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Comment Re:Does the average household really need 25Mb/s? (Score 2) 201

I am a geek and a somewhat heavy computer user/downloader (streaming video on YouTube and elsewhere, large file downloads etc etc etc) and even I dont need 25Mb/s to be happy.

The real problem in the US are people stuck with dialup (unusable on today's internet), wireless (slow as hell and very high latency), slow ADSL (ADSL2+ speeds are great if you can get them but many people in the US can only get 1.5Mbps ADSL1 if they are lucky) or slow shared bandwidth options (like cable where the cable companies put far too many people on the one head-end and everyone gets slow speeds all the time).

That and ISPs who have ridiculously low caps (and ridiculously high prices for extra bandwidth if you go over the cap assuming you can even buy more). Wireless providers are the worst offenders here but the big fixed-line ISPs are going in that direction too. Oh and those ISPs who mess with your traffic (e.g. trying to block or restrict BitTorrent or overwriting ads in web pages with their own ads or other scummy things)

Comment Re:Lock implementation sounds like a simple flag (Score 1) 54

If Apple can make a locked iPhone running a stock fresh OS install trigger a special lock app like this, they could just as easily make that same bit of "detect lock" code prevent the home screen from working. And the browser. And the app store. And iTunes. And all the other phone functionality.

Ensure that a locked iPhone cant do anything but display the lock screen no matter how many times you flash it with a new system image.

Comment Re:HTML5 and YouTube (Score 1) 98

In this case I was referring to the comment in the summary that "Exceptions will also be made automatically for your more frequently-visited sites -- which, for many users, will include YouTube" and the fact that YouTube should be detecting that someone is running a new enough Chrome version to handle HTML5 video and never serve it Flash video unless you explicitly ask for it (i.e. there shouldn't be a need for an automatic exception for YouTube in Chrome 55 unless the user has explicitly told YouTube that they dont want HTML5 video)

Comment HTML5 and YouTube (Score 1) 98

I would have thought that Google would detect browsers that do HTML5 video and make YouTube serve HTML5 video to such browsers by default and only enable Flash if the user has specifically gone into the YouTube settings and disabled HTML5 for some reason.

Or are there still things on YouTube that aren't served as HTML5 even to the latest version of Chrome?

Comment Re:JAIL every one of these losers! (Score 1) 53

The #1 reason malware is such a big problem is that the scumbags who create and distribute the malware are often located in countries like Russia where the criminal organizations producing and distributing the malware are in bed with the government and there is no willingness from anyone to actually stop this crap from happening.

Comment This is a good thing (Score 1) 72

People who make a profit by ripping off the hard work of other people (whether it be someone selling a knockoff Rolex watch, someone selling a knockoff Gucci bag, someone selling a device that violates the GPL, someone selling bootleg LEGO sets or whatever else) disgust me and the more such people who get prosecuted for their crimes the better.

Comment Offer the ISPs a deal (Score 4, Informative) 395

Tell the ISPs (Comcast, Verizon, AT&T etc) that all the regulations they dont like will go away but in return all the laws, agreements, regulations and other things all over the USA (at all levels of government) that restrict competition also have to go away.

They get to do whatever they want on their own networks but they dont get the right to prevent someone else from comming in and competing with them.

Here in Australia we have a competitive market for broadband in most parts of the country and because of that, very few (if any) ISPs do the kind of crap they do in the USA.

Comment If only Australia would follow suit (Score 1) 147

If only our government was smart and set some policy settings encouraging the building of renewables (we have plenty of places in this country that would be perfect for baseload solar setups plus wind power, biofuels, geothermal and more) rather than digging yet more coal out of the ground and burning it (or using coal seam gas which is almost as bad)

Comment Re:So I have a bunch of cows... (Score 2) 283

This isn't about the cows that chew on grass all day, this is about the cows in big industrial feedlots that are fed things cows were never meant to eat. (I have seen stories of cows being fed chocolate bars and candy, foods that even humans shouldn't be eating let alone animals that need a lot more fibre in their diet than humans do...)

If you can replace that feed with something that doesn't cost the farmer any extra money and is better for the cows and the planet, I think the farmers will be interested.

Whether its possible to produce the seaweed at a price that is competitive with current cattle feed (and whether the corn industry would allow it to happen) is the real question.

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