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Comment Not a fan of Spotify or Apple Music (Score 2) 181

It really sounds like Spotify is feeling financial pressure so they are trying to negotiate better terms by claiming Apples behavior is all about pushing Spotify out of business, when the truth is Apple benefits from Spotify being successful (the more they sell the more Apple makes). The only question in my mind is, does Apple make more net profit from that 30% of Spotify revenue (for just hosting) or does it make more with Apple Music (where it has to code, test, support, advertise, host and pay labels/artists)?

Comment The main reason the web needs to remain open (Score 3, Informative) 321

If ISP put restrictions on ports etc, it will make it harder for the next Amazon, Apple or Google to prosper and grow. You look at Comcast, they advertise that they block port unless you pay twice as much for half the speed.

Comment Drones + Bots + Autonomous vehicles (Score 3, Interesting) 156

Autonomous vehicles will bring the packages/mail into a certain range and depending on location a drone or bot will get out of the autonomous vehicles to do the final delivery. I can see moving forward where places will have drone/bot delivery slots for mail, packages and food deliveries.

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