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Comment Re:Good riddance! (Score 1) 72

MeeGo would have failed too.

This is the mobile equivalent of the mid 1990s. Unix dying, commodore dead, Apple II dead, Apple dying, OS/2 dying. Windows was the answer and won. Companies only wrote software for Windows as it was the winner because consumers only wanted what companies wrote software for in a cycle. Why blow $2000 on a dead platform when Windows was what everyone was using and was a sure bet etc.

Funny thing is same is killing WIndows Phone in reverse. Meego was too late. If you were not in by 2009 you were out. 2010/2011 is when mobile developers hit apps on smartphones and consumers knew if they wanted apps they had to make a choice. Apple or Google. MeeGo didn't ahve a playstore and was expected to have mobile carriers be the appstore. Remember the shitty $3.00 midi file ring tones back then? Vommit. Apple gave the carrier the finger. Google followed and rest is history.

WebOS was pretty cool too and so was QNX by Blackberry. All failed as people wanted companeis to set the standards like what MS did on the desktop.

I think in 2017 it is done. Move on. Even Steve Jobs admitted Windows won which is why he refused to hire corporate account executives. Same is true here. UWP apis came 8 years too late. Meego never caught on and was a late commer.

Comment Neowin: The PRo MS anti slashdot admits (Score 1) 72

I use that forum too and if it says it is dead that means alot.

I was hoping it would take around 20% marketshare just for healthy competition even if I do not use it anymore as this would benefit everyone. :-(

It is not WindowsCE (which sucked) and was a much different and better OS. It usess the same kernel as Windows Server 2012 R2! I loved the UI. Windows 8 rocked on a phone and the back and forward feels more natural than Android. It was stable and very lightweight and ran easier on slower but battery saving cpus. The tiles give you the notifications for news events perfect at a quick glance.

MS got it backwards with a start menu on WindowsCE and a phone UI on the desktop. Windows Phone should have come out in 2009 if it were to survive. Also WIndows Universal Apps or UWP was not mature until last year! If this was there in 2009/2010 it could have had significant marketshare and be a much needed 3rd player and kept IT and programmers jobs and not made --webkit CSS extensions standard.

My mom who is 68 years old and has dying eye sight and is techno illerate loves her $50 Windows Phone Nokia 640 unlocked. No way could Android run as good for that cheap for $50. The big tiles make it easier for her to see and understand what each tile does.

But it makes no sense to buy one as I did not want to invest $500 into a dead platform so I went back to Android 18 months ago. Even if Neowin of all places admits it now it is time to move forward. Ironically this is what killed Unix for Windows. People wanted standards and no one wanted to pay lots of money for Unix or a Commode as everyone was using Windows. Now MS got hit in reverse by the same logic.

Comment Surface came out in crappy OEM market (Score 3, Insightful) 136

Those nice cheap plastic big thick and heavy case with fans in a sea of plastic and +20 programs of malware with mechanical drives that took 4 minutes to boot and had grainy dark terrible screens were what Pcs were in 2011. SHIT.

The surface booted in seconds, thin, ultra portable, great IPS, amazing battery, no shitware.

Outside of Slashdot yes they did make billions for Microsoft and were popular in the x86 line. No really I own one as I used to mock them after being on assumed they were behind horrible because other people who never used them said so etc. I own one now.

Today we have the Dell XPS ultrabook line, Yoga from Lenovo, and others and a few with great screens and SSDs/NVME so times are changing. Microsoft's goal was to make some money which they still are, but not to let Apple and Android carve out the whole PC market as they focus on COST COST COST savings from the Great Recession which temporarily helped sales but long term was hurting the brand. It served it's purpose.

Also MS is selling its Surface Book which is eating at it's own sales as well.

Comment Re:Not a big deal (Score 3, Informative) 136

The surface is far from trash. It's not designed to be a thick powerhouse workstation.

If you need performance get a Surfacebook or an ultrabook like Dells XPS NVME line.

The surface pro has great PC class performance in an ultra portable manner. The i7s and i5s are underclocked and it has aggressive power management. I LOVE mine as I used it for Wireshark at my last job for working on Ethernet ports.

Its portability was great. It has great battery life and best I have ever seen in a portable and I use it as an ebook reader and to play training videos next to my real i7 workstation in my home office.

The surface pro has a real IPS photography grade screen and an excellent keyboard cover and weighs next to nothing to carry around or go on trips. It is the PC Ipad. Use the right tool for the job. Oh and it runs Ubuntu quite well too I may add.

Comment I will say it again (we killed Trusted computing ) (Score 5, Informative) 296

Remember 13 years ago when we all posted links to our American representatives and with their phones and email exploding the DRM trusted PC requirements went away from a potential bill.

Can you all afford 3 minutes of your life

Ok most senators and congressman are too stupid to know what net neutrality is. They gain their information from experts ... experts brought to by lobbyists from Cox, Comcast, Time Warner, to educate our politicians what this issue is. They are simply ignorant.

So here is the link for your congressman. Here is the link to your senator. The people who read these are called scriptwriters and if they get thousands of angry emails I can guarantee you it will at least get your politicians attention.

When I linked this in 2003 or 2004 here Slashdot posted a story a few days later stating congress was confused, dumbfounded, and shocked. The bill died :-D

If you have a Republican write professionally that you do not want big brother government to trample innovation and stop jobs. Explain your I.T. position and career and explain your employer and startups already pay extra for bandwidth and this amounts to a bribe. End it off with if the United States won't allow us to be a leader in technology another cheaper country like China or India will who do not have these problems with Net Neutrality and can operate simply on bandwidth uses without double and triple dipping.

If your senator and or congressman is a democrat explain politely that this is a terrible bill that will hurt lower income internet users and new startups. Explain your I.T. position and career and explain your employer and startups already pay extra for bandwidth and this amounts to double dipping which will hurt America's competitive advantage. Also mention the top 5 technology companies are active Democratic donors to your party including Facebook, Google, and Microsoft and that if America fails to take initiative for regulating tax payer infrastructure then another country with more freedoms like India or China will take the jobs instead and this will help lower income consumers by keeping prices lower.


Comment Re:If the NSA wasn't evil (Score 2) 186

They would immediately tell Intel, Microsoft, and Mr Torvalds exactly what flaws they are exploiting so they could be closed. Instead, being the evil assholes they are, they won't tell anyone. Cuz we all know the NSA is smarter than the Chinese, Russians, and random hacker groups who exploit the same holes.

I guess it's a difference of philosophy. I want my computing to be as secure as possible. The NSA wants to hack anyone's system at anytime.

My philosophy is comment sense, the NSA's is pure evil considering it lessens my security.

Wrong. The government is ordering to put the flaw in!! If Snowden is correct under the American Patriot Act they can arrest those who do not comply making their products with backdoors so the government doesn't have to get a court order.

To me that is pure evil. You think Apple and Android LOVE putting in hidden apps that secret turn your phones into recording devices that send the GPS and conversations wihtout you knowing while appearing off?

Comment It makes sense (not in a bad way) (Score 1) 34

Reason being is Salesforce is kind of scaring me as too powerful and a threat to I.T. jobs.

If it is cross platform which MS is heading too we can put down the hate on MS like its 1999 still. From what I gather is it is not ads, but rather MS won the desktop wars by integrating and doing proprietary tricks to link stuff together ALA Visual Basic COM objects. You had everything tie together.

Today in 2017 Windows is not longer the guerala. But MS is hardly dead in the workplace. So instead of integrating components and doing proprietary standards they are doing open standards with TypeScript, .NET, Android in Visual Studio, SQL Server for Linux, Powershell for Mac/Linux, and MS Code editor for Linux, and embracing Linux Vms, and even making MS Code available for Linux and Mac. Their browsers are all fully W3C compliant now and Office 365 is the reason why.

So MS is doing the data and service integration instead. If the company owner, your employees, and yourself all use LinkedIn, Yammer, and other tools which run on multiplatforms it gets rid of a reason to use

MS maybe getting too powerful in this area but Office 365 is rapidly getting more apps and mobile programs like Dwell, PowerBI, etc. LinkedIN is the glue that ties this together to keep business to business relationships on the ecosystem ... rather than crappy COM win32 standards.

Comment El nino would cool Great Barrier (Score 1) 108

Last I checked the western hemisphere's tropical and subtropical oceans warm while the eastern cool during an El Nino, while the opposite is true during a La Nina. We had one of the longest La Ninas lasting many years until last year which is why the California drought became so severe.

Am I wrong?

Comment Re:We ran the same calculus (Score 1) 217

However....backup, anti-virus, spam filtering, and a DR solution drives up the cost very quickly.

The marginal cost of backup and DR when you're *already* doing those things for an on-prem server environment is pretty close to zero, and if you're already virtualized and have a virtual-oriented backup software you probably already have DR integrated into your backup. AV and anti-spam are almost always done best these days by a third party service and the good ones do both anyway.

From the numbers I've run, it usually is cheaper to do it on prem above about 50 users with a 3 year benchmark. If you time the upgrade right, you can probably get 5 years out of it without falling more than a rev behind and cut the 50 user number way down.

It's pretty obvious Microsoft is heading subscription-only for everything. Since 2013, Exchange has lost much of its GUI which I think has been a way to scare on-prem admins away. They will ultimately either price on prem high enough that only a few compliance/security focused large organizations will consider it or support hybrid only (meaning you're paying for O365, used or not).

Cloud is about permanent vendor-lock in and rent-seeking, not economics. The marginal cost of a 5-9s commercial data center for hosting cloud services is greater than the marginal savings to users, which is why hosted systems always end up being so expensive unless you're doing something really trivial like a static web site.

You guys are somethign else. You bashed WIndows NT and then called Windows Server for years for not having a CLI. Hey look at Unix we do not have to sit in front of the server to admin it etc. Now MS has powershell and it is BEH WHERE IS THE GUI?! Exchange is a very complex project because many organizations have complex uses. If your admin can't handle scripting and commands then he is incompetent. If you are paying someone +$75,000 a year he or she should be a master at that price and have years of experience.

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