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Comment Re:Complete access to the internal memory? (Score 1) 238

No, it doesn't. You get access to /sdcard (whether it corresponds to a physical SD card or not), but that's it. You don't get access (even read access) to sandboxed application and system data storage, unless your phone is rooted.

So the obvious answer is that, if you want security, don't root your phone. It should be kinda obvious that if you can do what you want with the phone via USB, so can any application running on your PC.

You don't have to have USB debugging (a.k.a. ADB) enabled at all. Simply leaving it disables mitigates that concern.

Mounting the phone as a USB mass storage device also doesn't allow you to access the application data unless they store it on the shared SD card storage.

Comment Re:Common sense out the window (Score 1) 581

There are bad doc/dentists. There are bad everywhere.

I think this point is missed every once in a while. People tend to look at an MD/DDS as being able to do no wrong, but, like everyone else, half of doctors are below average. You can use what little signal you have to determine if a doctor is good: what school they attended, how many years they've worked, how many times they've done a certain procedure, etc.

Those signals are well and good, but there are other signals that aren't expressed in any other way that these review sites: when you're leaning back in the dentist chair, will you be looking up at cobwebs? How does that reflect on the general hygiene of the tools going into your mouth? Is the office staff friendly to children or is it staffed with anti-breeders? Those subjective measurements aren't reflected in a simple list of facts.

For the doctors out there, if a someone is dumb enough not to be able to see past some random idiot posting a inflammatory or untrue review, maybe you don't want them as a patient.

Comment Re:as noted, this is pretty funny (Score 1) 98

Oracle is also one of the top Linux code contributors, popping in more code than even the Linux Foundation (see Table 9): Xen, YAST, NFS on IPv6, "data=guarded" for ext3, Asynchronous IO kernel subsystem, and more. Not surprisingly, most of what Oracle contributes is germane to Orafcle DB & apps, no different from every other contributor working on something he is specifically interested in or in need of.

Oracle contributed Xen to Linux? The boys in Cambridge are going to be scratching their heads at that one. Also, Novell is probably going to be alarmed that Oracle put their setup tool, YaST, into the kernel.

Comment Re:How does it compare to other phones? (Score 1) 507

ironically, CR still rates it HIGHER than any other smart phone for the US market! actual report is behind a CR paywall, link goes to blog post that shows a screen shot of the report...

Er, except that picture shows that it's filtered on "AT&T smart phones" and not smart phones in general. That certainly cuts down the competition. I bet the iPhone 4 is also the best iPhone 4!

Comment Re:hmm .... (Score 1) 776

Once my shoe starts to go, I'll start to get intense pain in my hips and knees. Changes the shoe, and the pain goes away. It's a form issue in my case which the shoe helps to correct. I'm guessing those people who run barefoot have really good form.

I don't know how old you are, but it might be a matter of age for some people. My father-in-law, a 62 year-old former police officer, has been running every day since he joined the police academy and still runs several miles a day up and down the mountainous roads near his flat.

I mentioned Nike Free to him when those first came out and he laughed and said he would be in agony if he ran without the support that his shoes offer him. Maybe it would have worked when he was younger, but it definitely won't now. For now he says just stick with $10 running shoes from Michaels that he has to replace every month!

Comment Re:Laugher in cube next to me (Score 5, Funny) 1127

And he once was convinced he found a security breach in my code because he composed a GET request, making a pistol gesture and a "pow" sound.

Being able to compose an HTTP GET request just by making a pistol gesture and a "pow" sound definitely requires some serious "skillz." No matter how much I tried, I couldn't replicate this on my PC. I tried every conceivable pistol gesture and permutation of "pow," "ka-blooey," "Muad-dib," etc. It wasn't happening for me.

Comment The reason why they're not more hackable (Score 2, Insightful) 479

In the language of the eligibility requirements for the DTV coupons, it has language that strictly limits the feature set of the DTV tuner boxes. I believe there aren't any hidden features put in by manufacturers for fear of running afoul of the rules and being disqualified from being eligible for the coupons. Of course, risking disqualification from the program means significant revenue impact.


Submission + - NITdroid : GNU/Linux Android on Nokia n770+ (

rzr writes: "For the ones, who didn't notice that GNU/Linux Android is ported to many (if not all) platforms...

After the n810, now the n770 can support Android..

Note that n770 is the weakest Nokia Internet Tablet (64MB 252MHz) and near to become obsolete since Nokia did not release any updated firmware for years now (beside hacker's editions which are more buggy than official releases).

Don't set this fantastic little toy aside yet, since it's quite easy to install NITdroid if you follow this tutorial (w/ video)

The project is called NITdroid , the community is growing and a new website is about be online.

All this was possible because android and maemo are opensource and the most important : a few hackers devoted their time on this just because it was possible..."


Submission + - 700MB of MediaDefender internal emails leaked ( 2

qubezz writes: The company MediaDefender which works with the RIAA and MPAA against piracy (setting up fake torrents and trackers and disrupting p2p) had earlier set up a fake internet video download site designed to catch and bust users. They denied the entrapment charges. Now 700MB of internal emails from the company from the last 6 months leaked onto BitTorrent trackers detail their entire plan, how they intended to distance themselves from the fake company they set up, future strategies, and reveal other company information such as logins and passwords, wage negotiations, and numerous other aspect of their internal business! details some of the jems!

Submission + - New AMD FireGL products with up to 2GiB VRAM (

ryszards writes: "AMD chose SIGGRAPH this year to announce their next generation of FireGL professional graphics boards, based on their latest DirectX 10 unified shading architecture currently doing business in home PCs. The top end FireGL V8650 sports 2GiB of framebuffer for those multi-million poly models and large textures sets, and the V7600, V8600 and V8650 are powered by AMD R600, which also promises class-leading general shading performance to beat the NVIDIA Quadro FX 5600 with the ultra high-end models."

Submission + - The Palm OS ends with a whimper

PetManimal writes: "Computerworld has reviewed the Palm Treo 755p, the last Palm device with the Palm OS, and concludes that the OS is going out with a whimper, rather than a bang. The article says there are some useful improvements (better integration with Exchange and IM, limited speech recognition, etc.) but 'nothing that will make you sit back and say "wow."' Palm already has at least one device with Windows Mobile (the 700w) and soon will make a big push to Linux devices, maybe by the end of the year. But the Palm OS, which was top dog for a while back in the 1990s, and is still used by many people who own Palm Pilots or Treos, is going to quickly fade, it seems"

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