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Comment Won't be uncommon in 70 years (Score 1) 305

Although there a many doubter, to me it doesn't matter whether this one person reached that age (his relative may argue or not), what matters is that it won't be uncommon in 70 years (those in their 50 and 60 could go beyond that). A number of technologies are reaching their tipping point.

Comment Re:Deadpool suceeded, SS failure (Score 1) 407

Having seen SS today in IMAX 3D, I can say, wow, bad, bad movie, although the last 20-30 minutes were better.
Now could I have done better, probably not (or definitely not) but the way the story unfolded (or didn't as the case may be) left me thinking to myself repeatedly, WTF, WTF...

DC Comics please bring in some fresh talent (or old new talent) to do something, Marvel is kicking your @ss

Comment Deadpool suceeded, SS failure (Score 5, Insightful) 407

From what I understand Deadpool was created without input from studio executives, Suicide Squad was just the opposite and was actually recut to try and copy Deadpool humor. Maybe getting rid of the committees that make so many bad movies will bring us more entertainment.

Comment Re: Medical establishment vs low cost options (Score 1) 40

"It's not like silicon valley." and that's why it's slow and takes decades if not centuries to develop and release anything new. Theranos was FDA approved, it didn't just pop up and start doing things, they went through there same hoops just with a large number of Washington insiders pushing it.
Keep posting and hiding behind Anonymous Coward.... It shows nothing beyond a 110.

Comment Medical establishment vs low cost options (Score 0) 40

I've got a bucket of popcorn and I'm cheering on Theranos because it's only companies like this that are going to shake up the current medical pricing model. I think it's stupid that they screwed up so badly on the first round, but I'm still hoping they can turn it around.

Comment Re:Quick question (Score 1) 27

The vagus nerve runs from the brain to every major organ in the body is is referred to as the brain gut highway and is thought to help control the biome in the gut. That biome being out of wack is currently believed to be responsible for obesity, diabetes and a large number of auto-immune diseases

Comment Vagus Nerve Stimulation going to be big money (Score 2) 27

A couple companies are dipping their toes into the Vagus Nerve Stimulation market, with it potentially curing a number of auto-immune disorders (RH, UC, Crohn's), epilepsy, etc.

The fun part is you can already do the treatment without electrical stimulation, but it may be better to have clear testable scenarios.

Comment I'm shocked, leader push their agenda (Score 4, Insightful) 177

I bet anyone, that in the last 40 years that the leaders of each political party in the US have pushed for their favorites to be nominated and elected. The whole point of super delegates in the Democratic Party was to ensure that some extreme candidate didn't get the party nomination (cough, cough, Trump via the Republicans..) and create chaos.

The system is far from perfect and Bernie Sanders did a great job of getting people thinking, but until the presidential election is tax payer funded (and Citizen United overturned ) and open (2-8 parties based on some equation) we will be stuck choosing between the lesser of two instead of the greatest of two or more.

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