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Comment Re:damaging those relations: probably not so bad.. (Score 1) 72

If the US buddies up to Russia after the administration change, it's conceivable that the US gets its hands on Snowden in person.

Yeah, with Trump it's no-longer inconceivable that Ukraine is sold to Russia in exchange for Snowden. Unlikely, but hardly inconceivable.

The US isn't going to burn its bridges with its allies over this. It'll talk some smack, stomp its boots some, but it will be more bluster than anything.

Well, Trump is talking about NATO being of no importance to him. With Russia acting aggressively, you might understand why European nations aren't willing to risk trouble over a single individual.

Comment You assume there is no rule of law (Score 3, Informative) 72

Now what exactly happens to Germany if they change their mind once they have Snowden and hand him over to be executed by the US, hmm, nothing what so ever.

Germany can't extradite without guarantees that he won't face execution, not only would it violate German law, it would violate the European Charter of Human Rights. All EU member nations have surrendered sovereignty to the EU in human rights matters. Blatant violations could result in sanctions.

Regardless, what on earth makes you think Germany isn't trustworthy. When they say safe-access they probably mean: enact a law that Snowden can't be extradited or prosecuted on charges related to leaking information. Likely it would effectively grant him asylum in Germany, as any time-limit on such an arrangement wouldn't be safe for Snowden (given that he can't know for sure if he would ever be able to return to Russia).

Comment Re:And Obama once again is a blatant liar (Score 0) 534

Even a year ago I would have said that Obama would go down in history as one of the best presidents. Was I ever wrong.

Well, the bar for "best"-president is quite low if serve between Bush and Trump :)
He'll still be remembered as great president, just because the ones before and after him will remember as utter disasters.

Comment What exactly did they reveal? (Score 2) 689

So it's Russia's fault you did bad things? What are you going to tell us next, that you can see Russia from your back yard?

What exactly did they reveal? from where I'm sitting nothing, except maybe that she mentioned that "politicians sometimes needs to have a public and a private opinion", which taken out of context sounds sketchy -- in reality no doubt necessary and perfectly fine -- politicians should negotiate compromises on behalf of the people they represent, that sometimes means putting your private positions aside.

It could also be contrived as two-faced, which is bad. The argument Hillary made, namely that politicians presents different arguments to different groups isn't bad either...

Anyways, seems like another non-issue, certainly not a scandal comparable to any of the ones Trump has got going.

Comment Passwords shouldn't have to be good (Score 1, Interesting) 210

If servers would just be smart about always requiring a captcha for each additional login attempt, and limit amount of login attempts, email on failed login attempts, have timeouts between login attempts...
Well, then passwords don't have to be strong. This doesn't fix password reuse though :)

Comment Re:Pretty shocking (Score 2) 115

The US is a huge country with lots of empty areas that has great air quality. If instead of median particulate matter, they used median particulate matter humans are exposed to it might look different. I doubt densely populated US cities full of cars are doing very well.

But yes, for once the US is by all measures for one not ranked among 3rd world countries.

Comment Re:they also found... (Score 1) 314

....that black hosts were also less likely to accept requests from guests with African American-sounding names than with white-sounding ones.

My company recently offered debiasing training for hiring... Being an arrogant white male chauvinist pig from a country with little diversity I'll admit I was slightly skeptical. But the training was rather academic and presented some interesting perspectives:
1) it's not racism, it's largely bias (it's predominately unintentional)
2) bias is an deviation error in our decision function (we're not making optimal decisions)
3) bias is a part of our culture (it doesn't matter whether you are part of the minority that there is a negative bias towards - everybody is biased - it's in our culture)

In many ways the good news is we're not all racists, but most of us are likely biased (unintentionally). Anyways, doing something to blind ourselves from our own bias is a positive thing, as it just corrects an error in our decision logic that currently causes us to make sub-optimal decisions. Note: and correcting the error in our decision function should ideally lead to more profit, in addition to the much more important human fairness aspects.

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