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Comment Re:Pretty cool (Score 1) 173

Not to mention if you have any files of a less than 100% above the board nature, the MPAA/RIAA and a subpoena may start poking around in the PlexAzon caches to see what needs a closer look. No thanks.

You're going to have that problem no matter what storage solution you go with, so tread lightly.

Comment Re:Problem with the solution? (Score 1) 194

One interesting option would be for Netflix customers to indicate their flight number and select things to be cached before boarding, while the plane is at the gate).

Don't know of many video streaming apps that let you do this, but there's a bunch of music apps that do. Spotify is probably the best of the bunch. Just turn your chosen playlists' downloading feature on, and you're all set! Podcast apps let you do this kinda' thing too.

Comment Two burning questions (Score 1) 239

First of all, why didn't they include the ability to read or send messages to/from accounts other than Gmail, like Gmail currently lets you do now? Second, how is Inbox able to fill in blank avatars from business email addresses with company logos? Is it getting help from Chrome or something? Nice feature though, just wonder how it works.

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