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Comment Re:His reserve chute was a dummy. (Score 1) 136

Area on the flight path between Portland and Seattle is hardly a vast expanse of untamed forest. You'll find a human settlement or a road if you walk for about 10 miles straight in any direction. Hardly a feat that requires superhuman abilities. Then you just use a payphone to call in your accomplice to pick you up.

Alternatively, you can make several caches with clean clothes and camping gear beforehand. Then just find the nearest cache and backpack wherever you want.

Comment Re:Harvard Medical (Score 3, Interesting) 293

Thankfully, it's not as scary as it seems - resistance evolves easily but it carries heavy metabolic cost for bacteria. So resistant bacteria are outcompeted by non-resistant ones easily.

The problem here is that eventually bacteria always find a way to evade antibiotics with low enough metabolic cost.

Comment Re:Well Trump has one thing right (Score 1) 537

It's not hard to change jobs on H1B (and I'm speaking as an H1B holder). The receiving company just needs to file a petition to do an H1B transfer, there can be multiple concurrent petitions and the current employer is not notified. The cost of filing with all the attorney fees is around $2k. H1B transfers are also not subject to quotas.

Indentured servitude comes with a Green Card filing - you need to start the process all over again if you change the workplace. And it takes _at_ _least_ 2 years now.

Comment Re: Rich People Diet (Score 1) 176

Ah... Tomatoes... I _love_ good tomatoes and it's incredibly hard to find them in the US. You can buy "heirloom" tomatoes at farmers markets but they are often not really better than supermarket plasticy varieties. This is understandable - good tomatoes are extremely hard to transport or store for extended periods.

What angers me most, is that we actually used to have wonderful GM tomatoes that were tasty and easily transportable. But no, greeny idiots forced them out of the market.

Comment Re:Reserved Model 3? (Score 4, Informative) 179

Oh please. I've test-driven Bolt and it's nowhere close to Tesla. It's also purely a city car, you can't use it for road trips. There's no fast charging infrastructure for CCS (Combined Charging System) and even existing few stations are limited to 50kW versus 120kW for the current-gen Tesla superchargers.

With superchargers and some planning you can comfortably drive pretty much to any point of interest in the US - I have more than 50k miles on my 2 year old Tesla just from road trips.

Comment Re:For once pragmatism trumps policy (Score 2) 84

Most of the pollution in China is from coal powerplants and various industrial plants. They can't really do much about them in the near future even if they are willing to take a hit on the economy growth (which they are not). In more distant future, China is expanding renewable power generation, nuclear power and natural gas power plants.

Cars are not really a big problem in cities right now, most of them have effective emission control systems. But in future they are going to become more significant. Interestingly, electric-powered bikes and scooters are already insanely popular because gas-powered ones are too expensive because of regulations.

Comment Re:12 countries since 2008, not only USA today (Score 4, Informative) 225

TPP is not a trade deal per se - the trade barriers are already low. It's a geopolitical deal to make sure the Pacific Rim countries are not dominated by China in future. TPP does have some nice areas - it requires Pacific countries to establish minimum wage laws, pollution controls and workplace safety regulations in line with other countries.

Unfortunately, copyright lobby is also using as a Trojan horse to smuggle in pro-copyright laws.

And you can bet that China is not sleeping - they are promoting their One-Belt-One-Road initiative to make a China-dominated trade pact.

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