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Comment Re:Such a windbag (Score 1) 127

More accurately, the increase productivity will be for employees who can best augment AI to improve their efficiency. Those who can't incorporate AI into their work will fall further behind.

I would highly recommend reading the book 'Machines of Loving Grace'. It has great insight into how machines and AI will affect our society.

Submission + - No more 3.5mm headphone jack for the iPhone 7

jonhorvath writes: Fast Company is reporting that next iPhone will ditch the 3.5mm headphone jack. Replacement headphone already available with a direct connection to the Lightning port. One would have to assume that a Lightning adapter will be made available for standard headphones.

In related news from 9to5 Mac, Apple is expected to release a wireless headset that has no wires between left and right ear buds.

As Apple's Phil Schiller said "Can't innovate anymore, my ass"

Comment Data usage is data usage (Score 0) 346

I don't understand why tethering is part of the conversation. If a customer consumes 2TB of data a month, does it matter if they were tethering? They could be streaming video all day on their device. It shouldn't matter how the data is used, only how much of it is used. I'm certain it doesn't affect T-Mobile network on the type of data being transmitted.

I believe T-Mobile is using the word tethering to mask the fact that the plans are not really "unlimited". The plan is only unlimited with certain restrictions, which will could be changed as T-Mobile sees fit.

Comment Most layoffs are predictable (Score 1) 271

It is usually easy to know when there will be layoffs. Here is a short list of common indicators of a pending layoff.

* Early retirement plans are being offered.
* Your company was recently purchased.
* If a team member leaves, there isn't a replacement being hired.
* The company revenues are tanking.

If two or more above indicators are present at your company, it's time to start looking for a new job.

Comment Re:my lightbulbs are on the internet! (Score 1) 163

I've had good luck developing a python/nodejs web app using Open Z-Wave. The only connection to my system is a single SSL enabled web site hosted within my house. No data is stored outside of my house. I'm guessing my setup is more secure than a typical consumer grade home automation system.

I wanted to learn the details of Z-Wave, so I built right on top of the Open Z-Wave library. There are open source frameworks that may be able to jump start your efforts.

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