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Comment Re:like in the movie? (Score 1) 235

I also refer this movie as a tutorial for proper use of CB radio. I'm old enough to remember when a license was required to use CB but with the craze during 1970s, the FCC threw in the towel and declared it license free. In fact those that have the FCC paper copy of their CB license is quite exclusive, like being a member of a club no longer able to join. Some predict GMRS may go either license free or the freq allocated to some other use.

Comment from Dennis Wingo, thoughts on Elon's Mars plan (Score 1) 217

Whatever else people may think of the architecture or Elon personally, that is admirable, and it is hopeful, especially for the younger generation that hears no end to the doom and gloom and have to put up with a couple of idiots running for president this year further depressing them.


Comment Re:So what? (Score 1) 98

It's been done. Back in internet early days (1990s) someone made a webpage with showing post mastectomy photos, got into trouble because it showed "nudity." However, the woman who created this page wanted informative photos because only pictures available were very basic line illustrations. Doctors and nobody would show such photos.

Comment USB soon disappear? (Score 1) 307

I'm wondering because I've heard much of military (not sure if entire DoD) prohibits USB sticks. Also many companies warn their employees to not insert USB sticks into company computers including personal because don't know if the stick contains bugs. Maybe get rid of USB and be done with that problem. What bugs me are many systems not on the internet and also optical media is being phased out.

Yes, the old story of a bank that had security seminar of scammers that dump USB sticks in parking lots, tempting employees to pick them up and insert into computers. Then the next day bank IT security people do a test by dumping sticks in parking lots, and find that half the seminar attendees took and inserted the stick into their computers!

Comment on subject of candidates... (Score 1) 171

For very long time all presidents were all white men, now we have a black man. We may have a woman for next president. I wonder if future presidents can be someone who is single (not married), someone with different religion than Christian, or with facial hair (I think Teddy Roosevelt was the last with facial hair), or someone that is paraplegic (other than FDR).

Comment Re:what about security? (Score 1) 552

Wow! About time someone says physicians do not go to movies or other such places when on call. Mod this guy to 10. So irritating when people say "OMG you just never know when someone has to respond to an emergency" so certain venues have to allow people to use their phone and/or jump from their seat on a Code 3 call (ummm, ya know that responding to an emergency from a theatre takes a really long time, i.e. lots of luck getting out of the SHN theatre on Market St. to your car in SF in less than one hour).

Comment I love that dept tagline (Score 1) 88

from a previous Samsung slashdot article and someone quoted that in their comment. Considering flaming Galaxy 7 phones and exploding washing machines,

I looked around to see any footage of exploding washing machines, found this Hotpoint that seemed quite formidable as it kept going instead of just abruptly stopping after first breakage,

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