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Comment It will work, but not how you think (Score 4, Insightful) 45

This tactic will likely work, even for the pitifully low amount of money Nintendo's offering, and here's why:

Real exploit developers will be less likely to release their kits. As soon as they do, nothing's stopping someone from decompiling or reverse-engineering their exploits, and then sending them in to Nintendo claiming ownership and collecting the pitiful reward.

For every true developer doing it for the challenge, there's two dozen desperate wannabes who will steal it to try and make a quick buck, and it's a lose-lose for everyone. This is why the Wii & Wii U modding and homebrew scene died, it's why the iOS jailbreaking scene died, and those are just recent examples.


Comment Re:mountains of diamonds (Score 2) 365

That would be "Spence Diamonds", with their horrendous, obnoxious, pervasive, loud and aggravating commercials. Yes they're calling synthetic diamonds "artisan created diamonds", and no, they're not marketing them as being worth more. They're marketing them as being a cheaper, yet indistinguishable alternative to traditionally-mined diamonds, for exactly the same reasons as the summary states: Jewelry sales are declining as younger generations cannot afford expensive jewelry, or view it as a frivolous expense.

So what's the solution? Marketing, of course! The louder, more obnoxious, pervasive and aggravating the better. Thank their horrible ads for these two posts.

Comment Re:I wonder (Score 1) 206

> Missing filesystem access
Why the F*** do you even want filesystem access? Wouldn't it be nice to not have to deal with all of that BS?

> being unable to download arbitrary content using a web browser
You've been able to do that since iOS 5 or 6, as long as you have an App that will handle the content you want to download, or a storage app that will let you manage and browse arbitrary content (See Dropbox, Documents, etc.)

> being forced to use a media player for system management tasks etc
Last time I checked, you don't need to use iTunes for anything other than transferring music & movies. You don't even need it to activate the device...

Comment Re:Yes, according to the FAQ (Score 1) 104

I'm pretty sure they've reverse-engineered the old GameSpy protocol, and this can act as a middle-layer allowing Good Older Games to continue to be played. (I assume this is what they did for AvP). Additionally, it seems like they're running server backends, and also allowing a common cross-game ID, so you can find and join your friends, even if you can't use the game client to invite them.

Comment Re:gloop (Score 1) 68

Gloop is an industry term.
Gloop isn't fair.
Gloop is tough on stains.
Gloop doesn't know right from wrong.
Gloop tastes like gravy.
Gloop almost made the periodic table.
Gloop can't or won't.
Gloop has a secret.
Gloop speaks four languages.
Gloop is low in fat.
Gloop is a lover, not a fighter.
Gloop wants to talk to you.
Gloop stays the course.
Gloop cares about the environment.
Gloop is everywhere.

Comment Re:Not surprising (Score 3, Informative) 506

No. Google cars don't drive on a "virtual track".

They reference map data for general route planning, and then defer to onboard cameras and other sensors which feed into image-recognition systems to drive in the same way as a human (by paying attention to the environment, and not blindly following GPS).

These cars use cameras, lasers and radar to look for lines on the road (or other markings), road signs, cyclists, pedestrians, other vehicles, etc., and use this to build a live 3-dimensional map of the surrounding area. The software builds a stack of triggers, sorts them according to priority, and then reacts, by turning, braking or accelerating.


Comment Re:What the f*$# is wrong with us? (Score 5, Insightful) 1198

As the guy who tells other guys to stop being so damn idiotic, I'm sick and tired of all these articles stereotyping men as misogynistic animals.

Look, I'm actively fighting this problem (and it is a problem, nobody is saying otherwise), with you. So why are you so quick to group me with the monkeys in our society?

Seriously. I'm sick of these articles saying I'm a bad person, and I hate women, and I'm a pig, an animal, and a rapist who should be ashamed of my physical urges.

Please focus on the individual bad apples, instead of grouping them as "men".

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