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Comment Re: NASA is the CNN of Space (Score 1) 113

True. But they did accomplish to make everyone believe that Trump won the election so everything is possible I'd say. The hologram projection of the new world is state of the art alien technology. The secretive alien forms behind Hillary were defeated. Earth is a field of battle which we don't know almost anything about.

Something like that, perhaps?

Comment Re: Yet another win for the people with Trump vict (Score 1) 170

NSA is an effective tool for the American economy and policy making. I don't see any reason why a businessman like Trump would reign it.

I suppose it'll be rather left to its own devices, also because of its apparent complexity to the administration. If something the intelligence efforts will be strengthened, as the administration composition so far suggests.

Trump's tactic of pre-emptively revealing pretty much everything has left the security apparatus somewhat toothless, too.

Comment Not really (Score 2) 45

More likely the price was boosted because of the speculation that it might. Bitcoin is rather unhinged from the fundamentals. The central mass of Bitcoin holders/traders typically just expect the price to skyrocket at any occasion.

There's nothing wrong with that, of course.. it's just funny how there are so many Reasons why Bitcoin behaves like it does, of which some are based fantastical fractal analysis etc.

The others then make their profits by playing with that sentiment or reasoning.

It's still rather unfinished and low scale platform, after all. Really long term holders (rationing the investments) would probably also do fine, if the political and technological risks don't materialize...

Comment Re: Unsurprising (Score 2) 441

Well, yeah. I enjoy looking out. It's mesmerising. I've tried to check out movies and such, but of all the provided entertainment in the end I choose to see the map or forward / below cam or such.

I think what's happening outside is more interesting. It's a unique experience of the world we are living in, however dull it might feel.

Comment Re: Blame DRM (Score 2) 202

Here in Finland Game of Thrones is presented by the public broadcaster (they also provide it on their online service five episodes a time). Basically then downloading the episodes is not thievery, but an alternative way to access the content. It's paid for by my taxes (although I got tired of the series after the 3rd season).

Same goes for other (commercial) providers, who broadcast freely. Imagine that I'd have a tv or online scraper and I'd be able to record everything. Or perhaps record everything on every radio station, and then neatly organize the recordings for my own use. Nobody would have lost anything, if I'd download all of that instead. One could also argue that this would cover everything that would be broadcasted in the future.

If I'd share the content with somebody else I'd probably be notified. Still, if I'd share it freely with people who have the same access (nationally) I'd just to a service for them, and they wouldn't also steal anything.

The concept of thievery in this case is rather fluid.

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