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Submission + - Hackers Steal Card Data from Neiman Marcus (krebsonsecurity.com)

Fnord666 writes: Another day another data breach. Apparently high end retailer Neiman Marcus has also suffered a breach of credit card data. Krebs on Security has the news:.
"Responding to inquiries about a possible data breach involving customer credit and debit card information, upscale retailer Neiman Marcus acknowledged today that it is working with the U.S. Secret Service to investigate a hacker break-in that has exposed an unknown number of customer cards."

Comment Re:And do it fast enough for the user not to notic (Score 0, Troll) 332

Or for applications that are slow and unresponsive all the time.

That basically is the definition of all Apple products I have used (like the one I am writing this with at the moment). Full of crap and unnecessary features. Which also applies to many other SW vendors and opensource stuff as well. What happened to simplicity?

Comment Re:How long before ... (Score 1) 356

'Hints of a link' becomes the next press campaign leading to millions of worried parents. These kinds of reports can be very damaging.

to some parents just a hint of a explanation is nice. to us as parents this helps come up with some potential answers to mysteries of autism. and helps us see that statistically our daughter is not that different with asthma-kind of symptoms and autism. although we have wooden floors...

but in general I agree, most people freak out already when the word autism is mentioned. not to mention that something common might be causing it.

Comment Re:Sexist comment (Score 1) 473

Not sexist in my experience. Except that we have the Euros here. But it is also obvious to me that women tend to spend a l-o-t more time at the ATM. Fishing out the purse from their handbag, trying to find the card, considering which slot to use and how to put it into the slot, considering about the amount of money, pondering whether to have a receipt or not, putting the card back to purse, taking the money and the receipt, putting them to purse, putting the purse to the handbag and then, maybe then they might move away from the ATM. When men do the same, there is no hassle whatsoever. The card is already prominently displayed when going to the ATM, put it in, push some buttons, pull it out and walk away happily. Basically the same machine serves three men during the same period of time that it takes to women to go through the whole episode.

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