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Comment Re:Now how it actually works (Score 1) 178

" A few kids out of 350 million people get shot by some crazy idiot who should never have been on the streets, "we need new gun laws""

What new gun laws were passed because of the Sandy Hook slaughter?

Try reading the post. He didn't say laws got passed, he said that lot of people, including the POTUS, wept and begged for massive new "gun control" laws.

Because something bad but really rare happened, we have to screw everyone else over. The parent made a crystal clear analysis of the hysteria that seems to always follow very rare events.

Comment Re:What's the objection to a recount? (Score 1) 524

If you're confident of that (as I am, actually), then you have nothing to fear from a recount, right? There's nothing wrong with double-checking tight races.

Unless you live in MN. We had both a Senator (Al Franken) and a Governor (Mark Dayton) lose and the Democrat controlled machine simply recounted over and over and "interpreted" the intent of votes until they won by a few hundred votes each.

Comment Re:I actually think Hilary does care (Score 1) 524

she's a progressive. Not necessarily a great one, but she is at least trying. .

Trying what exactly? How fucking stupid that sounds.

"Progressive!" Someone with an IQ in the upper 2 digits or higher would take a moment and wonder towards what end is someone "progressing".

God, I get tired of hearing that phrase used to excuse the imposition of totalitarian stateism.

Comment Re:oh boy (Score 3, Insightful) 524

And the Orange Daddy earned every bit of it.

Why? Seriously, how is he even a patch on life long politicians who have been responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people around the world like Bush and Hillary?

People that have added massive debt to the U.S. that has our kids names on the bills and forced crap like ObamaCare on us. Oh, he MIGHT be as bad at some point? Perhaps, but he hasn't done anything yet.

The hatred is astounding.

Comment Re:Does anybody ... (Score 3, Interesting) 475

Or maybe Assange has an agenda.

You seriously think Trump is clean?

Actually, yes, at this point.

Here is a guy who's being audited by the Obama administration and has the full force of the Clinton political machine digging into every aspect of his life.

Man, he really must be squeaky clean if all they have is that he only paid the taxes he had too legally and he said "pu$$y" 11 years ago.

Comment Re:Movie Makers Strangling Movie Making Business (Score 1) 342

There are two types of movies being made now: flash bang glitz that might benefit from a large screen but offset by garbage plot and dialog, not worth paying for so I watch at home indie-ish movies with good story and plot but don't really benefit from the big screen so I watch at home

I have to disagree with that statement.

Take the recent film Rams, a very interesting Icelandic film. It benefits immensely from a big screen because of the fairly quiet nature of the film. Sweeping vistas in some shots, etc.

Seeing this on a tablet or computer monitor would be a complete waste of time. I have a 130" CinemaScope screen at home and that is, of course, the preferred venue, but a decent movie house will still be 100 hundred times better than a small screen someplace.

Comment Re:Define "work" (Score 1) 160

Nope. The studies have shown that the calories matter more than the makeup of them. All the issues with fat solids vs protein is from poor studies, not reality.

Wrong. This the same argument that claims that you can burn gasoline or wood in your car.

"BTUs is BTUs Man! No difference!" The human body is an amazing thing to be sure, but the TYPE of fuel does make a difference.

Comment Re:Define "work" (Score 1) 160

And furthermore, fitness, in fact health in general, is one of those things that's hard to get and stay motivated for. Humans have very little incentive to go out of their way to stay in shape for most of their evolutionary history, so there's no one weird trick to the psychology for motivating yourself to stay healthy. Different tactics work for different people. If fitness trackers help 10% of the people stay motivated that's a success for those 10%, and the other 90% just need to try some other method until they hit on something that works for them.

The biggest motivator I have is a profile view in a mirror when I don't suck in my gut. Yikes!

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