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Comment Re:Rainbow PUSH said ... (Score 4, Insightful) 123

I'd think that the black community could make their own choices on who their leaders are and don't don't need white folk telling them which of their leaders are effective. Especially when it's the lazy white press who keeps more effective (albeit less visually stimulating) leaders in the shadows.

Neither Jessie Jackson or Al Sharpton have ever been elected or othrewise "choosen" by the black community. It is hard not to despise people who make their fortune on the backs of the people they claim to represent, like these two have.

Comment Re:I've been impressed with IE lately (Score 2) 122

If you have not worked with web front end and not had to deal with the torture that is ie 6, 7, 8 and to a lesser extent 9. Then it might be easy to forget and forgive.
But even if ie 10 is an acceptable browser, it just proves that microsoft will produce a decent product only a last resort. When all the chips are down and they are loosing market share in a steady flow, then and only then does the prospect of not making a steaming pile of dogshit become feasible. I'm not impressed.

Comment I haven't bought an EA Game in ages. (Score 1) 346

EA makes games like laundry detergent. Every year they make a new box, slap a "10% more whitening power" sticker on it, and try to sell you the same shit game they sold you last year. I have time to play like 5% of the games out there nowdays, cause there are so many. I want to play a game that has something else to say than "Give me yo' fucking money". So I don't really avoid EA games because i hate EA, they do me a favor really and point out the shitty games i don't want to play by putting their name on them.

Comment Its not about confidentiality. (Score 5, Insightful) 165

The encryption is there for mega to maintain plausable deniabity about copyright infringement. If you want to keep something private don't upload it to mega. The question is not whether the encyrption scheme is sound, but whether it is reasonable in court to expect a company to break encryption (and most likely laws) to ferret out copyright violations.

Comment Unity... it unites everyone in not liking it. (Score 1) 798

I use Ubuntu because out of the box, it has the best looking console. I like the excellent readability of font it uses, and i like the how the color scheme works really we ll with vi's syntax highlighting. To me the console is genius. I don't really like unity, it changes things up, yet offers no new innovations, or no new features, or anything compelling from the user experience point of view. Theres nothing in unity that has grown on me. There is nothing i really like, or hate for that matter. Mr. Shuttleworth says its a forward looking change that in the future the desktop won't exist and unity will be running on whatever replaces it. It seems there is currently no shortage of OS options in the sub desktop category, and Ubuntu will be the late entry to this market which is already pretty cut throat. His argument seems pretty absurd. To have a chance be significant in that market it would need to have some significant innovation, but its just a coat of paint over some stale features that aren't even new to the desktop. Unity is pretentious and I'm embarrass to use it. It just feels dirty.

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