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Submission + - Darkmail to use Standardize Markdown as default proposal

julie-h writes: Many people consider HTML as spam by definition, as HTML hides the actual message that was sent. HTML have often been miss used for sending malicious links and even JavaScript. Many HTML emails are very poorly written, because they include tables to style pictures and many other things tables shouldn't be used for. This adds to the size of the message often by many KB.

The proposal is for DarkMail to use Standardized MarkDown as the default styling language.

Submission + - Bad October coined for Apple's bad news 4

julie-h writes: An open letter have been written to Apple to make them reconsider they view on bad news in particular Steve Jobs death and Tim Cook going public being gay. Apple's PR division should Think Different, the letter suggests.

Submission + - How should the download bar in Chrome behave?

julie-h writes: The debate of how the download bar should behave in Google Chrome have been going on since the first release. The bug have been assigned, and likely to face a fate worse of what we have now. So I ask Slashdot how the download bar should behave. If anyone knows, it would the Slashdot readers. So place your vote, and show Google how it is done. The result is updated live.

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