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Comment The Neo900 is good in this area (Score 2) 106

The currently-in-development Neo900 project (which hit a few snags because PayPal are scumbags and withheld large chunks of project funding but seems to have recovered now that PayPal has released the money) has some features that will help with this.

It contains physical hardware level off switches for phone radios/antennas (including a separate disconnect for the GPS antenna to prevent it from being able to do GPS location unless you enable it) but more importantly the design of the hardware means the baseband radios (including the cellular baseband module) have NO access to the main application processor or its RAM or Flash storage. All audio goes through the main application processor as well (meaning the baseband has no access to the microphone in the phone at all)

As far as I am aware it will be possible to run the Neo900 and use its features (make calls, access the internet etc etc) using only open source software on the main application processor (so no blobs that could contain backdoors).

No its not an iPhone or an Android device, no its not super-thin and super-light, no its not packing the latest super-powerful CPU and no it wont run Pokemon Go or Netflix but it will prevent bad actors (whoever they may be) from remotely activating your phones microphone and recording everything you say without your knowledge.

Comment Re: Justice? (Score 4, Interesting) 300

The problem is that most of the malware out there comes from countries like Russia that dont have an extradition treaty with the US, that have one but where the treaty doesn't allow extradition of malware authors or that are powerful enough that the US cant make them bend over in the way they can for smaller countries like Poland.

Comment I believe this violates the Outer Space Treaty (Score 5, Informative) 256

I am not a legal expert but I believe their plan to produce a nuclear-armed spacecraft violates the Outer Space Treaty (to which Russia is a signatory) and specifically Article IV which says "States Parties to the Treaty undertake not to place in orbit around the earth any objects carrying nuclear weapons or any other kinds of weapons of mass destruction, install such weapons on celestial bodies, or station such weapons in outer space in any other manner." (which sounds like exactly what Russia wants to do)

Then again, with the way the Russian economy is these days, I dont think they have the funds to actually build or launch this thing so it wont matter...

Comment Re:Interesting quote in article (Score 4, Interesting) 237

The biggest problem is that the idiots in congress (or more specifically those that represent specific parts of the country) have been forcing NASA to use space shuttle parts in its projects (Constellation and now SLS) even when those parts aren't the right parts for the job.

That's a big part of why Congress doesn't like the "commercial crew" program, namely the fact that the new lightweight companies like SpaceX, Blue Origin, Sierra Nevada etc dont provide all that pork in key congressional districts the way the old guard like Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Orbital ATK etc are doing.

Comment Re:Wow! Who gives a fuck! (Score 2) 96

The people on the MAME team who work on the Saturn driver would disagree that the Saturn emulator is anywhere near perfect. No emulator currently emulates the co-processor used for the control of the optical drive. (as far as I know the only people who have dumped the internal code of this chip haven't released it to anyone else)

Comment Re:Wrong approproach (Score 1) 440

I have been using public transport here in Australia for years (bus, train, ferry and tram) and with a couple rare exceptions I have never seen anything that would make me worried about using it.

Well there WAS the one time when I was waiting for the train and some idiot teenagers tried to run off with my bag/wallet/phone/keys/etc (they were unsuccessful) but that was my own fault for not paying attention to my bag (now I hold onto it more closely and dont put it down where someone could try to grab it)

Comment Re:Troubling Indeed (Score 1) 181

My understanding is this:
1.Spotify currently offers subscriptions to their service via in-app purchase (where Apple gets a cut)
2.Spotify tried to push an update that dropped the in-app purchase and added a "go here to buy a Spotify subscription" link (which violates the rules put in place by Apple)
3.Spotify now wants to push an update that drops the in-app purchase but doesn't include the "go here to subscribe" link at all and Apple refuses to allow that new update.

Comment Another reason not to run Norton junk (Score 2) 113

I have had Norton and Symantec on my own personal blacklist of entities I refuse to have anything to do ever since I installed some version of Norton Internet Security and it made my web browsing (and possibly other stuff) stop working until I completly uninstalled it.

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