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Comment Unless coerced, never ask for govt. permission (Score 0) 357

In our overly regulated society, from City Hall to the Federal Government, unless coercive penalties are certain one should always act first and seek permission only when necessary. This is especially true when the regulations are there only to benefit some entrenched monopoly to the detriment of enterprising individuals or startups.

Comment Experimental therapy for human aging (Score 0) 244

Unless experimental therapy is done outside government regulation, it will not be done.
Human beings are not white mice. Because of the length of human lifespans, in order to satisfy FDA regulations, the therapies would have to be tested for decades, not years. Who wants to wait until they are dead to try something that might extend one's healthy years?
If this means that such research must be done in China or some other country, then so be it.

Comment Orders versus coercion (Score 0) 162

There is a world of difference, morally speaking, between being "ordered" to do something and being "coerced" into doing something. Anyone who hurts an innocent person because some authority figure ordered them to do so is morally culpable. In the case of coercion it hinges upon whether one has a choice and what degree of harm is involved. If there is truly no choice, then morality does not apply. Moral principles guide us only in cases where we are free to act in the face of an alternative. If coerced to kill or be killed, whichever action one takes, one's action is outside the realm of moral judgment. Not so for the one compelling the action they would bear 100% of the moral culpability. Consider the metaphor of "Sophie's Choice." Sophie was morally blameless.

Comment The BC language (Score 0) 414

Though I hate to call it a toy language, I use BC all the time. Most recently I used it to generate a 2048x2048 animated GIF with 48 frames. Each of the 48 frames I created one pixel at a time using BC to build bilevel PBM images. I created all 48 images with one BC program consisting of about a dozen lines. It's interactive, but still it took only about 5 minutes to run on my linux desktop. I used head and tail to split the BC generated file into 48 separate PBM files and GIMP to make the animated GIF.

Comment Mint only quarters, eliminate $1, 5$, $10 bills (Score 0) 702

One hundred years ago a US dollar was worth twenty-three 2016 US dollars and a penny was worth 23 cents. We do not need any coin smaller than a quarter nor any bill smaller than a twenty. We should have only four coins: quarter, $1, $5 and $10. The $20 bill should be the lowest denomination of currency.

Comment Government powers are limited by the Constitution (Score 0) 490

A pure democracy is indistinguishable from mob rule.

Congressmen swear to uphold the Constitution. Not that they take the oath all that seriously, but at least they generally have a better understanding of constitutional limits on government power than the average citizen. If anything, our current state of education in this country actually contributes to ignorance of the Constitution.

And if the online voting also incorporated the one-man-one vote rule so popular nowadays, the people living in the so-called 'flyover' states would, in effect, be disenfranchised. We could see demands for secession from the union from all but the northeast and the west coasts. This is also an argument against eliminating the Electoral College, but I'll not get into that here.

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