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Comment Internships and open source contributions (Score 2) 619

And how are computer science students supposed to get work experience if no one wants to hire them?

Internships and open source contributions...

Seriously, there is no excuse for lack of experience. There is lots of opportunities to make high impact contributions to reputable open source projects.
I didn't say it wasn't hard work, but the opportunities are there... And internships are widely available in the US, sure there is competition, but many of the good internships are well paid too.

I wonder if putting an Indian name on my job applications would have helped.

Try it, I bet it won't help... You can also try attaching a fake picture why not...
Multiple studies have found that using a foreign name or attaching non-white pictures is a huge disadvantage.
If you don't believe that I see absolutely no harm in trying, hehe, for real though try it if you don't believe the studies.

Comment Re:The US subsidizes healthcare for the rest of th (Score 1) 311

Communist :) hehe

But yes, more government funding for research is the best way to keep drug costs down. IMO we don't have to do everything in the public sector, but finding a balance... Notably reducing the barrier to entry for new drug companies by making funds available, funding basic research with open publication, limiting patents, and using patents from publicly funded research to the benefit of the public.

Comment Other countries do have police statistics (Score 1) 227

I would assume gun uses are recorded. But I guess maybe not in the "wild west".

Note. In other countries where guns aren't pervasive the mere act of drawing your gun, signaling that you have one, or flashing it, is consider use for force and must be reported (like any other act of violence).
As an interesting statistics from Danish police 2015:
Use of gun: 148 instances (a police officer drawing or signaling that he has a gun)
Number of shots: 11 (of which 8 were warning shots)

That's from ~10k police officers protecting a population of 5m people.

Granted that's stats from police; but it's hard to argue that civilians are likely to need a gun more often than the police.
Note: Yes, US murder rate is 10x, police killing rate is 100x (at least), so US has more violence, but if guns aren't pervasive you rarely need them.

Comment Re:What the hell do containers even do? (Score 1) 31

Bare metal on-demand is becoming a thing checkout or
Sure, they don't have the infrastructure or services to complete with AWS yet, but they are both adding block storage options.. scaleway even seems to adding blob storage similar to S3.

With containers and qubernetes I can see virtualization on it's way out... Well, at-least in the cases where you want to squeeze out the last bit of performance.

Comment Google should tweak the reply (Score 1) 448

The ideal would be for google to tweak the reply so it becomes:
Burger King Ad: "Okay Google: what is the whopper burger",
Google Home: "The whooper burger is one of the leading causes of obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases in the United States."

A response that is objectively true, and not in Burger Kings interest.

On topic, this is this actually illegal, but the severity is similar to that of an elementary school kid who installs scripts displaying a funny gif on the teachers computer while its attached to the projector.
Neither is technically legal, but both falls under the category of "harmless prank". If repeated or taken to extremes a fine (or a trip the principals office is appropriate).
Of all the corporate criminal activities we see this is a minor one, and one that warrants no more than a fine.

Comment Re:The three golden rules of borrowing (Score 4, Insightful) 399

You just outlined the true cause of "income inequality."

People who follow your rules do well, those who don't, end up on welfare.

It's that simple.

No it's not... People run into lots of unfortunate circumstances... Mental health, disability, bad luck, substance addiction, lack of gainful employment...

These rules are sound, but if "sunk cost" is food, I can't fault a parent for borrowing to cover it.

Comment Re:It's relative (Score 1) 903

Just because others are taxed higher doesn't mean we aren't over taxed. I'm not saying we are overtaxed, but I think taxes could be lower, or spent more wisely.

Yeah, you could probably cut defense spending in half... and the world would be a safer place :) hehe

Indeed you have many low hanging efficiency gains... But it requires that you recognize reality. The US does not appear to be going in that direction.

Comment Re:The US subsidizes healthcare for the rest of th (Score 1) 311

The cost of healthcare for the rest of the world will go up while it goes down for the US.

Nope, but we might see reduction in research and development of new drugs...

But in fairness, there is value to balancing how much money we spend on researching new drugs and how much we spend on treating people with existing drugs..Clearly, it's not cost efficient to develop drugs for rare diseases..

Or, maybe the end result is higher government subsidies for research and development, which probably could be more efficient economically than financing drug research and development through the stock marked.

Comment Re:Sigh.... (Score 4, Interesting) 386

IMO gnome-shell has long been better than unity... I keep experiencing a lot of papercuts in unity, windows jumping between desktops, weird interactions and just generally annoying papercuts...

gnome seems to have a lot of momentum these days.. and whilst I don't like all the decisions I can live with most of them, except the lack of type-ahead in nautilus...

Comment there still is a barrier to entry (Score 1) 250


While they do conclude that they don't see CAs role for (DV certificates) to protect against phishing... They do already lookup domain names in Google Safe Browsing API before issuing certificates.

From a puristic point of view the purpose of a certificate is to prove that you are talking to, and not some other domain. Verifying that is your bank and not registered by a scammer is a not the purpose of a certificate.

That said, it seems they already are looking up in Google Safe Browsing API, so at-least there is some barrier to entry. And while I agree that it's not a CAs purpose to be internet police, I do hope that we'll see more best-effort protections to stem abuse. Granted this sort of a abuse is probably better fixed at registrar level.

Comment Re:Seems about right (Score 3, Interesting) 161

Well, with open source you have the option to patch... With proprietary you are forced to find a workaround or make a hack to the part of the system you control.

Personally, I usually do a work around and keep using upstream packages... Then file a PR/patch and when/if that lands go remove my workaround.

Just because open source software gives you the option to fix it yourself and roll our own patch packages doesn't mean you have to choose that road.
It depends on the situation.. But at-least you have the option! :)

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