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Comment Re:rotate the station. (Score 1) 158

If it were rotating then we would lose a lot of the benefits of the experiments being done in space namely weightlessness. Also (from wikipedia) we don't know the long term effects of living in a centrifuge. Finally at a practical level the ISS isn't designed to be rotated, likely doesn't have the fuel to start the rotation and slow the rotation for the dockings and would introduce a whole new set of engineering problems.

Comment Re:orly? (Score 3, Insightful) 120

The definition of 3G is 3rd generation. Sprint has been using the term 4G to mean 4th generation. 3G was only loosely defined and the ITU has now decided to arbitrarily specify stricter standards for 4G. The confusion is already here and this isn't a black and white issue. It's similar to the USB Highspeed, fullspeed or wireless N debacle. Yeah it's annoying but for the most part consumers don't care and anyone technical enough to care is going to do the research anyway.

AMD Demos Llano Fusion APU, Radeon 6800 Series 116

MojoKid writes "At a press event for the impending launch of AMD's new Radeon HD 6870 and HD 6850 series graphics cards, the company took the opportunity to provide an early look at the first, fully functional samples of their upcoming 'Llano' processor, or APU (Applications Processer Unit). For those unfamiliar with Llano, it's 32nm 'Fusion' product that integrates CPU, GPU, and Northbridge functions on a single die. The chip is a low-power derivative of the company's current Phenom II architecture fused with a GPU that will target a wide range of operating environments at speeds of 3GHz or higher. Test systems showed the integrated GPU had no trouble running Alien vs. Predator at a moderate resolution with DirectX 11 features enabled. In terms of the Radeon 6800 series, board shots have been unveiled today, as well as scenes from AMD's upcoming tech demo, Mecha Warrior, showcasing the new graphics technology and advanced effects from the open source Bullet Physics library."

Comment Re:It just goes to show (Score 1) 346

Or, you can have many countries with different laws and global organizations that create treaties that specify how those laws impact other countries. What would be nice is, freedom to move and live in all these different countries easily so if you didn't like a certain countries methods you could easily leave.

Comment Won't corporate transition to IPV6 free up IPV4? (Score 1) 425

Won't corporate transition to IPV6 free up IPV4? For example once IBM, Apple, GE, Ford and HP transition to IPV6 for there internal networks will they not give back their class A networks. They can move to class b networks since I doubt they have 16777214 active connections to the internet at any one time.

Throttle Shared Users With OS X — Is It Possible? 403

whisper_jeff writes "I work in a design studio where the production director is also the owner's son (translation = he can do no wrong). He is fond of accessing a designer's computer via filesharing and working directly on files off of the designer's computers rather than transferring the files to his computer to work on them there. In so doing, he causes the designer's computer to grind to a near-halt as the harddrive is now tasked with his open/save requests along with whatever the designer is doing. Given that there is no way he's going to change his ways (since he doesn't see anything wrong with it...), I was wondering if there was a way to throttle a user's shared access to a computer (Mac OSX 10.5.8) so that his remote working would have minimal impact on our work. Google searches have revealed nothing helpful (maybe I should Bing it... :) so I was hoping someone with more technical expertise on Slashdot could offer a suggestion."

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