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Comment Pascal (Score 3, Interesting) 515

When I was a kid I had exposure to Basic and LOGO and a few other things but the first real programming I actually did would have been in Pascal (Turbo Pascal 6 if I remember correctly). These days most of my coding is in C and C++.

The most obscure thing I have ever programmed in would probably be assembly language for the 65816 CPU (an enhanced 16 bit version of the famous 6502 CPU). The main claim to fame for the 65816 was as the CPU in the Apple IIGS and also the CPU in the Super Nintendo (SNES ROM hacking is where I learned 65816 ASM)

Comment This will have some big negative concequences (Score 3, Insightful) 158

Think about a big site like github.com.
Imagine how many terabytes of pretty-printed source code and other things archive.org would be pulling were it to crawl all of GitHub.
And that's just one site, there are many others that generate pretty-printed source code and other large things.

Or what about if it crawls Google and starts archiving all sorts of Google search URLs or Google maps URLs or whatever.

Comment The simple way to fix the problems (Score 5, Insightful) 619

Just set a minimum wage for H-1B visas so anyone imported in via a H-1B visa costs more than hiring an American to do the job would have cost and most of the abuse of the system goes away.

Combine this with some sort of labor market testing so they cant bring in a foreign worker if there is an American capable of doing the job and 99% of the problems with H-1B visas go away. (if you do this right you can structure it to also avoid the situation where companies import foreign workers to train them up and send them back to their home country as cheap outsourced labor)

Doing this ensures that H-1B visas only get used when there is no American capable of doing the job (and the company can demonstrate they tried to find an American for the job first) or when they need a specific individual for some reason (and can prove there is no American with the necessary skills/experience/knowledge to do the job)

Will this solve every issue with H-1B visas? No. Will companies try to find loopholes? Yes. Would this be significantly better than doing nothing? Most definitely.

Comment More regulation of AirBnB IS needed (Score 1) 122

Here are a few regulations that should be implemented for AirBnB (or any other similar site):
1.It should be illegal for a tenant to list the property they are renting on AirBnB without explicit permission from the landlord. Landlords should have the power to evict tenants who list properties without permission. (this stops the problem with tenants who list the property on AirBnB without permission from the landlord in order to make some money).
2.It should be illegal to list any property that is covered by any kind of rent control, affordable housing, housing subsidy or similar scheme on AirBnB with strong penalties. (this stops the problem where the subsidized or controlled properties are listed on AirBnB by landlords looking to get more money than they would get via a long term rental)
3.Apartment building owners committees (or however things like that work in different jurisdictions) should (if they choose to do so) be allowed to add terms to the rules of the apartment building that restrict/limit/ban AirBnB with strong penalties for owners/tenants who break those rules. (this stops the problem where most owners in the building dont want AirBnB guests but a few owners are using their properties for AirBnB and causing problems)
4.All listings on AirBnB have to pay accomodation taxes. (avoids the complaint that AirBnB listings aren't paying the same taxes as hotels do)
5.It should be illegal to list properties that dont meet building codes or occupancy rules on AirBnB. (avoids the problem of properties that aren't fit to be lived in or properties that are being occupied by more people than is allowed by law being listed on AirBnB).
6.AirBnB should be required to collect and retain a full set of personal details from people wanting to list on their site and there should be penalties for anyone who supplies any kind of false information (helps avoid fraudsters using fake or stolen identities on the site)
6.There should be a limit on how many properties an individual (either properties owned by that individual or properties listed by that individual) can have on AirBnB. (this stops the people who buy half a building and stick it all on AirBnB from doing so but you could still rent out 7 bedrooms in a 7-bedroom house since that's a single property)
7.Any property that would in any way be illegal to offer as a long term rental for whatever reason would also be illegal to list on AirBnB. (including properties where they can only be legally rented out to certain types of individuals e.g. students or old people)

I have no idea if these regulations exist or not (and if they exist, which jurisdictions have them), they are just some sensible measures to stop some of the problems AirBnB is causing.
And I see nothing in there that would be difficult for AirBnB or landlords to comply with.

Comment Re:NO! (Score 1) 140

As long as Uber doesn't make it mandatory to tip (and isn't forced to by new regulations or laws) and as long as they dont make tipping difficult to avoid or otherwise do things to make tipping seem like its required or something then I dont see the problem with allowing people who want to leave a tip via the Uber app to have a way to do that.

Comment 2001: A Space Odyssey (Score 1) 1220

Its a joint creation of one of the best SF authors of all time (Arthur C Clarke) and one of the best filmmakers of all time (Stanley Kubrick). Lets hope this is one film Hollywood NEVER does a reboot/remake/redo of...

That said, there are a few Cyberpunk films that come close to topping my list (Johnny Mnemonic for one, also the TRON films) and if they ever make a good film based on the Neuromancer book, its going to be hard to pick between that an 2001...)

Comment The first computer I actually owned... (Score 1) 857

I got to use all kinds of computers belonging to the family over the years but the first computer that was actually mine and mine only (or at least the first one I can remember) was a 486 SLC33 powered PC. There were definatly PCs before then that I got to use and play with but the 486 was the first one I can remember that I actually owned.

Comment Re:Canadians not travelling to USA.... (Score 2) 505

Don't forget that the US now demands any carrier flying within US airspace (which would include that flight from YUL to MEX) has to hand over all sorts of crap to the US government about the passengers flying etc (and even not allow people on certain lists to fly on such flights).

Heck, even flights close to the US that don't cross the US land mass still get hit by a bunch of rules and regulations (and the airports in Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver are all close enough to the border that all flights out of them are likely affected)

Comment Re:Another Bullshit Study From the Music Industry (Score 1) 194

I listen to many many music tracks on YouTube (some are original artist uploads/official videos, some are those audio-track-plus-CD-cover-picture videos provided by some music company, some are unauthorized uploads and many are awesome covers uploaded by their creators) and I cant think of a single instance where I would have paid money to listen to that song where it not available on YouTube.

Comment Just install a 3rd party ROM on the phone (Score 5, Insightful) 120

Just install a 3rd party ROM on the phone so you dont have to put up with this crap. Oh wait, its Verizon, they lock the phone down so you cant install 3rd party ROMs or remove their crapware...

Why anyone would go with Verizon when they do this crap instead of going with a phone and carrier that doesn't do crap like this is beyond me.

Comment Re:Why do we need CAs at all? (Score 3, Interesting) 78

What you suggest exists. Its called DANE.
However browser vendors (like Google and Mozilla) have been reluctant to implement it because there are many real-world cases where DNS servers of various sorts simply dont support DNSSEC and DANE and also because DNSSEC and DANE use weaker 1024 bit keys in some places (chosen to keep bandwidth usage lower).

Comment Re:Municipal/County Fiber (Score 1) 174

The other reason the incumbents hate competition (even commercial for-profit competition) is that the new players often initially cherry pick the areas that are easiest to service. This then results in the cost-per-customer to service all the customers who remain with the incumbent goes up meaning the incumbent has to charge more to avoid making a loss on each connection (at the same time as the new player is likely undercutting the price the incumbent is charging)

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