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Comment Re:Pump 'n Dump (Score 2) 246

If anyone invests their money based upon stories like this, they deserve what they get.

Well, there's little evidence Trump is into austerity, he has a better Congressional chance of passing an infrastructure bill than Obama did, and both GOP and Trump like a really large military.

All investments are guesses, and even not investing is typically based on guesses of events or lack of. Therefore, it makes sense to see where the stars are aligned and aim your boat that way.

(I myself am investing in pussy guards.)

Comment Middle hollowed out, just like everywhere (Score 3, Interesting) 216

Technology and globalization have "cheapened the middle" of almost every industry. Get used to it.

The most popular performers will do well, and even get bigger access to global markets, but the middle-ground is being hollowed out because the Internet gives consumers more choice and more access to old-but-good material. And, many amateurs give out works for free either to promote them or because money is not their goal. This gives for-profit performers competition who work for peanuts.

Concert, venue, wedding, and bar performances are probably the best source of music wages, not recordings.

The rich get richer, the rest stagnate. Welcome to the club!

Comment Re:Positive for the ISPs (Score 2) 158

I'd rather have the last mile be a public utility, giving me a wider choice of providers. If the providers don't have to run wire to every customer's house, merely to a routing node, many more will be able to enter the market.

Our current specimens of oligopolies here suck rotting bundles of moldy maggot-filled pig feces on a good day.

Comment Fog (Score 0) 158

Like everything else, Trump has been all over the map on related issues. He's hinted about dealing with problems caused by oligopolies keeping out competition, but also talks a lot of about deregulation in general.

Most Federal regulations were put in place because somebody was abusing the system, not out of the sheer euphoria of socialism. The trick is to get rid of or scale back a given regulation without re-inviting the abuse that triggered it.

Comment Leveraging half truths [Re:And on that subject] (Score 1) 113

Part of the reason this "story" got play is that it contained a partial truth. CNN did actually inadvertently air a very short segment having mild nudity, or at least "ambiguous" nudity, not "30 minutes" as the fake story claimed.

A lot of dodgy news stories are like that: they contain enough truth to give it some legitimacy and to make it hard to outright refute. Disputes are nuanced, and nuanced doesn't sell and spread in the age of sound-bites.

Another common example was Hillary's alleged "illegal server". It had not been found illegal in the court of law, but some legal experts claim they can make the case it would be determined illegal if a full trial happened. (The State Dept. policy manual is not considered official Federal law by itself.)

But generally if you go by "innocent until proven guilty", then it's premature to call it "illegal". But being "possibly" illegal is enough to make it difficult to summarily say such phrasing is outright wrong.

Comment Re:Trump is Retarded (Score 2) 407

Fucking up every part of the American economy, one step at a time.

Maybe some disruption is good. It's hard to see how yet, but I'm hoping his ad-hoc trial-and-error style will accidentally find new optimums, like a genetic algorithm.

I realize there's a good chance this view is wrong and that he turns out to be a bull in a china shop (pun half-intended), but I'll keep an open mind.

Trump is such an unusual specimen that we don't have enough precedents to say what will actually happen. Get some pop-corn, and enjoy the Great American Experiment. (Just don't forget the safety goggles.)

Whatever happens, it will make for a Yuuuuge entry in future history books. You can brag to your grand-children that you witnessed and (hopefully) survived this most notable period of history.

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