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Comment Re:already exceeding expectations (Score 1) 1300

Taxes are pushing just about everyone to the breaking point,

no, it's the extreme cost of housing. granted the taxes you pay on an expensive home/condo are pretty high but then if you can't afford a million dollar home then paying taxes on it is moot. Unless like many renters are spending 80% of their income on housing which is not really sustainable. Yes the taxes can push you off to the breaking point. I find it amazing eveyone complains about high taxes, or they go into lots of details on business plans of all kinds of great tax writeoffs but yet not much discussion on net worth or real estate prices.

Comment Re:Who buys DVDs anymore? They're not even HD (Score 1) 304

Come to think of it DVDs are 20 (or more?) years old. In fact if you give someone a DVD, they look at you like you gave them a VHS. When they don't look at you weird, they never watch it because 1) they can't figure out how to play it on their computer, 2) they put it in a DVD player but cannot figure out how to switch the TV set to view the player (it's been years since they've done it), 3) they only watch streaming videos, 4) they ***only*** view videos on their phone, or 5) ain't got the time to watch the video (but lots of time to rant about it in the forums).

Comment The PC is not a typewriter (Score 1) 207

In 1990s I was fortunate to get some coaching by an old guy on curly quotes, apostrophes, em dashes, etc. when preparing newsletters for a non-profit. He showed real quote marks, not inch and foot pounds. Wordprocessors were becoming common so us regular folk can do are own typesetting. Remember back in those days when printed material looked like ransom notes because uneducated went font crazy? This guy gave me a brief overview, he also was impressed I had my own Strunk and White, he gave me a small book "The PC is not a typewriter" by Robin Williams (no, not the comedian), dang my comment here on /. shows inch marks.

Though this guy was in his 80s, he kept up with computer technologies. He even showed me he found a new font that is a little different than typical Times New Roman (I couldn't tell the difference) but he was really excited about it as he got cranking on some newsletters. He learned about typesetting with direct hands-on approach when as a teenager he worked at a printing shop where typesetters used the linotype machines, when a page was completed they'd dump all the characters in a box (and there were lots of pages) and he would have to sort each one individually (I forgot details he described but these were not lead characters usually used so couldn't be melted down). It was very tedious and boring so he learned fast about typesetting and printing to find more interesting work than sorting characters.

Comment Re:Retaliatory measures based on no evidence. (Score 0) 821

Help me out: What's the problem with socialism, exactly?

Someone wrote this and I saved it in my diatribes folder, I forgot to note the originator:

Do not confuse Stalinism or Maoism with socialism, those first two where strictly police states with the masquerade of what ever political system they were pretending to be. This being no different to Nazism.

So want to see socialism, first the psychopaths have to go, quite simply they will corrupt any ism they are a part of, attempt to turn it into an authoritarian state where they have control and can dominate and exploit the citizens of that society.

Socialism is the system that the majority of people were born into, the family unit, a socialist government is basically about expanding the socialism of the family unit into the greater community to gain the all to obvious outcomes, a caring and sharing society of human beings and the extended family concept.

The 'Free Market' is straight up marketing lie because it is wholly and totally dependent upon nothing in that market ever being Free, everything 'owned' and 'controlled', so that those with the most can control and exploit those with the least. With everything that can be owned being owned, including all of the essentials to life, so that denial of life becomes the tool of exploitation of the not free at all market place of human lives.

Either we shift to socialism or die as a species, that is the choice, suck it up.

Comment Re:The first tweet was right (Score 1) 52

I believe she still has success with music sales and concerts, obviously not as much as before, surprisingly Britney managed to keep active in the business this long. I was thinking of her doing another genre like Julie London singing songbook standards of Porter, Gershwin, Berlin, etc. and also wear the beautiful dresses like Julie,

Comment Re:Seriously??? (Score 1) 52

Why is there security consistently so bad?

I keep asking the same. Why, why, why?!?! I met a bank loan officer asking with one hack after another, and all of us are pretty much alarm fatigued by it all so we ignore it, is how does his bank deal with it? Does he get a lot of scam emails? His answer is they have triple layer, this and that security... Yeah I also asked we have heard this from many other companies and agencies, and yet they've been hacked. He couldn't really answer that question and I don't think anyone can.

Comment Re:Smart move for them (Score 1) 151

I see why too - so many people I meet in the tech sector are classic Ayn Rand devotees who basically want the government dismantled anyway. Most techies are obsessed with automation and productivity and have no idea that basically every business in the world has to follow rules, pay corrupt officials, and has startup costs.

Quote Of The Month!

Comment Re:Pot calling the kettle black (Score 1) 531

Even if it is some CIA guy who publicized the campaign emails. I'd be happy if they did the same for the republicans and their campaings,

I wonder why all the dirt that was spilled was from DNC and not the RNC. However, I see Putin in much favor of Trump because Trump wants NATO and Japan to "pay their share" of military spending. Argue what you want but this will weaken NATO and US forces in the pacific. NATO is an obstacle for Putin so the weaker it is the better for him. I expect US involvement in Poland (removal of ABM systems and F22s) and Ukraine to significantly drop, and rest of Europe have to look elsewhere for support. Also it seems Trump always praises Putin, never criticizes him. Based on that, seems perfectly logical to put a bunch of smart but hungry (Putin only pay them a few rubles) to hack systems, leak details, stir up the pot in Trump's favor.

Comment Re:Good luck (Score 1) 531

Yeah, right. Tell that to Bush, Cheney, Rove, and millions of Americans. They were wrong, but they MADE Iraq about 9/11.

I find it ironic that these days people either say going to war in Iraq was a mistake or they never bring it up. I know some people who were totally gung ho about 2003 war and now say it was a mistake and they never supported it. Now there are many wanting sue the Saudis over 9/11 (unheard of 10 years ago back then). Then there's this Russian hack... duh... here we go again. Now if we can get CIA and FBI to declassify all the "good stuff" but it'd probably dismissed as fake news or most people will just not get it. It may be GB of data and most people don't understand networks (probably too "tubular").

Comment Silicon Valley become the next Detroit? (Score 1) 244

Just asking as I wonder the political aspects. I'm not trying stir up another political diatribe (I admit it sure does seem like I am) but trying to speculate national policy that I see could impact Silicon Valley that sometime in the future this area will be economically depressed (there was a time with Detroit was an economic powerhouse, nobody foresaw it could become like it is). What we have is a new administration that claims to bring jobs back to US and not particularly accommodating to China.

We also have many powerful companies like Apple that are closely coupled with China and contribute to the Democratic Party. I see California as a separate "country" from the rest of US (maps show it as blue while most of continental US as red), huge immigrant percentage (and Trump is not particularly accommodating to immigrants). It seems to me Republicans would be pleased to see Silicon Valley along with rest of California economically take a nose dive that would reduce power with several Democrats (that make up most of the elected officials). IEEE article about tightening of H1B visas that would impact many SV companies. Of course there are many local people that are getting squeezed out which they'd be happy to see several of these SV companies go out of business. Trump talks about high tariffs on foreign made items (just about everything we buy), many of us are used to regularly buying cheap stuff and disposing it shortly after. I wonder if this will cause high tech startup and design go someplace else and SV becomes insignificant (there's not much oil to be drilled here so it does not fit into the petroleum centric of the Trump administration).

If such a thing were to happen then all these new buildings will go vacate, demographics significantly change, people paying mortgages on million dollar homes suddenly go "underwater," etc., etc., etc.

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