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Comment Re:Okay, but... (Score 2) 160

"Over a pair of superchargers" means that if two Teslas are charging on the same SC circuit then each of them will only get 60kW. A single Tesla can draw up to 120kW (I routinely get around 115kW on SCs when the battery is almost empty) but that does taper off with the increasing battery charge.

Comment Re:Okay, but... (Score 1) 160

Tesla is up to 150kW in Europe (120kW in the US). Hyundai Ioniq supports 70kW according to this site: http://insideevs.com/hyundai-i... . So nope, still no other car with similar capabilities. I don't doubt that this will change in future, but for now only Teslas can really the full supercharger capabilities.

Comment Re:Systemd! (Score 1) 353

Sure. If you're doing slimmed-down devices where evety KB of RAM counts then systemd is not really needed, busybox and static init scripts are the way to go.

Surprisingly, servers are a good fit for systemd - a lot of modern devices and services come and go asynchronously, so writing reliable initscripts without something like systemd is not easy.

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