Back to school I slept at the store and worked double shifts for a month. Recent job I did the same as YOU NEVER SAY NO to a client. Management wanted to secure the deal and we already promised the client and it would be un us and be fired if I didn't make it happen.

Your name says silent coder. Are you telling me in your coding career you never had a client demand something or had a requirement change at the last minute or had the sales team promise another feature? Ever?

I am not saying all the time. I am saying it happens and part of being professional is to show loyalty and dedication to your objectives. If a company sucks people quit. But that is not always and if it is then the top talent eventually leaves.

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