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Submission + - Torchwood: Is rape acceptable?

dltaylor writes: In the premier episode of "Torchwood", a "Doctor Who" spin-off from the BBC, one of the regular supporting characters, "Owen Harper" is shown to be a serial rapist, yet he receives no punishment, ironic comeuppance, or even approbation. He uses a "foreign" substance as a date-rape chemical to cause uncontrollable lust toward himself, on both a disinterested female and a hostile male, and the behavior is serial because he packs it to the pub, anticipating the chemical's effect. This is not a prank. Rape destroys lives. Picture yourself as either of the victims, unable to understand why you acted so completely outside of your normal character. There will be no sympathy or support from anyone, since you will be assumed to have been a willing participant, either trying to excuse yourself or having had your inhibitions reduced by a bit of alcohol. Has rape become such a common occurrence that it is now acceptable in the supposed "good guys" of television? If so, why should we cheer for our species in the "us vs. them"?

Submission + - Now virus come from .gov sites! (

An anonymous reader writes: Everyday we read news about diffusion of new virus, so we are accustomed. But when a virus is spread by safe sites, expecially government web sites, the news is amazing. In fact, several American government sites have been signalized, 'cause into them there are lots of web pages which try to install virus on users' computers.

Submission + - WTC Demolition Theory Collapses

CmdrGravy writes: "A engineer from Cambridge University has hammered another nail into the coffin of conspiracy theorists who believe the World Trade Centre collapse could only have been caused by a controlled explosion.

Using a mathematical model Dr Keith Seffen has proved that once it was begun by the, well studied, structural failures caused by the planes impact and subsequent inferno the following collapse and pancaking were inevitable, his models showed that once begun the collapse would take around 9 seconds — only a little longer than a penny dropped from the top floor would take to fall to the ground.

Dr Keith sums up his experiment by saying

"In all senses, the collapse sequence was quite ordinary and natural. The World Trade Centre towers were designed to absorb an aircraft impact, but an accidental one with much less fuel and speed. It is widely acknowledged that the impacts on September 11th were extraordinary, which led to consequences well in excess of the design capacity for the buildings. The original design of both towers must be praised for standing as long as they did, saving more lives than might have been expected.""

Submission + - Microsoft's Consent-or-Die Patent

theodp writes: "Maybe you shouldn't get too attached to those new Windows Live services. On Tuesday, the USPTO granted Microsoft a patent for Privacy policy change notification, which describes how to threaten users will the loss of their account, access to web sites and services, and all of the content they provided should they refuse to consent to changes in privacy policy to allow personal information collected earlier with a promise of confidentiality to be shared in the future with third parties. Also described is a 'Never Notify Me' option so you won't have to worry your pretty little head over privacy policy changes."

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