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Submission + - SPAM: 1000 year GIF loop launched

jovius writes: The 1000 year GIF "AS Long As Possible", which made news two years ago, has been launched at Kiasma — the Finnish museum of contemporary art. The museum is committed to keep it playing all the way to the end. The piece is currently shown as part of ARS17 exhibition. 40100 frames are expected to pass during the exhibition; the frames will be seen again in 1000 years.

Comment Re: So don't use it, dumbass (Score 1) 76

You're right there's no need. They are means of communication however, and having many brings redundancy (for plain and simple inter family communication for example). It's up to any user how they fill the channels, but it would also be a bit backwards to not use modern tools at hand, to complement the traditional. Use cases are many, and one model doesn't fit for all.

Comment Re: Let me guess, he owns a red hat? (Score 1) 1149

Average man can also have lower pay rate, or go against the policies of the company.

Be a slave or not. That's the black and white take of the issue. Because of the lack of freedom the choices are few. No wonder the realisation comes out violently.

The different looking people are handy substitutes for one's suffering, coming from first being fucked up by everybody and everything else.

There's not much courage in that but cowardice. The empty facades which call themselves human beings exploit that to the final drop.

Comment Re: Call me crazy... (Score 1) 89

The problem is that all the features are packed in the phone as complete package.

All that is needed is a piece of glass with screen and networking capabilities. Then everything would be streamed in and out from a central server, which would hold the CPU, memory and other features.

Consumer would then buy different 'models' of virtual hardware, and the power reqs would be minimized.

Comment Re: Innovation (Score 1) 361

Are there unique innovations anyway, except for the delight of lawyers? Everything is built on something. The need to state uniqueness and innovation is kind of selfish.

Progress is about sharing, so that the flowers can bloom. Everything else is more or less about constraining innovation.

Comment Re: NASA is the CNN of Space (Score 1) 113

True. But they did accomplish to make everyone believe that Trump won the election so everything is possible I'd say. The hologram projection of the new world is state of the art alien technology. The secretive alien forms behind Hillary were defeated. Earth is a field of battle which we don't know almost anything about.

Something like that, perhaps?

Comment Re: Yet another win for the people with Trump vict (Score 1) 170

NSA is an effective tool for the American economy and policy making. I don't see any reason why a businessman like Trump would reign it.

I suppose it'll be rather left to its own devices, also because of its apparent complexity to the administration. If something the intelligence efforts will be strengthened, as the administration composition so far suggests.

Trump's tactic of pre-emptively revealing pretty much everything has left the security apparatus somewhat toothless, too.

Comment Not really (Score 2) 45

More likely the price was boosted because of the speculation that it might. Bitcoin is rather unhinged from the fundamentals. The central mass of Bitcoin holders/traders typically just expect the price to skyrocket at any occasion.

There's nothing wrong with that, of course.. it's just funny how there are so many Reasons why Bitcoin behaves like it does, of which some are based fantastical fractal analysis etc.

The others then make their profits by playing with that sentiment or reasoning.

It's still rather unfinished and low scale platform, after all. Really long term holders (rationing the investments) would probably also do fine, if the political and technological risks don't materialize...

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