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Comment Re:the real reason theyre arguing it. (Score 3, Insightful) 306

Good luck completly replacing the ROM contents on any current Apple device.
Every device Apple currently sells (including the iPhone, iPod, iPad, Apple TV, Apple Watch and all Mac models) have firmware that will only run if its digitally signed by keys hardcoded into the CPU (not sure if the Macs require signatures for the entire firmware or just for the Intel Management Engine, that would probably depend on exactly which CPU is in a given product but either way you cant just replace the ROM chips and have a working system)

Comment Re:Simple (Score 1) 155

I already blacklist Oracle and will not give Oracle a cent of my money for anything. I also do not write any Java code nor do I have any Java stuff installed on my PC. (although the latter has to do with just how crap and bug-ridden the Java VM is as much as it has to do with how scummy Oracle is as a company)

Comment Re:Not an Aussie but... (Score 1) 68

I AM an Aussie and as much as I hate the greedy big banks, I still support them over Apple in this fight.

I can tell you that the banks are putting a lot of effort into making their stuff (including their online apps) easier and faster to use. They already support NFC payment on Android and at least one bank supports using an NFC enabled phone along with the app to withdraw money from any of their NFC-enabled ATMs.

Unlike the backwards thinking US banks (where paper checks are still commonly used as a method of payment) the Australian banks have been very innovative in the online and tech space, introducing the worlds first online bill payment service (which lets customers of nearly any bank in the country pay bills and invoices of all sorts directly from their online banking) and being an early adopter of EFTPOS technology (which lets customers of any bank pay directly out of their bank account at any merchant that accepts EFTPOS)

Comment Re:Why waste one minute on "mobiles"? (Score 1) 27

I have a Nokia N900. It runs full stack Linux (including x11) with a large amount of FOSS on the device. The cellular radio in the device has no access to the main CPU, main RAM, main flash memory (for the OS), EMMC (secondary on-device storage for data), the SD card, either of the cameras, the main power management system or any of the audio hardware (including the microphone).

The N900 can't be compromised (e.g. turning it into a remote bug, having data stolen from the main firmware or having images taken from the camera) via the cellular radio and any backdoors or compromises in it. (unless all the information we have via kernel and other FOSS software, via leaked-from-Nokia official schematics and via hardware analysis is wrong and there is an unknown backdoor pathway)

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