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Comment Re: Why not land on the moon? (Score 1) 249

The Saturn V, for example, was flown unmanned twice before it was deemed safe enough to put people on it.

in some ways the third flight was a "Hail Mary" pass, that second SaturnV flight was pretty hairy, but then there was a huge infrastructure of people and materials that pulled a lot of all-nighters to fix problems. Impetus was spy sat photos showing a really huge rocket at Baikonur, shortly after it was no longer there. Higher ups were thinking Soviets just test launched a Saturn V class rocket (they didn't know that at the time it blew up). So gotta beat the Reds to the Moon, and lunar module was not ready for a flight, and Apollo 8 was scheduled. I clearly remember on TV, "and that was the TLI burn that will send them to the Moon." In an instant the world was completely different. Especially after a terrible year, some good news particularly the famous earthrise photo.

Comment Re:Why not land on the moon? (Score 1) 249

Because if you want to land on the moon then somebody (and it's always somebody else) has to come with real money now for a lander. Oh, also need a transfer stage to get out of earth orbit to the Moon (more money). Also a service module (even more money) good enough for a earth return from lunar orbit, or TEI trans-earth-injection burn or as Michael Collins wrote, "the save-our-ass burn."

This is why everybody (except Paul Spudis and Dennis Wingo) talk about Mars because you can defer costs for transfer stage and lander to some other smucks 20 years into future.

Comment Re:What? (Score 1) 250

Russians did score a big one though "we" made it easy for them so not much effort on their part. Lots of accusations, conspiracies, etc., all ya gotta do is read the forums from /. to reddit. In some articles about a Russian spy ship off US coast, many comments were about they deployed that because they lost their intelligence connection after Flynn resigned. Of course people are joking but damn now perception is Trump's cabinet members are considered not trustworthy for classified information. So how do those that handle this stuff going to feel now they have uneasy feeling of their leadership?

Comment Re:Maybe train the American kid first (Score 1) 660

It seems that as we stand right now, our education system is not working, right?

I think in general the public education system is inadequate in preparing people for technical careers (technical meaning engineer, technician, scientist, coder, whatever). While the Right blames the Left and the Left blames the Right, it seems to me not many high school grads can endure engineering college. Then there are technical professions like electricians, machinists, where it requires extensive training that is time consuming and expensive. I've heard engineering students are mostly foreign nationals (I guess domestic students prefer business and law) but also first year is mainly review for many of these foreign nationals that were taught much of the math and science in their high schools. Getting back to technicians, if you don't have much money difficult getting quality technical training.

Comment Re:Can someone explain the turbine here? (Score 1) 139

In general, very general, a powerful rocket engine needs to pump large amounts of fuel and oxidizer at a very high rate. Then consider handling something like liquid oxygen is also very difficult. It's part of a system (nozzle, tank, feed lines) that operates at pressures and temperatures way beyond what's in your car. I like how you phrased the question, silly but actually quite honest. And consider searching for ***good*** info on rocket fuel pumps, lots of luck finding something worthwhile on the internet that enables you to build your own fuel pump equivalent to those for Merlin engine. There is some interesting historical mentions about struggles to achieve reliable pumps for Saturn V and Space Shuttle.

Comment Re:Hire American Heck, There is rampant H1B fraud (Score 1) 834

... And saying we can't find Americans with the skills!

I heard public school system in general does not sufficiently educate young people, and definitely nothing in the high tech field unless additional education after HS. Only two options after high school, minimum wage job or college. But if cannot afford college then have to take whatever job. There financial aid options but do many of these HS grads have what it takes to endure college or tech schools (if any)? I know there are many excellent high schools and their grads are quite capable. There are also many particularly inner cities where it is pretty grim.

Comment Re:DVD (Score 2) 157

DVD? is that?

from some info I found (I forgot who the originator is) and kept in my diatribes folder:

All of the following have been proposed as the words behind the letters DVD:

- Delayed, Very Delayed (referring to the many late releases of DVD formats)
- Diversified, Very Diversified (referring to the proliferation of recordable formats and other spinoffs)
- Digital Venereal Disease (referring to piracy and copying of DVDs)
- Dead, Very Dead (from naysayers who predicted DVD would never take off)
- Digital Video Disc (the original meaning proposed by some of DVD's creators)
- Digital Versatile Disc (a meaning later proposed by some of DVD's creators)
- Nothing

And the official answer is... "nothing." The original initialism came from "digital video disc." Some members of the DVD Forum (see 6.1) tried to express how DVD goes far beyond video by retrofitting the painfully contorted phrase "digital versatile disc," but this has never been officially accepted by the DVD Forum as a whole. A report from DVD Forum Steering Committee in 1999 decreed that DVD, as an international standard, is simply three letters. Nevertheless, Toshiba —the maintainer of the DVD Forum Web site— still confusingly prefers "digital video disc." And after all, how many people ask what VHS stands for? (Guess what? No one agrees on that one either.)

Comment Re:We dodged that bullet (Score 1) 157

One fun thing Trump could do to get back at the screeching entertainment industry going after him; halve the current copyright expiration period.

well that would be interesting. I wonder what other "fun" stuff will come about in this new administration? i.e. for every one new movie, two old movies have to be eliminated? (quick! save those VHS and DVDs!)

Comment Re:Subject, of course, to revision. . . (Score 1) 366

. . . from Mr. "640K is all you'll ever need" (grin)

(and yes, I go back to DOS 2.x and Windows 1.x)

I was thinking perhaps go back to those days when United States was the United States ain't so bad after all. Hey there was usenet and a simple DOS machine is perfectly adequate for us to get on the forums and tell others what we really think.

Comment Re:Still better (Score 1) 292

I have to admit, I pegged Wheeler wrong.

me too. An interesting read was Wheeler talked about when cable tv started, there was a huge outcry and pushback from legacy OTA broadcasters. Wheeler said at the time OTA broadcasters limited new providers and and CATV will provide opportunities for new "channels." He then implied nowadays cable companies are limiting new providers and opportunities. Wheeler presented this better than what I wrote here but hope I got my point across.

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