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Comment Re:Makes sense. (Score 1) 189

I go to the movies all the time and I basically never have to deal with screaming kids or people talking or people using their phones or seats being kicked.

The theater I go to even has a message on the screen at the start asking people to turn off their phones, to keep their feet off the seats and to not talk during the movie. And I bet if someone was being annoying in that way and I complained, the staff would act.

Why more movie theaters in America dont do something about it in the way theaters here in Australia do? (not just the one I go to but the big chains do it as well)

Comment Smalltalk was ahead of its time (Score 5, Interesting) 343

Its too bad the money men at Xerox at the time (who mostly came from places like Ford and didn't know the first thing about computers or technology) didn't realize just what they had with the Alto, Ethernet, Laser Printer, Smalltalk etc and actually allow the PARC guys to get it out of the lab and into the real world much earlier than they eventually did...

Comment Re:It's a strange world (Score 1) 31

Its a lot harder to stop someone exporting or sharing or transferring digital data (whether that be a 3D model file for a 3D-printable/CnC machinable firearm or firearm part, source code for a strong encryption algorithm or binaries for a set of hacking tools) than it is to stop someone exporting a physical object like an AK-47.

Comment Re:Wait, what? (Score 2) 192

Its way past time for phone OEMs and Google to take a leaf from Apple's book and take carriers out of the picture as gateways when it comes to phone updates.

Apple doesn't have to go through Verizon or Vodafone or China Mobile when they want to push iOS updates so why should Samsung or Google need to do the same thing...

Comment Re:I wouldn't use this if it existed (Score 1) 341

Based on a quick check of online prices at a few major stores here in Australia it would cost at least $1k to buy a TV, surround sound and Blu-Ray setup good enough to even come close to what I get at the cinema I go to. And based on what I pay for tickets and food at that same cinema, that $1k would buy me tickets and munchies for every film that cinema exhibits for an entire year (including all the crappy ones that I wouldn't see even if someone paid me) and still leave plenty of money left over.

I never said everyone should go to the cinema, just that I would personally continue going to the cinema even if a service offering home viewings of films day date with the cinema release existed.

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