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Comment Re:Tipping point (Score 1) 540

With any luck this will make it easier to stay in the US, as right now companies can't bring in talent because of the H1B system.

I got my H1B while finishing my MSc, I probably wouldn't have applied if it there was a 20% chance of getting it, and I had to wait a full year after I graduated. I would just have stayed in Europe, and taken advantages of the tech scene there.

Comment Re:Another great post (Score 1) 540

The visa application process cost way more than 1k, companies foot most of the bill, but even as an applicant it's rather expensive considering fees, embassy interviews and other enormous waste of time... (Just the express processing fee is 1.2k)

On topic: Do NOT start selling visas, seriously the rich have enough advantages as it is. IMO, it's totally absurd that you can even pay of express processing..
Some things shouldn't be for sale! Citizenships, visas, clean air, equal treatment by the state.
Requiring a 100k minimum wage is fine, that's of no implications to legitimate H1B applicants.

Comment Re:I'm all for protecting the consumer (Score 2) 159

but how is the retailer supposed to know the manufacturer/supplier has them "inflated". Are they supposed to go all-Sherlock for each item they sell?

You want to claim that you are cheaper than marked price, then you need to do the research!
You can't just make arbitrary claims like that without anything to back such a claim. That is misleading pricing.

Honestly, there are so many common practices today that is fraudulent, if consumer protection agencies were to get aggressive about enforcing current regulation they have the power to change many things.
Note: just because a fraudulent practice is both common and suspected by must customers doesn't make it any less fraudulent. This is similar to mileage inflation scandal, it was common practice, consumers knew they wouldn't get the advertised milage, but that didn't make it any less illegal :)

Comment Re:Selling private repositories is their money mak (Score 1) 227

Most small startups or contracting gigs, don't worry about things like that... It's much more valuable to not have a sysadmin managing, scaling and patching a server running git locally...

Honestly, a github organization with solid policies and 2FA for all users is pretty solid. Sure github could get hacked, but they have entire security teams to mitigate that risk. Your average basement git server doesn't have any security teams.

Comment Re:2% (Score 1) 171

There is probably a lot of low hanging power efficiency gains to be had at a fairly low cost... But without regulation fostering competition companies aren't going to pay a low cost of major gains..

Presumably, most laptops/mobile devices already have a focus on power efficiency. But maybe there is some chargers that could easily be made more efficient.

I'm not expert here, but generally moderate regulation fosters innovation that wouldn't happen.

Comment Re:If you want to be hidden from the Police (Score 1) 104

It's not about secrecy... Twitter is a public forum and it seems as if American police is actively trying to undermine peaceful public discourse as is critical to a democracy.

Just because news papers and political meetings are public doesn't mean that the police should be creating a database of "communists sympathizers". Such databases invites abuse and heavily undermines democracy. In many democracies there are tight regulation on what kinds of database the police is authorized to keep. In particular when tracking lawful behavior.

Note: I don't care who is being tracked nazies/alt-right, communists, civil rights activists, pro-lifters, religious fanatics or people posting cat pictures, unless there is strong evidence that they are planning terrorists attacks the police have no business tracking peaceful demonstrators.

Comment Re:damaging those relations: probably not so bad.. (Score 1) 72

If the US buddies up to Russia after the administration change, it's conceivable that the US gets its hands on Snowden in person.

Yeah, with Trump it's no-longer inconceivable that Ukraine is sold to Russia in exchange for Snowden. Unlikely, but hardly inconceivable.

The US isn't going to burn its bridges with its allies over this. It'll talk some smack, stomp its boots some, but it will be more bluster than anything.

Well, Trump is talking about NATO being of no importance to him. With Russia acting aggressively, you might understand why European nations aren't willing to risk trouble over a single individual.

Comment You assume there is no rule of law (Score 3, Informative) 72

Now what exactly happens to Germany if they change their mind once they have Snowden and hand him over to be executed by the US, hmm, nothing what so ever.

Germany can't extradite without guarantees that he won't face execution, not only would it violate German law, it would violate the European Charter of Human Rights. All EU member nations have surrendered sovereignty to the EU in human rights matters. Blatant violations could result in sanctions.

Regardless, what on earth makes you think Germany isn't trustworthy. When they say safe-access they probably mean: enact a law that Snowden can't be extradited or prosecuted on charges related to leaking information. Likely it would effectively grant him asylum in Germany, as any time-limit on such an arrangement wouldn't be safe for Snowden (given that he can't know for sure if he would ever be able to return to Russia).

Comment Re:And Obama once again is a blatant liar (Score 0) 534

Even a year ago I would have said that Obama would go down in history as one of the best presidents. Was I ever wrong.

Well, the bar for "best"-president is quite low if serve between Bush and Trump :)
He'll still be remembered as great president, just because the ones before and after him will remember as utter disasters.

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